Friday, January 29, 2010


Water is good! It doesn't taste like anything much, but it's good. It makes other things taste bad a soda can get watered down and it's not all that sugary greatness you had at first. If water gets on your bread or crackers or cookies...not so good. You boil water to cook most things...pasta, soups, hot cereal. You use water to make your grass grow, to clean your body, to wash your car. You can swim in water, have water balloon fights, and it powers your slip-n-slide. Without water, we would miss out on a lot of things.

Well, apparently you're supposed to drink like 8 cups of water a day. Well, as healthy as that may be, I've got bladder issues (I think I take after my mother) and I have to pee ALL the time...I mean, ALL DAY LONG!!! The 8 cups are obviously to help flush out my system and keep me hydrated. It definitely flushes out the system! But my problem is that I forget to drink it. I've got my water bottle all filled up and sitting right here for me to drink out of, but I rarely finish it. It holds 32oz so that's already 4 cups...all I need to do is drink 2 of those and I'm good to go for the's too hard. Maybe if I can substitute a cup of OJ, a glass of wine, a beer, and maybe a soda, then all I have to drink is one water bottle full!

Anyway, I'm gonna try to monitor my water intake the next few weeks and see if 1)I can do all 8 cups, and 2)if it makes me feel any different. Then, all I have to add is working out and I may have the whole system down!!

So, next time you walk past a water fountain, fill up your water jug...either you can drink it, take a bath, or water your grass!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

...reading blogs!

How many of you are out there? How many of you really read my blog everyday? I automatically send it to about 5 of you when I hit "publish" so I'm literally making you read it, but how many of you would still go to it everyday if I didn't send it to you? Is there someone else who follows the innards of my mind everyday?

To those who are my faithful readers...I love you! Thanks for making me worthy of a few minutes of each of your days! I write these for you, so I'm glad you come along for the ride everyday, as weird as it may be some days, you're here and I thank you for it! Wouldn't it be great if my blog became a hit movie like Julie & Julia? Julie writes a blog everyday about cooking and all of a sudden it's a major movie with cast members winning Golden Globes and stuff...but then again it's Merryl Streep. Maybe I can get her to play 'me' and we'll win an Oscar. She can make these blogs really shine (or is it my superb writing skills?).

Maybe I can get Sandra Bullock to play 'me' in a film about my you think she'd cut and dye her hair for my part too? Anyway, just dreaming big again. I do that sometimes...dream big. That maybe one day I'll be in some episodes of Glee, hanging out with my best friend Chris Colfer (Kurt), and become a regular at the award shows so I can meet Drew Barrymore and Will Ferrell. Speaking of Glee, they are doing open casting calls, but apparently the age range is 16-26, so it's doubly unlucky for me, since I'm 31 and look like a 12 year old boy...I miss the age range on both sides!

I always wonder if some random person who I've never met who lives far awayreads my blogs...wouldn't that be cool, if I started a blog that became read all over the world? I'd probably piss off a lot of people, make a lot of people happy, and maybe do both at once! Even though I'm 31, I'm gonna be big just wait and'll happen! (for some reason I felt like breaking out in song right then!)

So, next time you read my blog or think about something I wrote on my blog, tell a friend...maybe it'll blow up sooner than I expected!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010!

Could you imagine what the store would look like? Like, if it were a store in your town (not on the internet), just down the street from Smith's (which my GF and I absolutely love...and miss), and you actually got to walk in. First off, better than Walmart, which I also love, but hate the lines. Second, it would literally have everything you ever needed and more. It would have all the stuff it normally has, but if they didn't have it, the back alley would open up to all those people that sell their stuff through Amazon. So, really, you could get ANYTHING you've ever wanted.

The ceramic jars you've been dying to have are in aisle 17, the brass napkin rings are in aisle 25, the extra shoelaces with pictures of Spongebob are in aisle 41, the wart remover cream is in aisle 87, the feather free pillows are in aisle 119, the Accounting textbook for class is down the back alley 3rd table on your left, and the human size robot 11th table on your right! All those things and more are offered stop shopping! You could get all those items new or used and the farther "out back" you walk, the cheaper it all gets! You could even sell those things at your own table out back 59th table on the left once you have no use for them anymore!

