Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Day of March

March is coming to an end. March 2010 is drawing to a close and soon we will be in the fourth month of this new year. Think back to December 1999...when people thought the world would end on Jan. 1, 2000...and 10 years later and we're still burning through the days. Doesn't time just fly? On that 1999 New Year's Eve night, I was wearing my red pleather pants and a sparkled tight sexy shirt. My hair was long and down and curly and I had my eye on this really sexy guy. My sorority sister was throwing the party and we were all drunk and dancing and crazy and at midnight I was hoping this sexy guy would even notice me. Now, fast forward 10 years and the same sorority sister is having a party. My hair is short and bleach blonde. I attend the party with my GF of over 4 years and we sit and catch up with all my long lost friends. At midnight I was with the woman of my dreams (packing for a long trip) and could care less about 10 years ago. Doesn't time just fly? That little passage was just to show you that time DOES fly, so make each day count.

Well, in case you haven't heard, the t-shirts have come in and they look amazing! For those of you that have ordered one, I will have those in the mail to you ASAP...and by that, I actually mean ASAIGATI...if you can't figure it out, then send me a quick note! They really came out looking good, so I hope you wear them proud and they motivate you!

It's been a long last day of March. I overslept, work has been...well, it's just been, I got to see my sister!, which also means it was a rest day, I'm tired, I've got stuff on my mind, I haven't seen my GF since I left the house this morning and I won't see her for over 5 hours because I have the stupidest, most stupid, really stupider than stupid class tonight! Other than seeing my sister, the best part of my day will be when I sit on the couch with my GF and a big glass of wine later this evening! If there's always something to look forward to, it makes the bad stuff just go away!!

Find your "something to look forward to"!!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

41 Reasons to Run

Don't worry, I'm not gonna list 41 reasons! But I hope over the last 41 days of this journey I have inspired you to walk, run, workout, lift weights, or do something active. There is a certain level of elation that comes with running...for me at least! After a great run I always feel so good. My workout for the day is done, I've got in a good run, and I'm well on my way to my goal: 13.1! It also makes me happy if I've got even one of you to get off the couch. It doesn't have to be for an hour, or even a half hour...doing something for 5 to 10 minutes is a huge difference and better yet, improvement. 5 to 10 minutes a day will turn into 10 to 20 minutes and eventually will be half hour to an hour. It's just about making progress and anything is better than nothing. So, start today...let today be your Day 1, and go for a walk, get out and do something.

So, I think I had a breakthrough during my study session last night! I'm beginning to understand this stuff we're studying in class and it feels good to actually not feel so lost! Regardless, we are moving on to another subject tonight, just to confuse my brain for our test next week, but I've got one more week to really get a grasp on this stuff before the test and I think it's coming along very well. Again I apologize to the GF for spending so much time studying, but you know I'll be back soon! I bought all my graduation stuff today which is making this even more real! I'm actually getting my Masters degree! Woohoo!

Alright, I need some good recipes...healthy too. So please send along some suggestions if you've got some great tasting yet healthy recipes. I've been running for over a month now and haven't lost a pound, so now it's time to create the perfect diet. I don't wanna keep eating chicken every night (not that I've been eating it every night, but we don't know what else to make). So, help us out please. And if you send advice too, please note that I'm not giving up my beer drinking!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Monday, March 29, 2010

40 Days and 40 Nights

Well, my GF is feeling very thankful this week because Easter is Sunday! She gave up drinking soda for 40 days and 40 nights (most religious people call it Lent) and so once Easter is upon us, she can go back to her diet coke happiness! She's still happy with iced tea, but I'm sure a diet here or there won't bother her!! I'm excited for Easter because it's a Sunday and I don't have to work on Sunday's! Woohoo! See, there's always a reason to celebrate.

"Find contentment in where you are, even if it's not where you want to be at that moment." This is oh, so true! For running purposes, it just means if you need to slow your pace, don't content. Every moment counts, so you need to make the most of the situation you're in NOW! Don't dwell on where you should be, or where you want to be, just where you be!! Do you see how this now applies for other! As I always say, "Build a bridge and get over it!" It's not gonna be easy, just do it! An avid reader of mine once wrote: "I've learned that getting lost, whether geographically, emotionally, or intellectually, is an interesting, if not always comfortable way of learning something new." This ties in with yesterday's blog and today's blog...if you're content while you're lost, you just might learn something new!

I don't know why I'm messing around with all this accounting stuff...I should become a therapist...I've got some great stuff here!!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

And on the 39th Day...

...God made wine and cheese! I'm not sure when it happened, but nothing goes together better than wine and cheese, other than peanut butter and jelly, and maybe me and the GF!! Heehee, she'll like that one. I had some cheese and wines today. I say wines because I had 3 different kinds today. It helped me handle my studying today...didn't do too much of that though cause I was drinking! Seriously though, I really did drink wine and study and eat cheese. I also spent some quality time with the GF! It was a really good Sunday! It was actually a really good weekend...we watched a lot of movies, a lot of basketball, a lot of tv! I didn't feel the absolute need to be studying every free minute of my time. And I got to be with the GF the whole time.

Do you ever feel lost? Like you just don't understand? Maybe from directions...maybe from instructions...maybe it's financial accounting or auditing...maybe it's family or friends. Whatever it is, what do you do when you're "lost"? Do you curl up and hope someone finds you and helps you? Do you keep going in circles until you get frustrated and give up? Do you push through the hard parts until you come out stronger on the other side? Here's a little hint: when you are feeling "lost", don't worry, everybody feels that way at some point. Push through! Push through and accept the fact that it was only a minor set back. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it or just find someone to talk you through it. You may not see the bigger picture now or quite that far into the future, but you will come out stronger from the experience. You won't feel so lost anymore...and isn't that what we all be found?

