Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Eyes Are Spoiled

I have been getting "spoiler alerted" for the past 5 days!  I hate that the Olympics are 7 hours ahead of us and NBC is waiting around to show the events, because I can't even turn on my computer without finding out who won the latest fencing match, or how many dunks LeBron James had!  On one hand, it totally ruins the experience of getting to watch the event and actually being surprised by the outcome, but on the other hand, it really frees up my evening!

I went to the doctor today!

My back has been killing me lately.  I can't sleep and it's really hard to sit down all day.  I surprisingly can still run, so that's a plus, but as soon as I'm done, my back gets all tight and then I regret even moving!  So, he gave me something to sleep better at night in hopes that it'll loosen up these spasms and problem solved.  I'll keep you posted!

3 more actual class days!!!  Woohoo...summer term is almost over!  Then it's on to vacation!  I still feel like I have so much to do though...maybe I need to make lists within my lists.  I'll make one huge gigantic To Do List, but within each thing to do, I'll make a small list of things to do to get that thing done!  Sounds fun!

Have a random day!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Does Monday Show Up Every Week?

Just when I started enjoying my weekend, another week comes along!  So, here's where we are:
Last Week:

1. Clean up the backyard!! I'm totally halfway there...not enough room in the trashcan for everything!
2. Refill the Fish tank! I did this, but I'm still unsure of whether Mr. Bubbles is gonna make it.
3. Download pictures from my camera Well, I thought about doing this...does that count?
4. Finish the laundry, put it away, and clear out the bed!  Did ALL laundry and GF helped with the clearing of the bed!
5. Finish all timesheets by Friday!  Haha!  Yeah right!  I didn't say WHICH Friday!
6. Have a medium run during the week of 5 miles.  Hell yeah!  And it felt awesome!

This Week:
1. Download Ipod songs
2. Finish all work requirements before vacation
3. Prepare packing list (cause I'm a geek)
4. Read at least one chapter a night of something other than school books!
5. Do a speed workout AND an arm workout this week

This seems to be enough for the week.  Especially since it'll be wrapped up with all this Olympic excitement in the air.  Speaking of which, Skeet Shooting is a new favorite of mine, as is Equestrian Dressage!  It's as if I've never watched sports before!

Another blogger has been posting her adventures for her Ragnar Team, and it's making me really excited to one day do a relay run like this.  Not that I'm on a team for anytime in the near future, but it's gonna happen one day.  I can't wait!

Well, the only way to get number 2 out of the way is to get off the blogosphere, so have great rest of your Monday and I'll catch up with you later!


Friday, July 27, 2012

The Olympics: It's Here...It's Finally Here!

It's Olympics time!!!!!
Yay!  I'm so so excited!!  Tonight we're gonna veg out in front of the tv and watch the opening ceremonies, which are currently happening in London as I blog!  It's hard to not click on the "spoiler alert" pictures and articles popping up all over the net...there's also a "live stream" that's screaming my name!  But the GF and I have been planning tonight for about 4 years now, so it's really exciting.  We had to make a pact today that over the weekend and the next 2 weeks we have to make sure we get all our work done BEFORE turning on the Olympics.

It's that time of year when air rifle shooting, badminton, and fencing are a "Must-See"!! It's that time of year when it's okay to get caught practicing your trampoline moves on the spare mattress.  And it's that time of year when the only thing you care to be doing on a Sunday morning at 6am is watching women run for 26.2 miles and even though all they're doing is running, you can't seem to scrape your eyes off the tv!  Oh, what a great time of year!

The Olympics are a great reminder that there are a lot better athletes out there than me if I put my mind to something, I can become really great!  Not that I ever want to become an Olympic marathoner, but I can certainly get faster than I am today!  It's also a great reminder that my life must be some kind of boring if I'd rather sit around and watch handball and judo, then to get out and make something of myself.  Maybe I'm just bitter that I didn't make the US Table Tennis team.  I think it's because I wouldn't stop calling it Ping Pong, but whatever!  That's not the point! 

The point of all this is that it's the one time (every two or four years) that the best of the best all gather in one place to show the world how good they really are!  And I wanna be able to say, "I saw that happen on tape delay that I DVR'ed and watched 2 weeks after the Olympics was officially over!"

So, pop your popcorn and grab your seats, it's gonna be a wild non Summer Olympics in London!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweaty Beast

The random rain storms have come in handy lately.  For instance, last week I had class on Wednesday night and was gonna miss the baseball game, BUT it rained on the South side of town, raining out the game creating a doubleheader on Thursday that I could go to!  This past Tuesday night I had a softball game, but it rained and flooded the field, so our game was canceled, then I could do dinner with the GF!  Tonight I have a game that could possibly be rained out as well!  Crossing my fingers!

Had my high mileage mid-week run today!  I have a sweating problem.  No headbands have ever worked for me.  I've tried all the types they swear will hold in the sweat or wick it away or whatever they claim, and nothing has ever worked.  I've worn bandanas, dorky thick headbands, thin girly type elastic ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, and nothing has ever worked.  I still get sweat in my eyes, dripping down my face, it's pretty much like I'm not wearing anything at all!