But then, who wants to do all that walking anyway, so I guess that's why we love the internet! We have aisles 17, 25, 41, 87, and 119 right in front of us and the back alley is a click away! AND, somebody else delivers it all right to your door! Are we getting lazy? Does the store on Wyoming blvd. have mall walkers? Imagine getting a large heavy box of something and having to carry it all the way back down the alley, through the store, and to your car...instant weight loss program! But then again, our fingers get a good workout going type, type, click, click!

So, next time you're on, remember to thank them for making Life so easy!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...Cute Kids!

I'm not lying when I say my niece and nephew are THE CUTEST KIDS in the world! Okay, maybe it's a bit biased, but if you saw them, you might agree. I've seen lots of cute kids in my days, but these 2 are probably the best you'll find ANYWHERE! Okay, so I'm really REALLY biased, but just when you think they couldn't get any cuter, they do something that melts your heart! My nephew is 6 weeks old and still hasn't hit his "Born On" date, I've seen him twice in person, I've held him once in my arms, and I've seen millions of pictures...and he's beautiful. I know that's such a girly term, but since he's so little I can still say that. He is absolutely gorgeous and looks just like my nephew! Yes, I meant to say that because he looks just like himself...nobody else...he may do things that resemble my brother or others in the fam, but he's himself (his little self). He's got these great big brown least they looked brown when he opened one for half a second while I was holding him. He's got a great smile and I'm pretty sure he's very excited to finally be home to meet his sister and his auntie! Okay, and probably the rest of the family too!

My niece is 4 and a half and although has her moments that make you want to punish her for the rest of her life, she does something that makes you want to reward her for the rest of her life. If I knew how to work this blog site, I'd post the cutest video in the world of her holding her knew brother and she says, "He's my bestest brother I've ever had!" He's gazing up into her eyes and she's so lovey-dovey with him that they both win awards for the CUTEST KIDS EVER!!!! And my brother wrote the other day that he caught her cutting her own hair...CUTE! And then he caught her rubbing nail polish remover on her face, just to notice it was because she had nail polish on her face...again CUTE! We've all been that age and have done this stuff before, maybe even worse. Lucky for me, I'm just the auntie who gets to see her on the good days. My poor brother and sister have her everyday and deal with the good and the bad, but I'm pretty sure that when they go to bed every night, they thank the lord for giving them the 2 CUTEST KIDS IN THE WORLD!!!!

So, for all you other kids out there, you may be cute, and do really cute stuff, but you'll never add up to my niece and nephew, who are worlds above everyone!


Monday, January 25, 2010


Life sneaks up on you when you're not expecting it to. Silly thing called Life! You are living it everyday, but sometimes you can actually feel yourself going through the motions. You don't know where it's gonna lead you either. You are on a specific path in your Life, but you really don't know what's behind every corner. For instance, I am creating my Life path as I write this...I've committed to writing my blog (almost) every day, but who knows what I'm gonna write about until I put my fingers to the keyboard. I may have mapped out a topic a few days prior, but I'm not sure what I'm gonna say as I write. It's like creative's creative Life-ing!

Each member of the New Orleans Saints woke up this morning knowing that their Life was on a new and adventurous path. The set out to make it to the Superbowl, and through some process, they ended up winning the most important game of the season to get to the Superbowl...Life got the best of 'someone' last night and put the Saints on that track instead of the Vikings. Even the Colts process wasn't easy, but 'someone' helped turn things around and they too have made it to the Superbowl path. Life brought excitement for those 2 teams, and for the other 2 teams, Life brought relaxation after a long hard fought season.

As for me, Life has brought me some crazy days, some fun days, some tired and lazy days (lots of those actually), some smart days, some motivated days, some angry days (few), some loving days, some stressful days, some sad days, and some happy happy days. I thank Life for all it brings to me because it has made me the person I am today and it makes me want to keep Life-ing everyday!

So, next time Life brings you lemons (oh, you've heard that one before?) Okay, next time Life gets in your way, just remember "That's Life!"


Saturday, January 23, 2010

...snow in Albuquerque!