Hope you did something for yourself this weekend. Night.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Late Night Fun

Well, of course I'm not out on the's Saturday night! Why would I do that? I like nothing better than just sitting with the GF...nobody else...just her and I watching the tube! It really is a great life! In fact, on the weekends it's usually just her and I doing stuff together...and we really enjoy it. I'm sure she never likes when I have to go study, but she supports me cause she knows we'll get lots more time together in the future (after May 11th)!

So, the 3rd number 1 seed in the men's tourney went down today and hopefully the 4th one will go down tomorrow. It's so nice to see the "seeding" all busted this year! The lower seeds have really come out strong and it makes for some really good basketball. Now, I'm only a fan during March Madness, so I promise to stop talking about it after next weekend...but then it's baseball time! The Isotopes are almost ready to begin. I get to see a childhood hero of mine up close and personal next weekend too...Ken Griffey Jr. I used to be obsessed all the way up til college, but I've since lost most all my memorabilia (which could be worth lots today). Maybe I'll get to meet him!

Well folks, I'm tired tonight. I'm ready to hit the sack. It's been a long day today, for someone out there...not me, but it's still been a long day. Ever wonder what other people do all day while you sit at home? Lucky for you all, you get to read my blog and almost feel like you're right here with me...but ever wonder what anyone else is up to? I hope they're doing something nice for someone!

Goodnight...or good morning to those that read this in the AM.


Friday, March 26, 2010


It is windy windy windy out today. If I were to run outside, I bet the wind would take off a few minutes...that's how fast it would make me go! I'm not a big fan...I don't think many people are either, but I am definitely not a big fan of the wind. My hair gets all wind blown! Ok, maybe not these days with my short hair, but the GF's hair gets all wind blown!

My inspirations today says that just because i put in a lot of hard work, it doesn't necessarily mean I'll succeed! Real nice, huh? It says that the local "slacker" can do better than me, who works out religiously almost everyday. Real nice, right? Well, the overall message is that although you may put in the extra hours and the longer hours, you need to be smart about it. You also need to realize that it's not about anybody else...just you. You're the one that ultimately has to put in the miles to finish your race, you're the one that gets to cross that finish line. So be smart, or SMRT, and remember that those extra longer hours are to help YOU, nobody else! You'll will!

This weekend, do one thing for yourself and one thing for someone else. It doesn't have to be anything big (or it can be), but you'll feel much better after both. Maybe take a bath, read a book, take a walk, take a nap, eat a cupcake, or drink a cocktail! For someone else you could take the dog for a walk, buy your niece a new outfit, help your mom down the stairs, take your GF to dinner, or even give a loved one some time alone (they'll appreciate it)! Whatever it is, it just might make you feel good and it'll definitely make the "someone else" feel just as good!

Have a good weekend!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8

"The closer I get to achieving my goals, the harder it may become." In the beginning it's easy...1 mile, 2 miles, sometimes even 3 miles...that's easy. I'm getting into the core of my training now so I shouldn't be doing anything less than 3 miles unless it's a warm-up or speed training. The race is 3 months from tomorrow so I've got the bulk of the work yet to come. If I'm running into snags or snafus now, what'll it be like in another month from now, or 2 months from now. But I'm gonna keep pushing myself because that's who I am. I'm gonna complain the week leading up to my 8 mile run, but I'm gonna try to do it the best I can. I'm gonna complain the days after my 8 mile run, but I'll recover...especially cause I know 9 miles is just around the corner!

My natural body aches and creaks and pains and stitches are coming back. You get used to all of them when you put working out aside. You get used to them sticking around. They stop bothering you because you're not trying to move those muscles in "this" sort of way anymore. Then you start moving...moving like I'm doing now...3 miles plus...and here they come...out to complain that you should stop moving already! They're supposed to scare me, but they'll realize that "they" need to go away. No more soreness because that muscle is getting stronger. No more creaking because that joint is oiling itself up. No more pains because I take the proper precautions for my aches. But you always gotta look out for yourself...don't push too hard or you may miss your what you're supposed to do to reach your goals.

I'd like to take a quick moment to Thank everyone for listening. I hope my blogs give you a quick break from your world and make you think about your life a bit. I know you all care, it was just a weird day for me, but I'm back and I DID go bananas...B.A.N.A.N.A.S! I also don't feel too stressed with school either. I feel like I'm right where I should be...I also got a 91% on my last test! Go me! And 13 total class sessions left...woohoo!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 35

Well, my body couldn't be happier today! It's a rest day, the muscles are healing, and it's been at rest all morning! The brain is gonna have to do a bit of thinking tonight, but the the body is at rest. What a great day! What would be nicer is if it started snowing again and cancelled my class tonight...maybe it'll snow so bad that it'll cancel this class for the rest of the semester! Oh, wishful thinking!

So, sometimes when I write my blog I don't feel like anyone is listening. That's obviously not the case because it is automatically sent to like 10 different people so I know you are reading it, and sometimes in passing you'll mention a portion of it to me that you remember, but some days I feel like nobody listens. I'm not saying you need to acknowledge that you've read it, this is just me personally having that feeling of not being listened to. It happens other places too, and I'm actually known for not being a very good listener...ask the GF. She always tells me stuff that just flies right over my head! Sorry babe, but luckily she repeats herself! Anyway, all I'm saying is that what if this blog was my only form of communication to you...would you care? Would you be satisfied by just this or would you want to supplement our communication with phone calls or emails? With school, I've lost that special moment where I can just sit down with my GF and talk. I can't stress it enough, how excited for I am to reclaim my life on May 12th! My GF and I can finally talk into the night again without me falling asleep because I got home so late.