So, you can imagine what it's like on the treadmill...as I'm running, I keep a towel in front of me to be able to wipe my sweat away.  Only problem is, if I run for more than 2 miles, I am constantly wiping my face.  So, when I finished my 5 miles today, I had completely wiped away the skin on both sides of my face right next to my temples.  I do this once a week and it hurts like hell!  The next day I just wipe away the scabbing area, then the next it doesn't hurt so bad.  Then I take a day or two off and have my long run and the whole things starts over again!

I'm really not sure what to do.  So, I'm just gonna keep trying new headbands, and maybe I'll find one that'll keep me from wiping away my face!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Child Life

Although yesterday was a pretty craptastic day, I think today was very productive.  Well, let me first tell you that by the time I finally got home last night, the GF had already crossed off number 4 on my Weekly To Do List!  Now I just gotta work on the rest!

I've already worked out twice today!  This morning I went for a run with the GF...she'snot a big fan of running with me because I make her push it pretty hard, but she did great this morning!  Negative split!!  Then we met at lunch and went to the gym.  She did 45 minutes on the elliptical, while I tried to run.  I got about a mile into my run when my hammy started acting up, so I moved over to the stairmaster for 20 minutes.  My third workout will come tonight at my softball game, if the rain doesn't have other plans!

The world lost some great people yesterday, but luckily most of us still have more great people in our lives.  One of those is my BFJ!  It's not just because she's my bestie, or because she is so nice to me and everyone she meets, it's because she's got the BIGGEST heart in the world!  If she ever donates her heart, she'll be helping at least a dozen people!  Anywho, my brother just sent me a video that will explain why she's the coolest person ever.  Her day job is to literally play with kids all day...but she doesn't just play with them, I think she cures them.  There couldn't be a better person to have this job than her!  Love you J!

I hope you enjoyed that!  Have a great evening!


Monday, July 23, 2012

When Tragedy Strikes...

Well, it's been one of those days that you wish could have never happened.  Where you go back to Sunday night and wake up again and everything is as it should be.  Some unfortunate incidents have happened today that should make us all thank whomever's responsible for every day that we get to live our lives!

My BFT has lost someone in her life that she will truly miss.  I never had the opportunity to meet her grandma, but mine and the GF's condolences go out to her and her family during this very difficult time.  I feel so bad that she's so far away and I can't physically reach out and touch her, but I'm sure she knows that we're thinking of her and are sending hugs and kisses her way!

We've also lost a great man today.  You can find the article here.  There was a tragic accident on I-25 this morning involving someone I've known for over 12 years.  His vehicle was struck by another vehicle which sent him rolling over to the other side of the highway.  He was killed instantly.  I was very close to him and his family for several years and he'll be greatly missed.

Lastly, I thought my job was gonna be the third victim of the day, but I'm still here to work another day.  More on this later (read: I'll probably never talk about it again).

So, let's get past all this and move on to my Weekly To Do List:

Last Week:
1. Blog every day Blogged everyday but Saturday...never even turned the computer on!
2. Run 2 miles every day Success! But it was more like 4, 3, 2, 5, 3.1
3. Organize piles at work/make to do list FAIL
4. Brochures out by Thursday Success!
5. All PPT's done by Sunday Partly a success, should finish them up today.
6. Take GF to the movies No, but I did take her shopping and she said we can do the movies next weekend!
7. Finish fall schedules by Sunday Success, although I still need to put into computer.

This Week:
1. Clean up the backyard!!
2. Refill the Fish tank!
3. Download pictures from my camera
4. Finish the laundry, put it away, and clear out the bed!
5. Finish all timesheets by Friday!
6. Have a medium run during the week of 5 miles.

I would say last week was more success then fail, so I'm proud of that.  Let's see how this week pans out!

Be safe out there!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Consistent PR

My stomach had different plans than I did this morning! I participated in the 3rd Annual Nob Hill Run this morning and tried to treat it as a regular training run.

I was trying to trick my body into thinking I was just out for a nice jaunt and not a "race".  Once my brain hears the word "race" my body goes into some weird toxic body syndrome (TBS) and I get the nerves, the runs, the dry heaves, and the speedy first mile!  I did everything I normally would when I go running on the weekend: put on my clothes, put on my watch, poop, and head out the door.  Things were going great, all the way through the first 2 miles.  If you noticed above, it was only a 5K, so I only had 1.1 miles left to go!  I was in the clear and cruising into a new PR of somewhere near 29 minutes!!

Until my stomach was like, "don't you dare try to push me this hard!"  Unfortunately, all I heard was, "wait one second, you didn't even dry heave this morning...how about NOW!"  So, I dry heaved once, twice....about 5 times until I couldn't get any air in my lungs, had to stop and run over to the curb, got sick, caught my breath, walked for a brief moment, and resumed my running.  29 minutes out the window.

