Thursday, December 31, 2009

...New Year's Eve!

Well, it's the last day of 2009 and as we reflect back upon the year, I don't think it was all that bad! Lots and lots of great things happened this year in my life. I became a year older, my girlfriend and I celebrated 4 years together, my nephew was born, we bought a new house, we got a new puppy, I went to Canada finally, and my granny turned 96! A few bad things also happened this year, but we've seemed to overcome all those things and turned them into positive episodes. Won't go into any of that. The only really really REALLY terrible thing I can think of that happened this year was the Yankmees won the World Series, but luckily they still suck, so I got past that real quick.

2010 has a lot coming! I will celebrate yet another Birthday, my girlfriend and I will celebrate another anniversary, I will get to officially meet my new nephew, I will get to play softball with my niece, I will get a new battery for my car, I will graduate with my Masters Degree, my best friend will graduate with her Masters Degree, and we will be making new memories every day of the year.

All this is what makes New Year's Eve so special. You get to look back at the milestones throughout the past year and you get to look forward to all that is yet to come! Resolutions will be made and some may even come true or be followed through. It is definitely a time for celebration.

So, tonight, while you're thinking of the past and the future, don't forget the present, that's YOU! Haha! Just kidding, that was really corny! That was for all my die hard readers! Really though, tonight, while you're celebrating in your own way, remember that whether it was a good year or a bad year, tomorrow is a whole new year to start fresh, so be careful, have fun, and see you next year! Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...bad drivers!

I'm a very very cautious driver. My eyes are always scanning the mirrors and windows to make sure nobody does anything stupid! But there sure are a lot of stupid people out there. My girlfriend is a really good driver, it's just hard for me not to be behind the wheel, so I become a really annoying backseat driver. I don't want to actually do the driving and prefer it if she drives, but I still have that helpless feeling when I ride. I catch myself holding the 'oh shit' handle and using my feet on the imaginary peddles on the floor! I just think the driver must be so lucky to have an extra set of eyes (mine) while they are navigating our wild roads! Maybe I need to get a personal driver and sit in the back with dark enough windows so I can't see what's happening. It's the town too. People here don't know how to drive when roads are wet, when roads are dry, when roads are merging, when roads are's terrible!

So, next time you're on a ride-a-long with a friend try to just enjoy the ride!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

...coping with exhaustion!

Well, I apologize for not writing yesterday. It was an extremely long day where I was off to the next thing 5 minutes before I finished what I was doing. I was working on my day off, I had lunch with an old friend, I ran some errands, I visited my granny, I had some car troubles, and I went to the movies. By the time I got home, it was 1am in the morning, so I apologize if I've let any of my readers down. I owe you two blogs tomorrow, because since today was yet another crazy day, I am a little late in posting. I'm pretty exhausted from all this moving mumbo jumbo and working trying to tie up loose ends bfore my big Baseball vacation. So, next time you are exhausted, I give you permission to pull up a pillow and pick up where you left off tomorrow. Goodnight.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

...having the same response!

Have you ever wondered what someone else was thinking? Have you ever had someone ask you what YOU were thinking? Well, tonight at 'game night' we played a new game called Likewise. You flip over two different cards that say something like "crazy" and "haircut" and each person playing writes down a secret answer with their idea of a "crazy haircut". Whoever matches the most same answers gets a point for that round. The cards say something different each round, from "awful sandwiches" to "ultimate superheroes" to "awkward things on the beach". You really never know which two cards will match up and you never know what the other people are going to say. All you have is a gut feeling and some hopefulness that someone else will write down what you wrote down. You have to be thinking the same thing I'm thinking at the same time I'm thinking it...easy? No! It's especially hard with people who don't know you that well!

Anyway, it's just a game, but in reality, I don't really care what people think I'm thinking. To save you the trouble, I mostly make lists in my head. Sounds geeky, but if you remember a couple weeks ago, I wrote about making lists and scheduling things...I love lists! I'll make a list for if I look deep in thought, I'm probably just adding things to my lists! For instance, right now I'm making a list on topics I could possibly write about for my blog. Earlier today I was making a list of all the things I need to get done tomorrow. Yesterday I was making a list of all the bills I need to pay before I get paid again. And tomorrow I'll probably make a list of what I need to pack for my upcoming vacation!