It snows in Albuquerque very rarely, but when it does, the temperature drops to low 30s and everyone seems miserable! Except for those who love snow and understand that if it snows in Alb then it snowed even more in the top ski places. I don't ski. Never been before. Maybe I'm good at it, but I've never gone. Not much desire to go out into the cold and fly down the side of a mountain when I can be at home where it's warm and there's cold beer in the fridge! Just my opinion of course and I think it's great that there are so many people who love to ski and who can take my GF whenever she wants to go (when her knee is feeling okay of course). I feel really bad about that...the fact that I've never gone snowboarding or skiing and my poor GF hasn't been able to go, but once, since she's had her knee surgery (4 years ago)! The one time she went she said it hurt like hell, so I'm not sure when she's gonna go back up to the mountain top, but I'll be cheering her on while I watch a football game in my pajamas on my couch!

Anyway, whenever there is some crazy weather in Alb, you wouldn't know it if you slept in. It can rain, snow, freeze over, and melt within 4 hours, so if you're doing a project or watching a movie, you'll probably miss it. If you are flying into Alb from anywhere and your plane is delayed because of bad weather in Alb, you wouldn't know it when you finally arrived. This is the one place where you can get all 4 seasons in one day. I woke up at 9:30 and there was snow covering the's 11:00 now and you wouldn't even know it snowed!

Anyway, I'm just glad there's no wind...that's what really makes the cold suck! I spent 10 days in Sarasota, Florida at the beginning of January and everyday there was colder and more windy than today. I still had a great time, but it made for a cool day at the beach and only one day of fun in the sun that was spent at the ballfields anyway! Oh well, I wouldn't trade it in for anything. Although if it were warm, Candy wouldn't have seen ANY of my games! And she would have come home with a really bad sunburn! Gotta love it!

So, next time you wake up to snow, take a picture, cause it lasts longer!


Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm a chronic student! I am nearing my last days as a Masters of Accountant student and I'm more nervous about what I'm gonna do after I graduate. I mean, I know what I want to do, but I keep thinking maybe I'll take some classes! Most of you are thinking, "She crazy!" and others are thinking, "That's just like Roshelle!" and some of you are saying both! But honestly, I love school. I like buying the books, going to class, learning stuff, highlighting my books, tabbing my books, and sometimes doing homework! I know, I sound really geeky and nerdy, but it's true.

Now that I've gotten all that 2 classes are gonna be brutal this semester! I have Financial Accounting 3, which is taught by this professor who seems to have a lot of fun. He is very smart and knows what he's doing, which is probably why he talks so fast and speeds through his lecture. I'm already knee deep in reading material and homework. My other class is Assurance Services which deals with Auditing, which is going to be a whole lot of memorization. So, as much as I love school, there comes a time when I have to sit back and evaluate how I'm gonna make it through each semester (alive). This semester is going to be a lot of study time, reading, working problems, studying, memorizing, study groups, reading, and studying.

So, if I don't answer on the first ring, call back in June!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

...being TOO nice!

I have sort of a problem, and my GF will confirm, that I am sometimes TOO nice! Now, I say 'problem' because it can be a problem when people start taking advantage of me. And she's very quick to point this out to me! She is very strong and independent and does everything for herself, but really hates the fact that I let people 'use' me. Well, I understand where she's coming from because she's always worked so hard for anything she's ever wanted in this world. I have worked hard too, but sometimes I let people get the better of me and I help them in lots of ways...whether it's money, time, kind words, or something else, I'm a very giving person. Don't get me wrong, I can still be mean if I feel like it, but I usually don't feel like it! I also don't go giving strangers money like the guys on the side of the road...although I did give a lady with 2 dogs some spare change (the story follows below) and I gave a guy with a Broncos hat a dollar!

I'm not sure why I'm like this, but there's always been something inside of me that says to take care of people. I remember when I was younger (early college) I would ask my dad for money. If I asked him for $50 then he'd give me $100...if I asked for $100, he'd give me about $140. He said, "if I need $50, then I might need just a bit more!" So true! He was a wise wise man...a wise wise man! So, I sort of figured if I am in a position to give somebody 'just a bit more' then I will. I'm hoping that one day it'll come back to me 2-fold!