Maybe it's not the listening that's the problem...maybe nobody cares! Wow, that's huge! You care, right? I know you do! If not, you'd ask me to take your name off the list! Sorry for all this, it's just what's on my mind right now. Do you know what else is on my mind right now...bananas! I can smell my banana on the desk behind me and I think I'm gonna eat it right now. I've gone bananas!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miracle on 34th Street

I'm pretty sure I've never seen this movie completely through. Maybe I watched it when I was really little and don't remember, but I can honestly say that in the last 15 years, I've never seen this movie. I heard it's good, but since I'm not much of a Christmas person then it never caught my interest. But, this is a year of change...maybe the GF can finally talk me into watching that followed by White Christmas! Maybe I'll even watch Lord of the Rings and read the Twilight books! But let's not get ahead of ourselves here, I still need to graduate. All I'm saying is that I might actually have some time to read something other than Auditing and Financial Accounting and might have some time to watch something other than my nightly shows...that's all I'm saying!

With that said, I never have time to read these days because of my schoolwork, but I've already got a few books lined up that are waiting for that fated May 12th...I will have just taken my last final and can finally rest and read whatever I want to! My weeknights and weekends will no longer be filled with studying and my GF can share an evening without me bringing up my's gonna be great! Let's all remember though that the CPA exam is around the corner, so I will have to study for those tests, but I'm gonna give myself some time to relax and be me again! Oh, and run this race!!

Speaking of the race, tomorrow I'm taking a much needed rest day and my body is SOOO excited! During my run today it was giving me warning signs that it's just about ready to poop out if I don't slow down a bit! Gotta listen to the bod...but if you remember from last week, I had a great rest day with some beer involved and then had a HUGE run the next day, so let's cross our fingers that it can happen again!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

33 Days of Posting

Well, today is my 33 post, but it was only my 22nd workout day...throw in some rest days and my sick days and you'll hit 33 eventually, but can you believe it? 95 days left to workout until Race Day! I can already feel no pounds coming right off! The scale is also telling me the same thing. Isn't it silly that I can have 22 workouts in a month and not lose any weight? It's because I love to eat and drink that so bad...I promise to eat lots of carbs to keep me going on the treadmill!! But honestly, let's think about it...

Contestants go on the Biggest Loser to ultimate turn their lives around. They go on to change their life. They are not only going to learn how to workout and learn how to eat better, but they are going to learn life lessons. And if you are an avid viewer like me and the GF, then you'll know that at some point they find themselves. There's always some reason why they started eating in the first place...death, loneliness, depression, comfort, etc., but whatever it is, they'll pull it out of you at "the ranch". The most important thing is that you change. So many people walk away from that show a different person and there are an unfortunate few who don't learn a thing (sad, sad souls).

My inspiration for today is, "A person must realize that in order to get a different outcome, his or her actions must change." Hopefully you're striving for a positive outcome, but you should find room in your life for change. Start small so you can keep up cause we all know change is not easy. Maybe it's just adding a bit of speed to your run, or slowing your run down and adding some distance. Maybe it's cutting your hair to look different, or maybe it's wearing a nice shirt to make you feel productive. Whatever it is, try it and see if you can feel the might set you off on a new path. One that you'll actually enjoy.


Missing 32

Good morning! Sorry I missed you all was filled with busy busy stuff and I went to bed without writing my blog. That just means 2 today!! So, we weren't sure if we were gonna work out yesterday or just take a Rest day because I had lots of studying to do and we needed to clean the house. But we went and actually had a pretty good workout. We did some weight lifting and I'm not as sore as I was last week when I did weights...I'm hoping that's a good sign!

Then I studied all day. My last day of spring break and I studied all day. I'm starting to slowly understand what it is I'm doing, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go about remembering all the intricate details to this process. It makes sense if you look at the answers, but remembering the steps is kinda hard. It's okay though because we have half a semester left and then I won't have to worry about it ever again (other than the CPA exam).

I feel a little bit productive today...well, at least I feel like I was managing my morning tasks at home pretty well. We'll see if it transfers to the office today. The crew is out tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'm not betting on getting much done! Maybe I'll do it all today so I can screw around tomorrow!! Always thinking ahead!

What's your inspiration? Is it an old photo of how you want to look again? Is it a photo of someone else whose body you want to have? Is it a picture of food you should be eating (or shouldn't be eating)? Is it a picture of your Granny? Is it a book of inspirational quotes? Is it a goal you've set for yourself that you're excited to reach? Or is it just that little voice in your head that keeps you going? I'm not talking about just running here, but life in general. We all have our different goals in, what's helping you get there?


Saturday, March 20, 2010

31 Years Old

Good Afternoon! I apologize for my short blog yesterday...I wasn't in the mood to write, very tired and emotional and I was in dire need of a nap...which I got when I got home. About an hour long nap with the pups while it poured down rain! It was very relaxing. I was also supposed to tell you all what 29 Knuts in one Sickle means just that! It is the currency used in Harry Potter...if I had said 17 Sickles in one Galleon, would you have guessed it correctly? Anywho, nobody text me with the correct answer...haha, nobody text me with the wrong answer either!! Better luck on my next riddle!

I might point out though that one "close family member or friend" actually text me offering me money because they thought the car breaking down story was real. That's the kind of positive we need in our lives...friends offering you money when it's not you who needs it! Just so you all know, it was just a story, I didn't really have to wait to get a tow truck!