So, next time you're wondering what someone else is thinking, maybe you should worry about your own To Do List!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

...deciding what's for dinner!

Do you ever find yourself wondering what you're gonna have for dinner? It's a lot harder when 2 of you are deciding together, and just gets more complicated when there are more than 2 people deciding. When you are by yourself, you can eat whatever you feel like eating whenever you feel like eating it. You can even eat 2 or 3 things that don't go together, you can have leftovers, make a full meal, or go out to eat (which a lot of people don't do by themselves). When there are 2 of you, then you both want to make the other one happy and you let them decide, all the while knowing that anything will do, you're just happy YOU don't have to make the decision any more. When there are more than 2 people then everyone has taste for something and it rarely matches up. One person wants Italian, the other Mexican, and the other always wants a good burger or steak.

We have (well, used to have) a default restaurant that always got chosen when nobody could make a decision. That's right...Coaches! It's such a great place, especially because at one time you could get Italian, Mexican, burgers, and steak...everyone was satisfied. Now that we've moved, it's a lot harder to keep Coaches as our default because we live so far away. Well, we don't live that far away, just a bit inconvenient than before (which was about 5 minutes away). Now we are gonna have to find a new default restaurant that can accomodate all the tastes of our group.

So, next time you're trying to decide what to eat or where to go, think of that one place that will make everyone happy and go there! You'll appreciate it after you've had the half nachos with queso, the medium and asian zing buffalo wings, or the fettucini alfredo!


Friday, December 25, 2009

...24 useable hours in every day!

Now, although we have so much time everyday to get things done, it never happens. Of that 24, I sleep at least 8 to 9, so now I only have 15 useable hours. Of that 15, I probably watch a good 4 hours of tv, so now I only have 11 useable hours. Of that 11, I am at work about 8 of those hours (we'll discuss how I utilize those hours in a minute), so now I only have 3 useable hours. So, of that 3 hours, I am either showering, getting dressed or undressed, eating, driving, or doing something random. So, really, there isn't much time in the day to get things done.

My 8 hours at work consist of an hour lunch break (which can be as long as 2 hours). Patching it all together, I probably spend 2 to 3 hours on the internet either surfing, emailing, blogging, whatever. So, that leaves me about 3 hours to do some work stuff, talk to my co-workers, fix some food, grab a soda, or watch Daisy bark at the wind.

If you look at what I just calculated, I am the most focused when I am sleeping. I am second best at watching tv with surfing the internet running a close third. And lastly, I get plenty of time to eat. I always wonder what my life would be like if I worked as much as I should, but then I realize I don't really care to find out. Maybe next year, on some day in January, I'll keep track of everything I do during a normal day and see if this all really rings true. I might have to make some changes in my daily routines!

So, next time you're wasting your time just sitting on the couch or surfing the internet, try sleeping less and it'll give you more time to do nothing!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

...Christmas Eve!

Well, it's Christmas Eve and I was supposed to write more today than yesterday, but it was another busy day. But since I'm not doing anything tomorrow, I'll write some good stuff...I promise!

Here comes Santa!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

...sleeping through the night!

Haven't done it in a long time. Gonna try it right now! I'll write more tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

...selective hearing!

I made the mistake of telling my girlfriend that I have selective hearing, so now she thinks I "select" to never "hear" her, which would make sense because I never remember things she tells me. But I listen to her fine, I just don't remember things well. Many of my other friends can vouch for me on that, because my memory kinda sucks. I feel bad that I don't remember things, but I just say that's what she's for so I don't have to remember anything! I guess it's a good thing she repeats herself all the time, cause then I can never forget!

When we were little, my brother used to sit in front of the tv and block out everything and everyone else. He would pick and choose what he wanted to listen to. I'm pretty sure my granny has it too, cause she only really listens to me. Everyone in the family wonders why she can still understand me when I talk to her, and I'm sure it's because they all talk nonsensical stuff (nonsensical is a great word). As for me, there's just some things that I really don't care to hear and other stuff I can pick up in the middle of a concert!