Please understand that my GF is a very VERY giving person...she always thinks of others before herself ( and I love her for that), but she has no problem saying NO! I'm not quite sure how to say that! I am capable of saying, sorry I can't help at this time, but I seem to always find a way! I just hope it comes back around before I'm tapped out!

So the story with the lady with the 2 dogs: One day I had a presentation in one of my classes on certain aromatherapy and massage points on the feet to help you relax. I removed my ring and watch so I could demonstrate the pressure points with the aromatherapy oils without getting them all greasy. I went through the rest of my day at school and went home after classes. Tash and I decided we needed to go buy some essentials at Walmart, so we made a quick trip. When we were leaving the store there was a homeless lady with 2 dogs sitting out front playing music and had something out to collect donations. I used to carry all my change in my pockets back then so I had a handful of coins to give her and we pet the cute cute dogs and went on our way! So, the next morning Tash woke up to me in tears in the bathroom because I couldn't find my ring...the ring she gave me! And then it clicked: I took it off for class, put it in the pocket with the change, and gave it to the homeless lady! SHIT! We spent the whole day driving around looking for that lady and checking out pawn no avail! Very upset and depressed that evening, I returned home from school to find that Tash bought me a new ring that I still wear to this day! She is truly an amazing friend!

So, next time a friend asks you for something, if it's not outrageous, maybe you can find a way to help them!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

...Asking Questions!

I am terrible at asking questions. I mean, I ask questions when I need to know certain answers, but according to some close friends of mine, I don't ask all the questions I should be asking. For instance, if I happened to run into an old friend who is engaged to be married, I would tell them congratulations and maybe ask when the wedding was. Thinking ahead about how excited someone would be once I told them who I saw, and that she was getting married, and how she looked, and when the wedding was, I thought they would be excited to hear what I had to say. WRONG! I was supposed to ask how he proposed? What shape her ring was? Where she's getting her dress? Who the bridesmaids are? How her parents are? Where she's living? Where she's working? If she's been in contact with anyone else? Is she pregnant? Etc, etc, etc.

It all started with my dear friend Cassy. She is the queen of questions! She knows exactly what to ask to get all the juicy details about anything. I don't know how she does it, but I do know that she'd get very upset with me when I didn't ask all the right questions. She'd always ask me what the ring looked like and I'd never know! Then it moved on to Natasha. She never had tons of questions, but really liked details about stuff. I felt like I forgot to enroll in the college course of Proper Question Asking 101. She wanted to know what they were wearing (an issue of my memory which I've discussed before is not what it should be), she'd want to know if they've talked to so-and-so recently, or what they've been up to for the last few years. The best thing about Tash is that she actually knew all these answers from her CSI-like ways on MySpace and Facebook. She could probably have told me who I would run into when I went to the mall next week! Then there was Jamie...she asks lots of questions. The only difference is that they're always about how YOU are doing. That's nice. Sometimes I'd discover new things about myself that I never knew because I'd never questioned myself before. And now I have my lovely Candy! I always make fun of her because she repeats herself a lot, but I'm pretty sure it's to test my memory! She asks me questions about everything and luckily, because I'd probably forget to tell her things if she didn't ask. I know that's not a healthy way to have a relationship, but I think after 4 years she understands that my memory is going as I get older! She reminds me of stuff when she asks questions, so I'm luckily not as forgetful when she's by my side. Important NOTE: That is NOT why I keep her around! Anyway, she encompasses all the question asking qualities of Cassy, Tash, and Jamie, because she asks lots of questions, wants to know the details, and wants to know about me. Important NOTE: THAT'S why I keep her around...she's actually into ME!

So, next time you want to know something from or about me...just ask Candy!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I've always got to match, mostly with my clothing, but I find I do it in other places too. Sometimes I'll get a bit crazy and not match anything (like workout clothes), but most days, I'm usually matching. I've got shoes that go with black, brown, blue, red, white, etc. I've got flip flops that go with black, brown, and blue. I've got watches and belts that will go with brown, black, and white. I've also got hats and jackets that go with all the colors of the rainbow (except purple of course)! Then I pretty much get to wear any shirt I want and I'll totally match. Most people already know this about me. I'm not as bad as some people though...not that I think it's bad to match, but there are some extremes.