I ended up crossing the finish line in 30:27...the same time I had 2 weeks ago for a PR.  At least I'm consistent!

But I'm alive!  And that's all that matters! 


Friday, July 20, 2012

The Good Ol' Days

So, I'm trying to stay on track with my To Do list I posted the other day.

But as the week has gone by, I've noticed that maybe I should
have written a To NOT Do list:

for instance, NOT drinking during the weekdays!

I'm clearly not in college anymore, so why do I think I can drink like I am?

I almost just slept through the lunch hour, but instead I
dragged my happy ass to the gym.  I didn't go crazy with the mileage,
since we're doing a long run tomorrow, but I'm so
so so so glad I went.  Now I can say I've actually accomplished something
on a Friday!

And speaking of Fridays:

It's 5 O'clock somewhere...GO HOME!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keen What? Quinoa!

Another successful run today!
I can't seem to wake up early except for school, so I'm
stuck running on the Mill.  Luckily, I enjoy the Mill!

I've been watching the USA women's and men's basketball teams
while running on the Mill.  Makes the time pass quickly
and I look like an idiot as I'm cheering for them!

After the gym I made another yummy yummy salad!

It has baby spinach (my new fave), quinoa with brown rice, artichoke
hearts, grapes, and a splash of balsamic vinagrette!
It was AMAZING!  So good, I may have it again tomorrow!

My accounting class last night was a whole bunch of fun!
Lots of laughter!  Not much teaching, but lots of laughter!

And I'm slightly addicted to Monster Energy drinks.
Not good for me, but pretty darn tasty!

One more day of the week!!!
And my back hurts really bad :-(


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Hamstring

I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to http://www.someecards.com/!
So don't act all surprised when you see one in the middle of this blog!
They just seem to sum it up so perfectly AND you can create your own!

I ran 4 miles at the gym this afternoon!  I felt good throughout,
except for that time when my hammy did back flips, the splits,
a reverse somersault twist back tuck, and landed a perfect dismount,
all with a lyrical ribbon in hand!
I'm beginning to think my month off running after San Diego
wasn't quite enough time!

We're going on vacation!

The GF is scared to death of Sharks!

I'm pretty sure we'll avoid them at all costs, but I seriously cannot wait for
our vacation!  When I paid for it, it seemed like it was right around the corner...
Now it seems like it's never gonna be here!
And it'll unfortunately fly by once it is here!

Gotta go grade papers!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Much 'To Do' About Salad

Look at this salad!!

Yummy huh!!  This is what I had for lunch!

It's a mixture of everything we have in our office kitchen,
there's baby spinach, artichoke hearts, grapes, string cheese, and cashews
all blended nicely with a fat free balsamic vinagrette
and some Olive Garden italian dressing!

I'm trying to get back on that motivation train, you know, the one
where I run everyday and eat healthy and have all this energy.
Things have not been going very well lately...I haven't even had the energy to blog!

But I gotta start somewhere, so here I am blogging, and I had a healthy lunch.
Instead of working out at lunch, I picked all the weeds at the office,
but I have softball tonight, so there's my workout for the day!

I'm getting back into the "To Do List" habit:

1. Blog every day this week, the weekend too!

2. Run at least 2 miles each day, the weekend too!

3. Organize piles and make work to do list by Thursday afternoon.

4. Send out all Baseball letters by Thursday afternoon.

5. Finish all remaining PPT's by Sunday night.

6. Take GF to movies this weekend.

7. Finish Fall 2012 Schedules by Sunday night.

That's a lot of work for me, but I guess I gotta follow through now
since everyone will be holding me accountable
(especially on number 6!)

I'm centering everything to change things up a bit!!

Enjoy your evening!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacuum Salesman

I would rather sit around and not do any work, but yesterday I got a crapload of stuff done for the week! 

So, I got duped into watching a 2-hour demo on a vacuum cleaner yesterday!  I should have been more weary from the beginning (when I signed up for a "no obligation" raffle) and should have trusted my instincts that NOTHING IS EVER FREE!!  Then I should have realized there was something up when I win a weekly prize the first week as did 2 more of the 4 other people that signed up!  THEN, I should have smelled something funky when they HAD to deliver it to my home AND I had to be there.  And lastly, I should have told the girl up front that I wasn't going to buy anything, nor was I going to fork over any of my friends or family phone numbers, and I maybe could've saved my Sunday morning, but really all that happened was I gave the GF some quality alone time to watch a movie!

But to make up for my lost time, I have volunteered all of my followers' names and addresses to this vacuum company!  Just kidding!  The worst part about this whole thing is that I really do like these types of vacuums...The best part is that she almost vacuumed my entire front room!

Anywho, Exam Day for both classes and I'm wondering how terrible they're gonna do after I practically GAVE them the answers!!

I just found out there's a possibility of me teaching up to 4 classes in the Fall...yeah, 4, I know!

Well, have a great day!