Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stay Classy San Diego!

I'm just not feeling it!  I'm starting to get more excited about vacationing in San Diego, than I am about running in San Diego.  Don't get me wrong, I still love running and I love half marathons and I even love running half marathons, but this isn't my race.  I can confirm that fact for you right now.  My training is sucky, so therefore I'm not going to get myself into a position where I'll feel bad about the outcome of this race.  So, I've focused my energy toward the overall trip!

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego,
which of course in German means a whale's vagina"
-Ron Burgundy
We're headed to SeaWorld on Friday afternoon!  I don't think I've been to SeaWorld for over 20 years...I'm thinking it's probably changed a bit since then.  It's not all about Shamu anymore!  It's about Manta Rays, and Manatees, and rides, and water, and fun in the sun I hope!

Then we're going to the Padres game on Friday night!  Free tickets, so we couldn't pass this up.  They're playing the Diamondbacks too...both teams are in the same division as the Dodgers, so we'll probably boo both sides and because it's June 1st, I finally get to drink a beer!  Woohoo!  I guess I gotta give something up now for June.  I'll think about it for the next day!

Saturday we're going to the Expo and hopefully do some blogger stalking!  Maybe I'll happen upon a blogger meet-up and they'll all realize how crazy funny I am and tell all their friends and I'll have more than 16 followers when I return from the trip!  We're totally doing the Expo up this weekend shoes, new gear, new GU!  Can't wait!

I think a friend is making us pasta on Saturday night, and Sunday is the race.  I look forward to recapping this for you!  I think it's gonna be a fun morning!  Stay tuned fans!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Motivation on the Run

The last thing I wanted to do this morning was go for a run, but now that I'm back home I'm so glad I ventured out.  The GF's alarm went off early so she could go for her run, but I needed some extra sleep, so I stayed in bed.  I decided to try and eat a bowl of cereal pre-run to see if that'd help in the cramps department.  It did!  Anyway, I stalled a bit getting out the door, even the GF noticed I was taking my sweet time (she was already back by now)!

As I headed out, I was still unsure if I was gonna run outside or head over to the gym and just run on the treadmill...but as I was getting close to the first exit I decided outside was the way to go today...there was a nice breeze outside and I needed to get my legs some pavement work!  I parked, threw on my water belt, and I was off...still unsure of how far I wanted to go.

There were so many people out on the bike path today.  Most everyone was pretty nice, smiling as I passed by.  I wasn't trying to blaze the trails, but I wasn't thinking about walking either...yet!  The first two miles felt great and I decided I would turn around a 2.5 and do 5 total miles.  I hit the turnaround point and still felt pretty good, but I definitely started slowing down.  At one point this guy passed me going the same direction and we smiled and waved to eachother.  I watched him pull further and further away from me!  At 3.5 miles I wanted to stop, but I called myself a jackass and told myself to pull it together and press on!

And press on I did!  With about half a mile to go I saw that guy from before coming back towards we passed he gave me a big thumbs up and said, "Great job!  You're doing awesome!"  It was just the pick me up I needed to finish the last half strong!  That's really nice to hear from your fellow runners...little does he know that I needed something like that right at that moment!  So, thank you guy on trail!  I finished my 5 miles, coughed up a lung, and headed home!  Now I have the whole day ahead of me to dread tomorrow's longer run!

P.S. I love my shoes! I'll report about those later...they're not new or anything, just comfy!  And I'm buying myself a new pair for my birthday!

I hope you were able to get out the door today!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Is that a long weekend, or are you just happy to see me?

Warning: This post is not so much about my racing or running.

I had a softball tournament this past weekend.  It was coed, which meant that I had to play with 6 hot-headed boys.  They argued about every single call, complained about the other team, yelled when they only hit a double or triple, and screamed when we lost a game.  In no way have I ever boasted about my skills on the baseball diamond...because honestly, I don't have any!  I've been known to catch some great pop fly's, scoop a couple grounders, hit some sweet shots, and run the bases quite well.  But I've also been known to miss fly balls, let balls roll between my legs, strike-out in slow-pitch, and never even get to touch the bases!  So, I'm pretty sure when someone asks me to play on their coed team, it's not because they've heard I've got mad skills!

Anywho, this past weekend my team played 6 total games and actually won the tournament, much to my surprise.  I struck out in the first game and the 5th game!  Sure did!  I just wanted to let the guys on the team know that they couldn't really count on me to do much the whole weekend.  I was more focused on making jokes and having fun.  The girls on the team I play with every Tuesday night so we have a great time being sarcastic and obnoxious (something the GF totally frowns upon).

National Bob Day
Tomorrow is National Bob Day, so call up your friends named Bob and wish them a happy day!  My boss is a Bob, so we treated him like crap today, so hopefully he'll appreciate tomorrow more!

Smoke Filled Sky
The Gila Wilderness is on fire her in New Mexico and it's casting a smokey sky that's drifting into Albuquerque!  When I woke up this morning it smelled like our house was on fire.  And there's a thick brownish-grey smoke circling the city.  They say to stay indoors until Sunday, but we've got a big outdoorsy weekend planned!  I just might get a smokers cough just in time for my race!