Anywho, like I mentioned earlier, it seeps into other things I do. For instance, we are decorating our new house and the rugs have to match the wall colors, and the wall decor has to match the bedroom set, and the bookshelves have to match the black in the rug, and the curtains have to match the accents in the pillow, and so on and so forth. Now, a bit of this comes from my GF, because I gave her 'almost' full reign over the decorating, but ultimately I still care if it all matches! It's got to look good for when people see it.

I also match for school. If my textbook is slightly green, then I'll get a green notebook, a green folder, and I'll make green labels for them. When I play baseball, I make sure my socks match my belt which match my undershirt and hat. Now I have catchers equipment that matches pretty much all my uniforms. So, as you can see, I love to match. What does that say about someone? That they take the time to look good? That they are very anal (see Dec. 15 blog post)? Or that they have a great sense of fashion? I'll go with all 3!!

So, next time you pull out the new red shirt to wear, grab your red shoes, your red hat, your red jacket, and you may just look like me!!


Friday, January 15, 2010


As much as we try not to put things off to the last minute, we all do it. It could be with small things, like not shopping for a party until the morning of. It could be with large things, like waiting to start your homework that was assigned last month until the night before it's due. Some stuff that you may feel you are procrastinating in getting done just may be part of a process, where you can't simply do the last step until you've done the 4 previous steps before's getting that first step done that is the hardest. Why? Why are we like this? For me, it's because there might be something else I'd rather be doing! Normally, there IS something else I'm doing, so what needs to get done just sits and waits for me to decide to finally do it, and that's usually later than it actually needs to get done. That's worse than there a word for that? Late...I guess that word works!

On Monday, my blog was about all the stuff I had to do since I had returned from vacation:

"There is mail covering my desk at the I've got plenty to catch up with here...and I'm sure about half of the stuff is past due or something. It's gonna be a long week! It's been a long week and there is still a lot of mail covering my desk...I've opened it and put it into specific piles, but it's still covering my desk. My car needs a new battery, so I have Candy's car today. Candy surprised me and got me a new car battery, so I have my car today! Please read Wednesday's blog to remind yourselves of how much we love Candy. And I've got bills to pay, but no money to pay them with! School starts next week and I need to get my books. I get paid today, so I can finally pay all my bills and buy my school books. Every article of clothing is dirty and my body is still sore from the long week of baseball. Candy has done ALL the laundry (again, Wed. blog) and all I have to do is put it away. My body has been well rested, so now I can begin going to the gym again. So, my goal this week is to somehow fix all these things, so I feel like I've "caught up". Almost caught up! This is gonna be an interesting year and I hope to be more motivated and inspired throughout. Maybe it's time to officially make my New Year's Resolutions! I've printed out last years resolutions and have yet to edit, add, and delete for this year. Maybe by next week I'll have it ready to go!"

As you can see, if it wasn't for Candy and her non-procrastination ways (see Dec. 18th blog post), I'd still have a long way to go! So, thanks babe! Otherwise, next week you'll probably here me saying how the mail won't stop coming and I can't seem to get my stuff done, except for writing this blog of course...that always seems to be what I'd rather be doing! I'm surprised you don't get like 3 blogs a day from me!

So, the next time...well, I'll wait til next time to discuss this!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

...cell phones!

Everyone has one, but they want an upgrade. If they don't have one, they want one. People who try to fight the temptation of having one, end up getting one eventually. It may start out as getting one for emergencies, then it turns into just phone calls, then you add text and internet, then all of a sudden you have a phone case, a hands free device, and a special charger at home, in your car, and at work! Some people even have 2 phones. And it's okay to admit that you don't have any control over these temptations. Cause it's sweeping the nation. People are dropping their landlines. Kids age 8 and 9 even have them. They've gone from the original Zach Morris sized phone to something you could fit in your front pocket without a bulge. They flip, slide, swivel, and you have numbered keys, QWERTY keyboards, and touch screens. You can listen to music, surf the net, text message, take a call, and update your facebook status all at the same time...and in most states you can still do all this while driving your car, applying mascara, and eating an egg mcmuffin. How frustrating it must have been 20 years ago to wait til you got home to check your messages. The only people with pagers now are doctors..again!