Now, today was my long run day and I have to say I wasn't sure I was going to make it! I had to take a quick step off the belt to stretch my hips, but I finished it and I'm proud of myself. Over the last week I've logged a total of about 16 miles!! Great week! Today I woke up to snow falling around us and was supposed to play in a softball tournament, but it was soon cancelled which led to the outstanding day at the gym. I also cut off my mohawk-ullet (pronounced mo-hawk-you-lay) and have a shaved head again! Feels good!

Well, I've undertaken a big journey and I'm only 31...come race time I'll be 32 and looking better than I did when I was 31! We're thinking of becoming addicted to running after this half, so maybe we'll come to a city near you soon! Have a great weekend and I hope you get in a good workout too! (It doesn't have to be a run...maybe you play with the kids, maybe you walk all over town, maybe you go up and down your stairs 5 times, whatever it is, make it count!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Thirty Something

So, it's day 30 and my Battle for Seattle has been going very well. I've been working out pretty much everyday (other than my sick week). I'm increasing my daily mileage and kicking up the pace a bit. Things are starting to work themselves out. And in just over 3 months from now I, along with some others, will be running a half-marathon. It's gonna feel so good to cross that finish line, especially because a much needed vacation is right on the other side!

March Madness has turned out to be just that...well, yesterday anyway. Today has been a bit slow, and by slow I mean not a lot to keep you going on the treadmill. Not to mention I am exhausted. This has been an extremely long week! I need a long nap! That would feel real nice...a long nap!

I don't have much else to write today, so I'll talk to you tomorrow.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

29 Knuts in one Sickle

Who knows what this means? I just found out, so don't be sad if you don't know. I only have one person in mind who will maybe know this and one other who might catch it...otherwise I don't know if you'll get it. Text me if you think you know and I'll reveal it tomorrow for those that don't!

So, here's the "actual" inspiration for the day: "Negative things occur in everyone's life. You've got to find a way to turn those negatives into positives." I've pretty much lived my life this way. So many negative things happen everyday to everyone, so why think that it's not gonna happen to you too? Stay positive. First of all, there's always tomorrow. Second, why dwell on something you can't change? If it's already happened, then you can't change it...I'm sorry, but you can't change it. So third, think of the good things. There are always good things happening too.

Let me give you an example: For instance, let's say you've got a big test tomorrow so you're supposed to go study with some friends for a few hours because you really don't understand the material. On your way to the library your car breaks down. You have to wait 45 minutes for a tow truck. The tow costs $125 and now you don't have any more money until next week. You miss your study session and only have an hour to study before the test tomorrow. So many negatives...let's find some positives out of this. Most people would start crying and worrying about failing the test. Personally, I would pull my book out while I waited for the tow truck. I would be happy that I actually had $125 to get my car towed in the first place. I would know that I had some good friends who would loan me money if I got into a pinch in the next week. And I would use my last studying hour to go over the most important stuff on the test. I would do my best and know that was all I could do. Luckily there will be another test that I can hopefully do better on. This may sound crazy to some of you, but if you start to think this way, you'll reduce your stress level and hopefully come out a happier person. I know I am!

Today's negatives: I did timesheets at work. I was late to work. I don't have a car and almost didn't go to the gym. My tummy is hurting. I won't be home until late tonight. I've got to study.

Today's positives: I made it to the gym and had a great workout. I felt good on the treadmill. I also got to watch some basketball. Old Dominion upset Notre Dame. I'm halfway through timesheets for the month. There's only 2 hours left of work. I took some ibuprofen for my tummy. I'll get a bit of studying done this afternoon. I get to watch the Lobos play tonight. I get to see my GF in a few short hours.

Positives definitely outweigh the negatives! Hope you find a way to do the same!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

28 Days

Have you ever thought that maybe you have a problem? A problem that can only be dealt with by getting away somewhere...possibly rehab, or a trip just to clear your mind? Best Actress Sandra Bullock goes away for 28 Days to solve her problems. Apparently, that's the standard number of days to cure a certainly doesn't take that long to create a problem! It's like with takes about 3 weeks of consistently going to the gym to create the habit of continually working out after that 3 weeks. It certainly doesn't take 28 days to stop going to the gym!

Anyway, I've never really had a serious addiction that would cause me to go to rehab, but I've always thought how refreshing 28 days away from "it all" could be nice. I could get a lot of reading done, or finish a whole book of sudoku, or watch movies I haven't seen in forever, or make friends I'll never see many options, but I wouldn't be worrying about what was happening in the "real world". I'd be at rehab so everyone else would be worrying about me. That's kind of sad though, that I don't have the time now to finish a book, or watch old movies, or do a sudoku puzzle. I'm hoping that once school is out I'll have the time to get back to these things...and the GF will be excited to talk to me again!! Please note: I'm not poking stabs at anyone with an addiction of any kind, but I commend you for being able to change your life if your addiction was getting in the way!

Well, Happy St. Patty's Day! Today was my rest day although I didn't have to give my sister a ride to class! I just didn't know when to fit the gym in when I already had plans for corned beef and cabbage at lunch and green beer for dinner!! I would've gone this morning but we had to take the pup to the vet...she was performing circus tricks out of the car window and now has a pimp limp...poor little girl. I'll hit the gym tomorrow again and things will be just fine.

I hope today brings you all some sort of good luck!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here's another shout out to Fall Out Boy...another great song off their newest album. Again, I'd post the song here, but I have yet to figure that out. One of these days I'm gonna just post a bunch of songs and pictures!