Have you ever been in the situation where you don't want people to know you've heard what they've said? Like if you overheard that someone was pregnant, or someone was cheating on their loved one, or someone has lost lots of money, or someone has broken something that belongs to someone else. What are you supposed to say? Yay! or I heard! or No way! or How sad! So many choices, especially if you're a good actor. Now, although this has nothing to do with selective hearing, for some reason it reminds me of when my girlfriend tries to surprise me. We've been together for over 4 years now and she's probably been able to surprise me only 2 or 3 times because I'm just way too clever. Actually, she's not too sly, but I'm teaching her how to be stealth, and someday she's really gonna pull the wool over my eyes!

So, next time someone's trying to tell you something, think to yourself if you really care, and regardless of whether you do or not, you've already been thinking of something else, so you didn't hear a single thing the person was trying to tell you, so who cares now!


Monday, December 21, 2009

...the many Levels of Love!

Do you ever catch yourself telling your friend on the phone you love them? Or your boss? How about a classmate? Well, I'm pretty sure I've told everyone in my life at one point or another that I love them. But, since there are so many levels of love, it's okay to express how you feel, even if you do say the L word (not to be confused with all the other L words out there, I'm talking about LOVE)! So, let's go through some of those levels:

There's the in love-in love kind of love...the kind where you have to say it twice cause you're so in love! Like, I'm in love-in love with my girlfriend more than life itself...for numerous reasons not mentioned in this blog. This is the head-over-heels in love where you do 'things' with this person and share 'things' with this person that you don't do or share with anyone else.

There's the love-love kind of love...the kind where you love love someone who you are really close to and is your best friend or close enough to it. There's a connection that you have with this person that many other people will never have with you. In my situation, it is a past love that I am not in love with, but still stays close to my heart.

Then there's the love kind of love that has it's own mini the kind where you love them because they are family or really close friends and you care for them on a very personal level and not complete strangers level.

...the kind where someone did something really special or great for you and you are gracious for their kindness. For example, if a classmates takes notes on an important night you had to miss and the notes helped you ace your test then you might say, "Thank you so much...I love you for doing this!"

...the kind where you call someone love like you might foreign (cause certain Americans aren't this nice), like as a greeting or sign of thanks. For example, saying, "Hello, love!" or "Thanks, love!"

...the kind where you are wishing someone well for an upcoming flight, or major event in their lives, or consoling someone. For example, saying, "Fly safe, love you!" or "Love you, take care!" You say this because you want them to know you are thinking about them and they mean something to you.

I'm sure I can go on and on with different levels of love, so I'll stop here. But, next time you're with a good friend, think about why you might love them...and don't forget to say it...they'll appreciate it and they might love you right back!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

...knowing perfect strangers!

How many times have you been in this situation: you're out with friends, someone you know comes in or happens to be there, but you just can't remember their name? So, do you ask them 'what's your name again?'. Do you introduce your friends and hope that they ask their name so you can hear it and hope it jogs your memory, or do you do nothing and just hope that it comes up at some point during the evening? One more option is just asking someone else, but then you don't wanna look like the idiot who can't remember Bob! Well, I've got a silent code with my closest friends that helps in these situations. They all should know that when I introduce you first, and I don't say the other person's name then you say, "I'm Carrie. What's your name again?" Then the other person is so polite, they say their name, you hear it, and then you're GOLDEN!! Great plan, but follow through is hard if the other friend is not on board with you. Then you're stuck explaining why Uncle Todd looked so familiar!  So, if a friend ever introduces you to their friends, then introduce yourself as someone completely different cause you know they can't remember your name anyway!!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

...the Beginning!

So, we've done it! We've finally started our new life as homeowner's! We are officially staying in our new house for the first time tonight. And it's gonna be an interesting night! We're already finding new ways to set up our bedside lamps without bringing the night stands upstairs! So, my brother is a life saver too...he used every last ounce of musle he had remaining from what I heard was a long night at work and he helped us move large heavy things into a large heavy truck and then unload it all into a large and empty (now full) house! Thank you Buff!

The dogs are still trying to get the hang of the dog door. It's double paned now, so they are a bit confused. The cats are a different story. Riley already tried escaping. She got to the first house on the next block before I could grab her and put her in the car to bring her back home. Now they're sleeping in the other room and hopefully will survive the night and the move. I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna be able to move tomorrow, and you're lucky I'm even posting today...which I'm doing from my cell phone, so I hope it works. Sorry this one is so short tonight, I promise you another short one tomorrow, but I'll make up for them on Monday for sure, so be excited. Next time you start something new, like a project, remember to thank the people that helped you along the way!