I was so excited my freshman year of college to get my very own pager! It was blue and clipped on my jeans! At any point in time, someone could beckon me and I would call right back...if I was near a phone, which got a lot easier to call people when you also had a cell phone. Anyway, I lost it once on a trip to Zozobra on the traditional Sigma Chi bus. The guy who found it (in a puddle of beer on the back of the bus) actually figured out that it was mine and returned it to me. I'm pretty sure he was one of the only about 5 thoughtful and considerate Sigma Chi's.

My first cell phone came sometime afterwards when I was completely hammered after work one day and met a guy who was selling them. I bought one and apparently gave everyone at the bar my new number, receiving a barrage of phone calls the next morning, knocking me out of my beer coma. Since then, I've evolved into the people described in that top paragraph. I have a slider, QWERTY, touch phone and I'm eyeing the next one already. I've only had this one for 6 months, but there's always something better! Don't get me wrong, it's a great phone, and does pretty much anything you want it to, but it's always nice to dream.

People are scared! That's what I think. People are scared that if they don't have their phone, they're gonna miss something huge. An emergency will come up when you've left it at home. A friend you haven't heard from in forever will call, but you're in the grocery store. How are you going to remember phone numbers, now that they are all stored in your phone? If you lost it, you'd be screwed. You all understand this because you've gotten that fated text from a friend that says, "Got new phone, lost all info, who is this?" It's bound to happen!

So, next time someone calls you, let it go to voicemail, but don't worry, they won't leave a message, they'll just assume you stepped away for a second and they'll call you right back!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I love Candy! Not just the sweet sweet morsels of yummy goodness wrapped up in tiny plastic wrappers, by my girlfriend too! First off, candy is's bad for you, but it's yummy! I'm not a big chocolate fan, but I'm coming around. My GF is a big factor in my new taste for chocolate because she always looks so satisfied after a Snickers bar! So, of course I want that same satisfaction. But I love hard candies like lifesavers, jawbreakers, skittles, werther's, butterscotch, peppermints, candy canes, etc. I also like the gummy types like gummi bears, gummi worms, sour patch kids, twizzlers, jujubes, etc. If I did have chocolate I like anything white chocolate, Snickers, Kit Kat, Twix, Rolo, and Reese's.

But my girfriend is just as sweet! She does pretty much everything for me. Not because I'm lazy (I'm pretty lazy), but because she's just a great person. She always thinks of everyone else before herself and has the biggest HEART in the world! It's unfortunate that she doesn't like the Valentine's Day heart candies, but I guess it's just more for me! I really do love her a lot and appreciate her in my life.

Have you ever heard of the 10 second rule? When candy falls on the ground (hard shell candy) you have 10 seconds to pick it up before any bad germs contaminate it and you can still eat it. If you're lucky, maybe you've just mopped or sweeped...adds about another 10 seconds! Gummi candy you gotta be careful with though...I would say 5 seconds and you might be safe...not in my house though cause we have dogs and I have a thing with stray hair!

So, next time you are eating a piece of candy, think of me, and enjoy it!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...No Response!

In college I was a party girl. One of my good friends and I would literally have plans to go out every night of the week. I'm talking Sundays too! And we would get crazy every night...and by crazy I mean Out Of Control! This style of living could also explain why I only finished that semester with 6 credit hours and probably less than a 2.0! Anyway, we would get all dressed up, go to the bar, dance all night, go to some after hours party, and try to find a ride home sometime the next afternoon! It was a great great time and I had no problem telling people I had plans each night.

Right after college (which as you can imagine took me a bit longer because of my 'habits') I started to calm down just a bit. I worked at a bar, so I could find all the action there and sometimes we still went out. But what changed was my response to people who asked me to go out with them. I'd say "yeah, maybe!" Giving them all the hope that I'd be there, but really knowing that I probably wouldn't go out. Why? Why would I do that? To make things worse I wouldn't answer my phone when they'd call to find out where I was!