Anywho, today was a very long day, which is why I'm blogging so late so I'll just give you a quick rundown of events and I'll get back to you tomorrow. Woke up to one of the cats spilling the GF's tea all over her nightstand. Put my hair stuff in but decided to wear a hat, so had some weird sticky hair all day! Went to the gym at lunch and turned my arms to jello. Worked almost all day until my poor momma got hurt so I came to her rescue...actually the GF was more of the savior, so I just carried her purse! Missed out on the best picture ever...the GF gave the momma a piggyback for the ages! How could you miss a picture like that? AARGH!! Studied some stuff I won't remember tomorrow, especially since I didn't remember it after an hour. Watched Idol and Biggest Loser, now it's bedtime. Another big day's my irish day of celebration! Green beer is so a matter of fact, just as yummy as any other colored beer!!

Goodnight, sweet dreams...


Monday, March 15, 2010

26 Letters of the Alphabet

We learned it when we were 2 years old, well, at least A, B, C, D, F. When we were 3 we could do the L, M, N, O. By the time we were 4, we could sing the whole song, but really only knew it to be a song, other than the letters to spell our name. At 5, we started to understand that they all went together in weird ways to spell CAT and DOG and MOM and DAD. By elementary school we were entering spelling bees. Now, we are teaching our kids (or nieces) how to spell their names and CAT. It's all a revolving door. Do you ever find yourself correcting others text messages when they spell something wrong? My GF would say that I do that all the time and it's very VERY annoying. I can't help myself though. I'm one of those people that have perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling on every text message. I could never win those text competitions because I can't abbreviate very well! I mean, I know how to abbreviate, I choose not to do it in my text messages. I publicly (as public as my blog is) apologize to my GF for correcting everything she writes (ok, and says)! I can't control myself, so I'm not saying it's gonna stop, I'm just saying that I apologize! Sometimes I read my blog back to myself after I've posted it and get so angry that I spelled something wrong...silly me!

Well, today I was on fire at the gym...running wise. My inspiration today was run one mile and maybe it'll turn into two. When you do something once, sometimes it wraps you up and makes you do two more or five more. Like eating Pringles...apparently once you eat one, you can't stop. It also says that you have to be able to do the first one to be able to do the second, and the third, and so on. Maybe you're not feeling your long run today, but maybe you decide to run just one mile, that could motivate you into running 2, or even finishing your long run. You never know until you get going. So, anywho, I ran 3 miles today and it felt really good. Once every week I have that one workout that is better than the rest. I'm hoping I didn't waste my good one today, cause then it's gonna be one long week!

It's Spring Break and I know I've mentioned that before, but do you remember how exciting Spring Break was when you were little? You actually got a week off school and could do (almost) whatever you wanted to do. Play all day long and not listen to your teachers. Some kids' parents would take them on vacations. You could go to lunch or the movies in the middle of the day. Well, unlucky for me I've got to work, so the only thing Spring Break is good for is not having to go to class twice a week. I still have to study, but no class...seems pointless sometimes, but really it's a means to an end. This will be my last Spring Break to sad over because I'll graduate and not have to go to school again (although we all know me)! Anywho, what I'm saying is have fun while and if you can. I'm still gonna try and have a good time. Maybe I'll have a drink to celebrate!

Hope you did something awesome today too!


Sunday, March 14, 2010


So, I was lying in bed this morning, early this morning, because of course I was awakened in the middle of the night by my garage making noises and couldn't fall back asleep for an hour and a half. Anywho, while I was lying there I thought about my blog post yesterday and was frightened for a brief second that I wrote 24 useLESS hours in every day. Wouldn't that have been tragic? Useless instead of Useable? Silly thoughts. With that in mind, spending 40 minutes of my night standing in line at Wal-Mart was not what I meant by useable hours, more like useLESS!

So, Albuquerque is located right on I-25...most anyone who travels to town will pass or drive on I-25 at some point. Great highway really...much less stress free than I-40, for me anyway! Especially now that I spend more time on it than I have in the past 8 years! It's no Route 66, but one way are my cousins and the other way is my best friend. Not a whole lot to look at while you're on it, but it just gives you time to think. I'm sure you all have a favorite highway out there somewhere. Maybe it's one that takes you to your favorite place, maybe it's one that you drive on everyday, maybe it's I-25, or maybe it's the imaginary road that our life is on. As cheesy as that sounds, try to think of what made you pick this particular "highway of life" and what's making you stay on it? Should you slow down, speed up, or take a detour? Is there a road block or is it smooth sailing? Are there bumps, potholes, or loopy roads? If you get off, can you find your way you want to find your way back? Is there room for more people or is it a one-lane one-way road? It's interesting how these simple concepts relate to something so large and complicated...LIFE! Something to think about.

Gee, I should be a motivational speaker...we'll press on about this "highway to life" sometime soon, so for now, think about these questions.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

24 Useable Hours in Every Day

Yeah, supposedly there are 24 hours per day that we are supposed to utilize to the greatest extent. I say use shmuze! I've mentioned this before, but I spend a major portion of my day sleeping. Then I spend a lot of time on the computer. Then I drive a lot and watch a lot of tv. Lately though, I've been working out. I'm not your overachiever who goes at it for 2 or more hours, but I try to put in a good run and possible some weightlifting or sit-ups. Those are my days and I really don't wanna use precious sleeping hours to do other stuff. When I'm tired, you know it and I'm asleep. Ask anyone! When I lay down in bed, I'm gone. I may wake up throughout the night and have long periods where I can't fall back asleep, but that initial moment, I'm out...lights out! I can fall asleep anywhere...couch, chair, desk, computer, walking at the store, driving (bad), at a concert, at a movie...anywhere!

I need to start organizing my time better though. I guess that's the whole thing behind this utilizing time thing. I sure do waste a lot of time. One day I'll have it down! But today, I think I'll stick to my normal plan. So, right now, I'm gonna go out and waste some time with my GF. And we're gonna have fun doing it. We did what we wanted to do today, so now we are gonna have fun wasting time. Sorry you can't join us!