Friday, December 18, 2009

...Getting Things Done!

I am married to the ultimate "getting things done" person! Well, not married, but you understand! She always gets things done. Which is lucky for me, because I forget that I even need to get things done, then when she reminds me (because I'd never remember on my own), I still dilly-dally until maybe one day I've actually 'done' it! But not way...she gets things done. I'll tell her, "Don't do the dishes, cause I'm gonna do them when I get home from work." But when I get home, the dishes are done, the laundry is washed and folded, the front room is picked up, the backyard is swept and cleaned, and she's already read 3 books! You think I'm exaggerating, but it's true (ok, maybe only 2 books!)! I don't know where she gets the motivation, but sometimes she's unstoppable. Which, as I said before is lucky for me, because she's making my life so much easier.

But let me stop for one second to let you know how grateful I am. She probably doesn't hear it from me enough, because all I normally say is "What's for dinner?", which surprisingly she's also done while doing everything else. I feel bad that I never 'do' things or even remember to 'do' things because she probably mentally lists everything that I don't do. If we read her blog today, I bet it's titled "Things That Never Get Done" and she's ranting and raving about me sitting on my butt all day every day watching football and GLEE and whatever else it is that I love to watch, while she's finishing off waxing the floors! She truly is amazing and I appreciate everything she does for me and I love her so very much.

So, everyone take a moment to think about your loved ones and all the things they get done for you, and remember to tell them THANKS (while you're moving out of the vacuum's way)!


Thursday, December 17, 2009


If you haven't seen it yet, you need to jump on the bandwagon! GLEE is turning out to be THE GREATEST SHOW EVER! It's a cute musical-esq one-hour tv show that comes on Fox Wednesday nights. Last night it was not on because it is over until next year, which just gives me time to watch all the episodes I've recorded over and over again! I sometimes wish it were more like a soap opera so I could watch it everyday, because waiting a week in between each episode is really hard.

First off, the cast is amazing. Amazingly talented, amazingly beautiful, amazingly funny, and from what I've heard amazingly friendly! They are also up for numerous Golden Globe awards, which I'm hoping will flow into a bigger night of awards (not gonna say it and jinx it)! The songs they choose for each episode are great choices and beautifully performed. You can tell they have so much fun on that show. You absolutely fall in love with every character and start rooting for the underdogs. Even the people you love to hate (Sue Sylvester), you find that you also hate to love them! This show has even caused my full-grown male boss to dance around his house singing along with the GLEE cast CD! The show is able to deal with a wide range of issues, all the while singing an oldie but goodie!

GLEE is really turning these actors into household names, people I wanna be friends with, firends I wanna sing along with, and role models to look up to. It captures my attention for at least an hour every Wednesday, but also every other day that I wish it were on. I've attached a link below to watch my favorite song on GLEE! Once I saw this I was hook, line, and sinker...or sunken! So, be sure to look for GLEE next year and cheer on your favorite stars during the upcoming Golden Globes! Good luck GLEE cast! You rock!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

...being Stuck in Traffic!

I hate traffic! If I have no place to go or I don't need to get there in any hurry, then I don't mind it so much because I get to sit there all by myself and think of random stuff...or nothing! If I have somewhere to be, then traffic sucks. Yesterday I left work 10 minutes early so I could pick up a pizza I ordered and my GF and I could have dinner together. Well, the minute I entered the highway, literally the second I was merging onto the interstate, my girlfriend called and said, "Don't get on the highway, the radio said it's really backed up." Son of a... So, I detour my trip and take the long, really long, really really long way home. After some right turns and some left turns and some U-turns, I finally get home an hour and 15 minutes after I left work. My GF had to pick the pizza up so it was cold when I got there. So, there was traffic EVERYWHERE!

But did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, that route that you normally take (the one that was all backed up) might actually be faster going slow, then you making the detour all over town? If I would have stayed on the highway and gone the regular way, would I have gotten home earlier than I did, at the same time, or later? Obviously I'll never know that answer, but it seems that it would have been faster. I would have still been eating cold pizza, so I guess in the long run it really doesn't matter.

