Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guess Who? Yeah, Me!

Well hello! I know it's been a while, 80 days to be exact, but it almost seemed necessary to write today because of what happened yesterday...

I was sitting at work and realized that I hadn't logged on to my blog in quite a long time and realized it was because I took my computer in to get worked on and they erased everything on it, including my Blogspot icon on my desktop that reminded me everyday to write.  So I logged on and looked through all my past blogs and felt sad that I hadn't talked to you all in quite a while.  I didn't actually write anything yesterday, just spent most of my time re-reading some old blogs, bringing back some good old memories.  THEN, as I'm sitting on the couch last night, my beloved asks out of nowhere,"When was the last time you blogged?"  And in that moment, I thought "I better get back to it!"  So, here I am!

Some of you may be excited!  While others of you may want to be removed from my mailing list...TOO BAD!  You get to listen to me talk about stupid stuff exciting!!

Here's a brief look at what's happened the last 80 days:
-Been to Vegas twice...still not rich!
-Fixed all the computers at the office and they still don't work right!
-Transitioned into my warm clothes.
-My nephew has turned one year old!
-I have taken 2 sections of the CPA Exam and did not pass either one...back to square one.
-Played softball in the Whole Enchilada and our team took 3rd place!
-Saw Rascal Flatts in concert, Drumline Live, Cirque Boomtown, Abba Mania, and The Color Purple.
-Watched the Denver Broncos go up in flames.
-Taken one of the best trips to Amarillo for Thanksgiving!
-Had my teeth cleaned.
-Ran another Half-Marathon!
-And lived a little!

I hope you are all doing well!  Talk at you soon!