Now that I'm older and wiser (HA!) I've come to find the answer to that question: because I was young and immature. It's my life isn't it? Why couldn't I just say, "No, I'm gonna stay in and do nothing in my pajamas." Then the inviting person wouldn't get their feelings hurt when I didn't show up. They wouldn't have to waste their time calling me 4 times and leaving me very disgruntled voicemails! I've also come to dislike people who do that to me now! Just say NO! It's okay, I won't get my feelers hurt, I'm a grown woman (well, older woman). Just be honest with me, because I'll like you a whole lot more if you don't stand me up. I'm learning from my ways!

So, next time you'd rather watch repeats of Saved By The Bell instead of joining some friends for cocktails, just say so!


Monday, January 11, 2010

...getting back on track!

Guess who? That's right! I'm back and well, I wouldn't say better than ever, but I'm back. It's been a crazy crazy crazy last 8 days, but I'm happy to say I finally have time to give my expert opinion on stuff! Life is tough, so trying to post a blog everyday is hard in itself, let alone when you have tons of things going on. For instance, from the 3rd through the 8th I've been playing baseball and having double-headers everyday. Then I have to go to dinner with the whole group and then we drink and pass out. So, as you can see, no time to blog. Lucky for me, the Camp was in Florida, so I woke up at 6am this morning and was on time to work today! Of course I have tons of things to do today at work, but I figured I could fit in a blog real quick....cause I know you all miss me.

When we got home last night, we 'got home' to our new house, which made it feel more like home! Our dogs were more than excited to see us, and the cats came out from under my mothers bed. Now, although my bed and pillow were very comfortable, I still woke up 3 times to use the restroom...a problem? Yes! But at least it wasn't 6 times like the night before. I need to quit drinking about noon everyday, so I can fix this issue! But anyway, it is finally feeling like home.

There is mail covering my desk at the I've got plenty to catch up with here...and I'm sure about half of the stuff is past due or something. It's gonna be a long week!

My car needs a new battery, so I have Candy's car today. And I've got bills to pay, but no money to pay them with! School starts next week and I need to get my books. Every article of clothing is dirty and my body is still sore from the long week of baseball. So, my goal this week is to somehow fix all these things, so I feel like I've "caught up". This is gonna be an interesting year and I hope to be more motivated and inspired throughout.

Maybe it's time to officially make my New Year's Resolutions!

So, if you ever feel you're behind in life, scootch over cause I'm right there with you!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

...flying and landing and flying and landing!

So, yesterday was a really, really, REALLY long travel day. Not to mention only having 3 hours of sleep before getting started, it was a really long day. We woke at 6:30am and was at the airport by 7, waited to check our luggage for 30 minutes and was on the plane by 8am. Then we went UP. Most of you know that I'm not a big fan of flying, but the bar wasn't open (nor did we have time) at the gate. Then I fell asleep on the flight and the flight attendant skipped me for drinks. I fell asleep with a drink coupon in my hand! Well, then we went DOWN. The landing wasn't that some point during the flight they asked the flight attendants to sit down because it was so bumpy...I don't do bumps! So, we had about a 3 hour layover in airport!

Then we went UP. They stopped doing nonstop flights from Albuquerque to Tampa, so it was inevitable that I had to go up twice and down twice...stupid! This time I had to pee because I had 3 beers during our fun time in Houston. Did you know you can walk around the airport with beer? They serve it in a plastic cup and you can walk the terminal like you were in Vegas! All I needed was a poker table and it'd be like home! Anyway, I had to pee real bad and the flight attendant said, "I'm not allowed to give you permission to get up while the seatbelt sign is still on!" So, I thought to myself, "Why do I need permission?" So I got up and went! Then we went DOWN. Not as many bumps this time.

Then we got our rental car after waiting WAY too long for our luggage to reappear! And it was an hour drive to Sarasota where we ended up at 7pm. 12 hours of travelling. Poor Candy got stuck behind large men who would recline their seats so she couldn't sleep well on the plane. So, we both crashed pretty hard in our comfortable home-away-from-home king size bed at the Hotel Indigo! Unfortunately, not a single college team that I picked to win their bowl game won, so whatever! At least we are here and I'm so excited to see everyone and play some Baseball!

So, next time you're taking a long flight, get some sleep the night before so you can enjoy your trip and not sleep through it all!