It's like getting in the fast lane and it slows down more than the lane you were just in. Or switching lanes at the bank and then the line you were just in empties out. Frustrating! That's why people have heart attacks and get so angry after sitting in traffic, because they get so frustrated. I think it's peaceful (of course if you have no time restraints). Anyway, next time you're sitting in traffic, think of the poor individual who's never gonna sit in traffic again, because they just got into a terrible accident for rubber-necking a street sweeper on the other side of the median, and you may enjoy it just a bit more!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder!

What you are about to read may seem disturbing to some of you, others will think of me while they are reading it!

"The primary symptoms of OCPD are a preoccupation with details, rules, lists, order, organization, and schedules; being very rigid and inflexible in their beliefs; showing perfectionism that interferes with completing a task; excessive focus on being productive with their time; being very conscientious; having inflexible morality, ethics, or values; hoarding items that may no longer have value; and a reluctance to trust a work assignment or task to someone else for fear that their standards will not be met.
Some people with OCPD, but not all of them, show an obsessive need for cleanliness. Those that do not show this tendency are sometimes good at setting up systems to maintain cleanliness, but may not follow through with the need to clean because of other "more important" priorities. For example, the need to get a good grade or finish a project at work might cause the OCPD person to have a quite messy and unorganized home. But if that same person was suddenly unemployed or finished with other activities, he or she could very well start becoming obsessed with cleanliness as other activities take up less time.
Completion of a task or problem by an OCPD individual can be affected when excessive time is used in getting such to be considered right. Personal and social relationships are often under serious strain because the OCPD individual insists on being in charge and the only one who knows what is right. Uncleanliness is seen by some OCPD individuals as a form of lack of perfection, as is untidiness. They may routinely spend considerable time using a precise manner, as for instance putting everything in precisely the right place in precisely the right manner. OCPD sufferers can be anxious about the potential for things to go wrong in their lives and respond by hoarding money. Pathological money
hoarding, looking like miserliness or stinginess to other people, may occur to minimize that spent on daily living.
There are few
moral grey areas for a person with fully developed OCPD. Actions and beliefs are either completely right or absolutely wrong, with the OCPD individual always in the right. As might be expected, interpersonal relationships are difficult because of the excessive demands placed on friends, romantic partners and children. Sometimes frustration with other people not doing what the OCPD individual wants spills over into anger and even violence. This is known as disinhibition. Persons with OCPD often have a negative outlook on life with a low underlying form of depression. This can at times become so serious that suicide is a real risk. Indeed, one study suggests that personality disorders are a significant substrate to psychiatric morbidity. They may cause more problems in functioning than a major depressive episode. People with OCPD, when anxious or excited, may tic, grimace, or make noises, as in Tourette syndrome, or do impulsive and unpredictable things, including risk taking. They may keep their homes perfectly organized, or be anxious about delegating tasks for fear that they won't be completed correctly. They may even insist on taking over a task someone else is doing so that it will be done properly. About one in four OCPD individuals may display rigid and stubborn characteristics, a defining criterion."

Now, some of those things describe me to a pinpoint...others are as far from my persona as anything. What I'm trying to get at is that I've been known to exude some of the OCPD qualities in my everyday life. For instance, I brush my teeth the exact same way everyday. The toilet paper roll has to be a certain way when it is replaced. My clothes are hung in my closet a certain direction with like colors and styles all grouped together. I very rarely delegate tasks to anyone else because only I can do them properly. I am not a neat freak, nor do I exhibit clean habits, but everything has it's place. (I leave the cleaning to my GF!) Let's not even get onto the subject of lists and schedules! I LOVE LISTS!!

But let's be honest, everyone has some OCPD tendencies in them...I bet you hate it when someone comes over and borrows something and doesn't put it back where it belongs (someone old enough to know it goes back in its proper place). I bet even some of you hate when someone eats over at your house and when they go to put the dishes in the dishwasher (which is always nice of them), they put it on the wrong level, like bowls on top and glasses on the bottom. Well, take a minute to think about your everyday activities to see what it is that YOU do that may fall in the OCPD category. And when you find a few crazy things you do, remember them and stop giving me crap about mine!


Monday, December 14, 2009

...the Holiday Season!