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Number 23

You should see this movie if you haven't yet. (Just a side note, I was already 2 paragraphs into this particular blog when it erased almost everything I have, so I apologize that there isn't as much passion behind these next words as there were behind the first edition of words.) Anyway, this movie leaves you wondering "What the...?" but for the creepy essence it really captures you. It basically is about the number 23 and how everything in Jim Carrey's character's life revolves around this number. You find yourself looking for every clue that would lead to the number 23...license plates, dates, number, gets creepy.

Today's inspiration is straight from me and that is, don't give up. I talk with a lot of people who are so motivated on day 1, but by the end of the week they come up with an excuse why they can't workout. Then you take a week off and that ends up being a month and then you are so discouraged it's hard to start that first week again. So, I say, Don't Give Up! At times it's gonna be hard, it's supposed to be. At times it's gonna be easy, it's supposed to be. But either way, it's rewarding when you've finished. When you've accomplished that small goal of reaching the telephone pole or the next mailbox, or even when you run straight through for 20 minutes and you never thought that day would come. Well, it did, so think what else you could accomplish. I'm pushing you the best I can, so please take my advice and do this for yourself. You'll be happy that you did.

Try to have a good night and I'll be seeing you on the streets tomorrow.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Black 22

I'm in a gambling mood! Not only because I love to gamble, not only cause I haven't been gambling in a while, but because I was almost in Vegas this weekend, where more than likely I'd be gambling til the wee hours of the morning! Sound like fun doesn't it?! Here's the story, I don't do the slots because I don't understand the lower amounts (penny, nickel, dime) and the higher amounts take my money too fast (dollar, 5 dollar), so if I play it'll be on the quarter machine and I can never sit long enough to let the machine warm up, so I basically lose it all. I play low limit texas hold em poker because they'll push you around in Vegas if you don't have the money (or the guts) to bet all-in on every hand. I'm pretty good at blackjack and could probably make a lot of money at the table (no, not counting cards), but I don't have that patience anymore to sit and wait! I like roulette, but I'm a creature of habit and normally only bet on black, Black 22 to be exact...that and Black 20 are my two favorite numbers. If you see me at the roulette wheel you can bet that I'll have chips on 20 and 22, it's a bet you'll never lose! Lately though, I've been found losing my money on the Craps table! Sounds fun, huh! It's amazingly fun! I've won more money in my short career playing Craps than I've lost, so for right now, it's a pretty great game! I learn more and more about it everytime I step up to a table. I've even turned the GF on to the game and she can't get enough either!! So, here I sit, thinking fondly of the casinos and wishing that someday soon I'll be losing my money in one!

Guess who made strides at the gym today? That's right, me! I'm not giving myself enough credit though, and it sort of made me sad. See, I told myself today that I'd try to run 2 miles since I'd taken an extra rest day (Tue and Wed). I also told myself not to be upset if I only made it to 1.5 miles and needed to stop. I have 15 weeks of training still, so there's no reason I need to pick up all this mileage so soon. Well, I felt really good today and ran 3 full miles and now I feel bad for doubting myself. What I like though, is that I'm not limited by what my ultimate plan is. I can change it up to my liking or by the way I'm feeling and it makes me feel good that I'm the one in control.

My inspiration today was "After you run, you can think clearer thoughts." Fantastic! I should start running right before my Tuesday night class, then maybe I'll pick up a whole new language!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

21 Gun Salute

I think having a 21 Gun Salute is beautiful, although sad. There really are only a few reasons why you'd get one...death, marriage, and honors. One of which I will not discuss here on my happy pages, one of which is not legal for me to discuss, but the other one...everyone loves to be honored! Well, almost everyone...if you watch last weeks episode of Parks and Recreation, they have very vocal opinions on awards. I don't think it's all that bad, but then someone always "doesn't" get honored. In the Olympics there's 3 races, there's a winner and unfortunately a loser. And on the Biggest Loser, there's a big big loser and just losers!

Wednesday is my rest day this week (like Tuesday), but I've been able to breathe okay today. Tomorrow I'm back on the treadmill and hopefully I'll feel great. I was teasing Julie today because she's a novice lunge-er and squat-er. Those are 2 of my favorite exercises...I'm crazy I know, but I've always loved the way my legs looked! Maybe I'll do some of those tomorrow too. There's a 5K this weekend and next weekend...not sure which one to do yet, but I think one'll be good to get under my belt!

I've got a huge test in an hour, so I'm gonna cut this short so I can go study just a bit more. Wish me luck and I hope to be inspiring you tomorrow sometime! Especially since it's Spring Break once I finish the, maybe I'll do 2-a-days next, that's crazy talk!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So, I'm having issues with why my head cold will not go away. When my nose is stuffed up, my ears get plugged and I can't hear what people are saying. That's gonna be my excuse for class tonight! I'm pretty sure my professor was speaking a different language for the entire 2 and a half hours! I'm gonna have to go back a decode my notes to actually figure out what the heck is going on. I'm not joking...he was saying things like *G, *C, S, A, I, D, E, TI, G, P, TA, *TA, and ED...doesn't make any sense to me either, so don't worry if you don't get it!

I took an extra rest day today and am treating myself like I'm still sick. Hopefully my head cold will realize this and GO AWAY!! I'm also resting because I slept like complete poop last night. I have a feeling tonights not gonna be any better because it is nasty outside, windy, dirt and tumbleweeds flying everywhere, and it's gonna start raining at any moment. It's just really gross out there and it doesn't make the sounds in our house at night very soothing and comforting...more like somebody is opening and closing the garage door, banging the trash can around, and throwing things at my car.