I don't consider myself a Scrooge, but there are many people out there that would disagree with me. Some people think I'm a no-good, Christmas-hating, coal-in-your-stocking Scrooge! And to some degree maybe I am. I'm just not a big Christmas fan. I don't see why it gets so much attention. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE PRESENTS! I would accept a present on any day of the week! Why wait til the end of the year, when I'm willing to accept them year-round! And most all my friends already know this about me. Some have even vowed to change my mind about Christmas forever. And I believe someday it may happen, just not this year.

Without confusing the two, aside from what I've said above, I love the Holiday Season! This, in my opinion, spans from Halloween until St. Patrick's Day! Why so long, you ask? Well, since my Birthday spans from about mid-May until mid-July, I need a small break afterwards to get ready for the holiday season. Halloween is great because of all the candy (which I eat until shortly before Christmas). Thanksgiving is great because of all the 'traditional' foods I get to eat (by traditional, I mean green bean casserole, candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, and turkey (the dark meat)). Christmas also has all new candy to eat, great food, and did I mention PRESENTS!!! Then New Year's Eve is great because there's a celebration going on no matter where you are. Then you have Martin Luther King's Birthday and President's Day which both fall on a Monday and that normally cancels class, so that's reason to celebrate. Then you have Valentine's Day, which is best because of the cute candy hearts (but not the ones that taste funny, only the sweetheart or smarties kind are the best), plus there's so much love in the air. And finally, St. Patrick's Day is great because of the green beer and cabbage (the bagpipes are pretty cool too)! Also mixed in the holiday season are my best friends birthday, my brothers birthday, and my girlfriends birthday and that means PRESENTS!

So, as you can see, I've got other holidays to think about throughout the year and I don't think Christmas is so special that it deserves so much attention. Which is why I spend so much time celebrating my own there's a holiday that needs 12 days leading up to it! It's a reason to decorate the house (inside and out). It's a reason to have a big feast featuring the traditionals. And it's a reason to parade me with PRESENTS!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

...the Greatest Sport Ever!

Who here doesn't like football? When I say football, I'm talking about American football, not soccer (which I still enjoy). I'm talking about the hard-hitting, fast-paced, in your face game of football. I LOVE football! This is probably my favorite sport ever! I'd watch it everyday of the week if I could. It doesn't matter if it's Pro, College, Arena, or Canadian, I will watch. It really doesn't matter if it's my favorite team either. I'm somehow invested in the game through the amazing plays, the hard hits, the leaping catches, the spiral throws, the zig-zag running, the miraculous interceptions, and even the high flying kicks. I enjoy the uniforms, the records, the wins, and sometimes even the losses. I've been known to act like I know more about football than I actually do. I also surprise myself by how much I DO know about football...and not just my favorite team.

Growing up as a Denver Broncos fan, I've learned to take the bad, the worse, and some good! They aren't the worst team (this year), but they definitely aren't the best. They've had some tough losses and some stupid ones too. They've had some tough wins and some stupid ones too!! But that's not the point here. The point is, even if they lost every game of the season, I would still be a fan and I would still love football!

My girlfriend, Candy, loves football too, which helps our relationship work! The best part about her, is that her favorite team will always be her favorite team (the Chiefs). They've had a rough past few years with a ridiculous coaching choice, and now with offensive and defensive troubles, but they also aren't the worst team this season. Now although Candy tried to switch favorite teams, I know that deep down inside, she's still rooting for the Chiefs to win, especially when they play the Broncos!

So, my main point in all this is that no matter who you root for, football brings us all together! It's very rare that I come across someone who doesn't like this game even just a bit. I've even got my best friend watching the game when I'm not even around! The most amazing things can happen on that field, and I wanna be watching when it happens!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

...the Birthing process!

So, first of all, WOW!

Second of all, I have a nephew now who was born bright and early this morning (12/12) at 3:34am (although anyone you ask will say 3:33), he was 4lbs 4oz, and he was 17in. His name is Connor Jet Overton and he's the most beautiful boy in the world. Of course I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure he's better than anybody else's nephew anywhere, ever! He's also one lucky boy: He's got great parents, an awesome big sister, the best crew of Aunt's and Uncle's, smothering grandparents, adoring great-grandparents, and the biggest extended family that any boy could ask for! Plus, if he's half as smart as his sister, he'll also be the smartest boy in the world...and I'm biased again, but really, my niece is probably smarter than me and she's only 4 (well, she's definitely got a better memory than me)! Anywho, he's lucky, cute, and gonna be brilliant!