I'd like to send a Happy Birthday wish out to Carrie Underwood! Somewhere in the world she is wishing I was eating dinner with her tonight and singing to her for entertainment later! I can't help that this beautiful woman wants to be with me...lucky for me, my GF will let me have her! How lucky am I! TWO beautiful Carrie's all for me!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 19

So...19 days down! I had a small hiccup last week with that silly head cold, but have gotten back on to my feet and have been picking up my miles again. Although today I really didn't wanna run. I did a bit, but then did some cross training stuff so as not to waste my workout. I still have a bit of a cough and my nose is still stuffy, but my body feels great. I've been going into the steam room at the gym and it's helping to loosen the remnants of this cold, but the best part about the steam room is that it smells like cream of mushroom soup! Sounds weird, but to me, it does! And I love cream of mushroom soup! When the GF makes swedish meatballs for dinner, she uses cream of mushroom soup and I love love love it!

I also love the fact that next week is Spring Break! I'm not doing anything, but that's the whole point...not doing anything. I'm not going to class and that's a huge Break for me. I'm also not going to South Padre or Lake Havasu or Vegas or Mexico or anywhere but at least I'm not going to my classes! I'll actually be studying for the week after, so it's not a big huge break, but it's something. I would like to go somewhere, but we don't have the money for traveling right now. We are saving up for a big huge vacation in a few months. My Gradu-cation in fact! That's right, I said it...I'm graduating soon...real soon...sooner than we all think. I'm just about 5 tests and 17 total class sessions away from that little slip of paper and that funny looking hood! And you're all invited...all of you! Let's have a party! But, in case you're keeping track, "graduate" will go on my May Goals sheet, so let's not get ahead of ourselves!! I'm still working on chapters 5, 8, and a test this March.

Speaking of tests, I got a big one on Wednesday, so wish me luck cause my brain will need it. See you tomorrow.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Round of Golf

Have you ever tried the game of golf? It's not easy. You watch them on tv and it seems so easy to step up to the tiny ball, swing the large club in your hand and whack the ball as far as you can. Well, it's not. For some reason, the ball never goes the direction you'd like and then all those years of putt-putt are rendered useless, because there's no large pinwheel and a house with bumpers when it's time to putt in golf. Just a hole, and it's easier to miss it than you'd think. And on golf courses you gotta worry about water and sand and wind and distance and blah, blah, blah. That's why I prefer to ride in the golf cart and drink beer...or just stay home and drink beer! Well, whatever your stance on golf is, I suggest you get out this summer and play a round...remembering to let others "play through" so you can enjoy turning a par 3 hole into a par 13!

There were a lot of naked people at the gym this afternoon. I don't know what it was, but around every corner in the locker room was a naked lady. I kept my eyes averted, but I still knoew they were naked. In the steam room, some lady was practically laid out with nothing but a towel between her and I. Then she started talking to me...thank goodness for all the steam to block my view of her womanhood. She's probably writing on her blog that some strange girl was in the steamroom with her shirt, shorts, and shoes on! So sue me...I like to keep my girly parts all to myself!

The Oscar's are tonight! I hope most of you are excited. It's the one night a year when all those movies you never saw throughout the past year win all kinds of awards for things you never saw. And all those movies you watched and LOVED don't win a thing except a quick nod or mention in someone's speech about how honored they were to be in the same category as you. And as much as you wanted to see the movies that win something, you probably will never see it because if it does win a big award then it won't come out on DVD for another 3 months, then you'll forget about it because you'll be off watching a movie that won't win any awards next year. Oh, what a vicious cycle! But we still watch because we pray deep deep down that our favorite actress, actor, and picture will win, and if for some reason they do, we tell everybody "I KNEW IT!" Or we just comment on the dresses or outfits, upset that Lady GaGa won't be there to obstruct someones view with one of her head cases...I mean pieces! Now that I've said all that, pop your popcorn because they start in just over an hour!




A magazine, a song, a movie, a Nascar racers' car number, a number worn by one of my favorite NFL wide receivers. The number 17 means a lot to a lot of people. When I was in high school the people from Seventeen Magazine came to our school and took photos of the students all day long. Later that next month our issue came out...can't remember if I was in it, but knowing me, I'm pretty sure I was. I remember letting my hair down (it was much longer), and I frizzed it out and they loved it! Oh, the good ol' days of high school! I remember when I played soccer in high school and I had the most perfect legs I've ever had. I also weighed only 115 to 120, so I'm sure I'll never see those exact legs again, but training for a half should probably give me legs that I'll cherish again!

One of my favorite football players today is Braylon Edwards. He played for Michigan a few years back and was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He unfortunately got traded to the New York Jets last year, so I've been at odds cheering for him, but he's starting to find his footing on this team. Once he relaxes out there and realizes he's got many years in front of him, he'll start playing like the guy I loved to watch at Michigan. Since I'm on the subject of sports, I might as well throw out that Ken Griffey Jr. wore #17 when he played for the Chicago White Sox (baseball).

Anyway, I sweat today! That's no-run-cause-I'm-sick spiel is over! I went to the gym this afternoon and had a good run. I felt better than I've felt all week too! I think I'm starting to enjoy running again. When you get excited to put in a good run, then I think you're starting to like it. I didn't overdo it either. Nice steady pace and not for too long. I almost ran for longer because I got carried away watching Iron Chef America on tv. Oh, Bobby Flay is amazing! Can't wait to run tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me

This is one of the greatest Fall Out Boy songs, which I would post for you to listen to, but I don't know how to add things like that. I bet my brother could help me. Anyway, it goes with the inspiration of the day (yesterday), that you need to add a little more. Just run more...that's all, run more. Don't add miles and miles, but maybe just minutes. Run to the next light pole or one more lap or one more song. Overall, it will increase your endurance, your workout, your training, maybe even your speed.

Yesterday was a very long day at the office for me, so I didn't get a chance to write to you, so I'm doing 2 in one day! How exciting! I'm still on the sick wagon, but I'm hoping that'll end this afternoon. You have to wait and see in my next blog though if it actually happened. Not coughing much anymore, just have a stuffed up nose. Nothing I can't handle...especially with the GF chicken enchiladas in the fridge!! She's a really great cook, so lucky for me she actually likes to cook for me!

Well, I'm in the midst of a long day of studying, so I better get back to it. I apologize to anyone who the site may not be working for. There must be some sort of re-routing thing going on, because even I can't log on to the regular page. Hope these are still coming through to you. Thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

15 Minutes of Fame!

I've had it! Have you? Have you had your 15 minutes of fame? Maybe it was in the form of a television appearance, a quick tidbit on the news, meeting someone famous, someone recognizing you across the world, someone recognizing you from a blog they read, maybe you were involved in something big, maybe it was even some behind the scenes work...whatever it was, have you had it? Well, I have! Most of you know, so I'm not even gonna talk about it. Find what makes you famous! What makes you stick out from the crowd! Why people should know who YOU are!

Today is sick day #5 which calls for more rest. I purposely left my workout stuff at home so I wouldn't be tempted to go today. Maybe tomorrow I can start slowly again...besides I can still barely breathe.

The other day I made a "March Goals" list. It sort of represents what I want out of this month. I have yearly goals too, but they're very general, so I thought if I did monthly goals too, I could make them more specific. Plus, it's easier to see 30 days into the future than 365. For instance, I put for my school category: Read chapter 4 and do all homework assigned...pretty straight forward. Now although it's on my syllabus to do this, I've personally written it down, so now it is a task I set for myself. I don't wanna let myself down, so inevitably I'll do it. I've got a bunch of different categories. If you just think about doing stuff it might not happen, but if you write it down, it becomes, you feel so good when you've achieved a goal!

So, today, ponder these two things: 1)What makes you famous? And 2)What's a monthly goal YOU want to achieve (and write it down)?


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Double Bonus, a Baker's Dozen, and a Fortnight

Well, Day 12 was's Wednesday...and Day 12 has come and gone so quickly. I got really really ill this past weekend. I actually skipped work on Monday and Tuesday and even class last night. It's very rare that I miss work, especially two days! But I never miss class, but when you feel like your head is going to explode, the last thing you want to be doing is making eliminating entries when a company acquires a percentage of another company midway through the fun! But it all had to come to an end sometime. I am currently at work and will be going to class tonight. Blah! What's unfortunate is that I haven't been able to workout since Saturday. I'm losing weight is pretty unhealthy way!

Well, Day 12 was a double bonus, which means that my inspiration book included Feb. 29th just in case you were reading it in a Leap Year. 2010 is not, so I got the Feb. 29th entry as well as the Mar. 1st entry...double bonus! Although I did not run on Monday, my book told me to run and not train. When it is a task, you despise it, but when you decide to do it, it can be fun. It's like reading a book for fun and reading the same book that your high school teacher has assigned to you. We've all been through this. We also need to remember that we are our biggest strength, but we are also our biggest weakness. It's all about our attitude...if we tell ourselves we can't do it or are too slow, we have defeated ourselves before we have even started, but if we stay positive and push ourselves from within we can make it to the finish line. I remember my first half, I was about to mile 8 when I asked myself, "Who signed me up for this stupid race?" About mile 10 I asked, "Why would anyone in their right mind want to run this far, ever?" And at mile 12 I was asking, "Haven't I gone far enough yet?" Luckily, by mile 13 I had realized that I signed myself up for this race, I wanted to run this race myself, and I hadn't gone far enough yet, so I dug deep within and kept telling myself, "You can do this, you've gone this far so finish strong, keep going!" The power of positive thinking got me across that finish line!

So, on the Amazing Race Sunday night contestants had a road block where one member of each team had to run around a farm and collect ingredients for some foriegn dish and one of those ingredients were a baker's dozen of eggs. Now, I had hoped that because they were so specific about telling us a "baker's" dozen, that some of the contestants would fail to realize that it meant 13 and not 12. Luckily, everyone knew this, so there were no stragglers wondering what they had forgotten. But why do bakers want 13 instead of 12? It was either to ensure that there were 12 if something happened to the 13th, or it was to maximize space when cooking. Either way, getting 13 for 12 is an okay deal unless you're gambling!! Tuesday saw no running either. I realize how much I miss running when I'm not able to do it. I'm scared I'm gonna have to start all over with low mileage, but it'll be good to be back in the habit.

My boss just asked me what a fortnight was! How excited will he be when I tell him 14! That's two full weeks. Two full weeks of The Battle for Seattle so far! I sat down the other night and began designing my's gonna be awesome! Do you know what I like about running? It gives me something else to look forward to in my life. I have graduation coming up, I have going home to my GF everyday, I have our date nights when we go watch shows, I have Saturday morning breakfast with my mother, I have weekend visits with my niece, and I have a finish line to cross. That finish line gives me tiny goals everyday to reach and the experience is ALL MINE! Others will be there to participate, watch, cheer, but ultimately it is my goal to finish. It is my race, my time, my journey. Make it yours too...I'm encouraging you to do it with me! Make it your race and your journey too!

I hope you enjoyed my 3 day post...I hope to be getting back in the grind soon.