Thirdly, this 'birthing' stuff is some serious business. You've heard the whole popping a watermelon out of something the size of a's true! And it doesn't feel good either. Just standing there watching hurt, so I'm sure my sister-in-law had a more, umm...COLORFUL experience! Lucky for her it only lasted 4 and a half hours with the most amazing (and painful) part lasting about 3 to 7's debatable, since everything went so fast! But man was it a miracle! It was like nothing I've ever seen minute she's looking and smiling at me, the next minute she was giving my brother the death stare like "Don't you tell me to breathe, why don'y YOU try squeezing this big baby through YOUR pea-sized hole!", and the very next minute she was all ga-ga eyed over her new little boy! Well, we were all ga-ga eyed because we had just witnessed the miracle of the birthing process! It was truly amazing!


Friday, December 11, 2009

...taking FINAL exams...ugh!

So, as most of you know, I am working on getting my Masters in Accounting at Anderson School of Management at UNM (yes, the infamous UNM, thanks to Elizabeth Lambert)! Well, anyway, I'm in my 3rd semseter of my Masters program, and this is the last week of school. Finals week is next week. Thinking back to undergrad days, when it was time for finals week, you always hated having Wednesday or Thursday classes because while everyone was out drinking beer and celebrating the end of their semester, you were still studying because you had one more final Thursday night. So, I've run into that situation this year. I have class on Monday and Thursday nights, so my semester goes until 9:45 on Thursday, December 17th! Sucky, I know!

Well, get this: Monday night at class, our professor says, "Whoever has a 95% or above is excused from the final exam!" So, immediately, everybody in class starts calculating what their possible grade might be in anticipation for his email the next day! Lucky me, I received an email that said I have a 103% in the class and didn't have to show up for the final! Woohoo!

Last night at class, our professor handed back some old homeworks we'd turned in and at the bottom it had a circled grade. He says, "The grade at the bottom is your grade in the class. If you are happy with that grade, then leave and don't come back!" Lucky me again, I had an A and I'm pretty sure I was the first person out the door (along with 20 others). Woohoo Again!! December 17th just turned into December 10th!

So, this just goes to show you that working hard during the semester pays off at the end of semester. One more semester to go and I'll have my Masters! But, as most of you already know, I'll probably be taking another random class sometime soon!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

...My New Blog!

Well, here it is! My very own blog site! My brother has a blog site, and I read everything on it and thought, "Why don't I do that?" So here it is!

Let me first start by thanking all my readers for reading and I encourage you (if there are any of you) to leave your own response! This is basically for me to get out what's in my head and maybe in the process bring interesting topics to light! Please understand that I am no expert in anything I'll probably talk about, but I'll definitely be giving my expert opinion! So here goes...

Two interesting topics to discuss today:
1. Tony Lynn and Miles on 107.9 this morning asked the question, "What is something outrageous your boss has asked you to do?" Tony Lynn asked this question because some lady emailed in a bomb threat to Miami International Airport because her boss was late for his flight! Who does this? When do you think to yourself that this is a good idea? Would you rather lose your job for committing a federal crime or lose your job because your boss has to wait an extra day to get to Honduras? Seriously, lady!

2. Time magazine has come out with their "Top 10 Pariah's" list for 2009. Well, lo and behold, Elizabeth Lambert from UNM's soccer team placed #10! She's up there with the likes of Rod Blagojevich (Chicago's governor) and Bernie Madoff (ponzi-scheming douche bag), plus Jon Gosselin from Jon and Kate: plus eight. First of all, Jon is still my favorite and Kate should've been on this list years ago! Second, there are a lot worse things that happen on the soccer field than getting your hair pulled. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that's how you handle yourself on the soccer field and I'm not trying to defend her actions. All I'm saying is, this poor girl was extremely competitive, made some poor choices on the field, has been suspended from the team, become a YouTube sensation for her horrible acts, but has apologized for her actions. Maybe top 25 material, but #10? Really?