Long Hair
I've made a bet with my BFT that I could grow my hair out for longer than she could grow hers out.  Whoever cut their hair first had to move to Albuquerque...easy for me since I live here, but she never really told me what I had to do if I lost.  Anywho, it's pretty long for me already, so I'm not sure how long I'm gonna last.  My main problem is that I can't do anything with it when it gets to a certain length.  I guess I need to come up with some interesting hairdos.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Tired and Undertrained

Hi!  I miss you!  I've got loads to tell you!  First of all, Happy May 2-4 Day to my Canadian friend!


School is going well, but Mondays and Wednesdays are VERY long days!  I was exhausted both days before I had even taught my second class.  Fortunately, I feel like I know what I'm doing and I'm pretty well prepared.  There are still some things I need to get done, but I'm way ahead of where I thought I'd be at this point!  Even though I complained about being so busy the last few weeks, it's paid off!  My students are great and so I'm really excited about how this summer semester will turn out!

I love these guys and it absolutely kills me to miss all these games, but I'm going tonight and I'm really excited about it!  And I'm going tomorrow and Saturday and Monday.

Race Training

Horrible week of training, but the 2 runs I got in were amazing! I have played about 7 softball games since Friday, but I don't think those are very good training runs! And for some reason, lunch sounds better than running these days.  There are 10 days till San Diego RnR and I'm not doing my best training.  So, here it is, I'm no longer calling San Diego my PR race.  It seems like a lot of pressure to put on myself while I'm going through a sucky training cycle.  So, I'm just gonna go out there and run...if I PR, GREAT!  If I don't, maybe next time!  I feel better already!  Maybe the sun and the moon will align someday and that'll be a sign to me that it's gonna be a good race...but until something like that happens, I'm just gonna run!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lists: Prep, Run, Play

The last two weeks have been nothing but preparation for my summer classes.  It's kind of tough being a new instructor because you don't have "past semesters" to draw upon.
 - First off, I wanna make sure I know the material that I have to teach my students.  It would obviously be a little silly if I didn't know what I was talking about, or how to pretend to know what I'm talking about! 
 - Second, I need to make sure I have all the materials ready for my lectures.  This includes powerpoints, exercises, homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. 
 - And lastly, I wanna make sure I have the class laid out perfectly, so I know I can cover all the material in the time that I have (for the summer it's about 22 class periods). 
So, these are all the things running through my head every second of every day, along with other things like: running, my real job duties, softball, baseball, the GF, food, tv, and life.  Please note that "every second of every day" also means when I'm sleeping...last night I dreamt about creating in class assignments...Fun huh?

My San Diego race training is in its final stages of really being in no beginning stages.  I guess I've been working towards this race ever since I ran in Phoenix in January.  I've been sick twice since then, but have run numerous races at numerous distances: a few 10K's, a 15K, a 10-miler, and a halfer.  My long runs on non-race weekends were progessing very well before my 10-miler....but as of late, they've been pretty lackluster (read: horrible).  I have narrowed it down to working hard during the week to help with this "final stage".  I'm going to try and put in lots of mileage during the weekdays this week and next week, in hopes that my last 2 long runs won't feel too pushed and too hard (read: horrible).  Here's how I break it down:
 - 17 more training days
 - 2 of those are long runs (last long run trying not to overdo it, since race is week away)
 - 5 of those are rest, or easy days (easy before long runs and race, easy after long
 - 2 of those are speedwork days
 - 8 of those are hard training days (working on increasing overall speed and mileage)
Hopefully I can stay motivated and healthy!

And these guys are back in town tonight!  I'm half excited and half bummed about this.  Here's how I break it down:
 - They have a 12 game homestand
 - 2 of those I'll miss because I'm teaching
 - 1 I'll miss because I have rec softball
 - 3 I'll miss due to a softball tourney this weekend (possibly make portions of those games)
 - 3 I'll miss due to Memorial Day weekend plans (possibly travelling out of town)
 - 3 I should be able to go to with no problems (except I have to leave early tonight to work on

I hope you've enjoyed my lists!

What's on your To Do list these days?


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bad Blogger

I'm pretty sure in my last post I told you I wanted to be a better blogger...and look at me, not blogging for almost 5 days!  Sorry, my mind has been elsewhere lately!  But I really feel like I'm in a good place.  My life is going according to plan and I'm happy about that!  I get to do all the things I want to do with my life, and I still have time to think of other things to do!  It's a good balance.

School starts on Monday and I'm still preparing for my classes.  It's gonna be interesting teaching 2 different classes this summer, but I can't wait to get it under way already.  I'll keep you posted on if my classes know how to round numbers!

After 2 shotty runs this weekend, I had a really great run yesterday, other than the fact that I had to pee after 2 miles.  Such a small bladder!  I'm really thinking that the work I put in during the weekly runs over the next 3 weeks is what's really gonna help me in San Diego.  This is supposed to be my big PR race so we'll see what happens!  I'll discuss goals and such with you at another time.

I'm all outta words today, and I gotta get to work!  Have a great day!


Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mid-Year Check-in With My 2012 Goals

It's Friday!!  I can't believe I made it through this crazy week.  I'm writing you early this morning because I still have lots of work to do today and we are leaving the office at 3pm this afternoon to go to the movies!!
It's a coworker's birthday and she decided to go to the movies instead of going to lunch with the office.  I think that's a great idea!  Especially when the boss pays AND we get out of work early!  Also, this said coworker has been stalking Johnny Depp for the past few weeks around town.  He's here in Albuquerque filming The Lone Ranger and he's rented a house near hers and I'm pretty sure she walks the streets all night peeping into windows trying to find him.  Creepy!

I apologize for complaining to everyone about how busy I've been.  I'm sure you've all had these kinds of weeks before.  It's just that I'm normally pretty laid back at work, so when I actually have to "do work" I really don't enjoy it!

Haven't been able to run much this week becuase of my illness!  My nose has been stuffed up everyday this week and it makes breathing on the treadmill very difficult...I tried yesterday and besides the whole breathing thing, my right hamstring is really acting up.  I'm gonna have to be careful in the next few weeks, so I don't upset it before San Diego.  I'm hoping for San Diego to be my BIG race this year...I'm a bit scared though because of my lackluster training, but who knows...I'm training at 5,000 feet above sea level and racing at sea level, so we'll see how that plays out!

An update on my 2012 mileage: 337.3 miles ran, 662.7 to go, which averages out to just under 3 miles per day for the rest of the year. 

An update on my 2012 running streak: Max days in a row is 7...not quite close!  I've also been sick twice this year so it's setting me back.

An update on my 2012 half goal: I've already run 2 of the 4 I set forth as my goal, and I have 3 more already on the calendar, with a possibility of 1 or 2 more.

An update on my 2012 blogging: I think I'm getting better, but I don't quite have any more followers than I did before.  I'll do a BIG giveaway and trick people into following...that always works!  This is also my 300th post!  Maybe once I become really serious, I'll even start blogging on the weekends...cray cray, I know.

An update on my 2012 AWESOMENESS: My birthday is right around the corner, I'm getting more and more gorgeous as the days pass, and my confidence meter just started spewing hot red liquid out the top!!
How are your 2012 Goals coming along?  Great, as you can tell!

What do you have on tap for this weekend?  Movies, running, classwork, and housework.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Piles of Work Everywhere

Work Sucks!  I can't wait til I'm teaching again!  2 more weeks!

No time to write a large post, but wanted to say hello!


Monday, May 7, 2012

So Much For Bold Decisions

I don't have much time, but I need to give you the run down of my weekend!

Friday - I made a big bold decision to run the half marathon on Sunday...let me tell you right now that it didn't happen!

Saturday - We woke up early to go running.  I was gonna do an easy 4 miles to gauge how I felt.  After the first mile, I had to stop and walk because I couldn't breathe.  Easiest way to make a decision is when you're not breathing!  Later that afternoon at the packet pick-up I switched from the half marathon to the 10K.  Best decision I've made in a long time!  The GF also switched her race from the 5K to the 10K. 

Sunday - Our race starts at 8:30am, so we arrive about 7:45 to have time to pee twice and meet up with our friends.  The race began and with almost 1,000 runners you can only guess how congested the first couple miles were.  This I think was good so I wouldn't start too fast.  I was able to pick up the pace for miles 2 and 3, but slowed down about 15 seconds for every one of the last 3 miles.  I wore my water belt for the race so I would have access to water in case I couldn't breathe or my throat got too dry.  I never stopped running and muscled my way to the finish line in 1:03:48, suprisingly finishing under my goal time.  Although I didn't see my mom at the start line, she was waiting for me at the finish!  I grabbed some water quickly so we could see the GF finish.  She crossed in 1:20:39 (or something like that) and I was so happy for her.  She also never stopped running which I knew she wouldn't but still slightly crazy on her part, since she hasn't run more than 4 miles in about 3 months.  So proud of her though.  I think it ended up being a very successful race!

Overall - I always love Run for the Zoo because thousands of people come out to run and support our zoo.  My whole office (almost) participated and we all had a fun time.  It was pretty well organized, although the bananas and oranges were pretty far away from the finish, so it tooks us a while to find those tables AND in the packets with our shirts and bibs they only gave you 1 safety do you put your bib on with 1 pin?  I surprisingly felt better on race day than I thought I would, but I'm 100% happy with my decision to switch races!  I can only imagine how miserable I would have felt after a half yesterday!

I'll try to post more soon!


Friday, May 4, 2012

A Few More Friday Tidbits

Friday afternoon at better believe I'm eating Shot Bloks at my desk for some energy (not sure if they really work yet, so I'm hoping to find out)!

Bobby Abreau signed with the Dodgers today, which means one of our faves, Justin Sellers, got sent back down to the Topes.  It'll be nice to see him, but I really wish things would've worked out for him in LA.

My run today was uneventful, but it showed that I might be able to battle through the cold for a few days until after the race.  Although I'm really congested right now, hopefully it'll clear out for race morning (or at least for a few hours).

Now school starts in 2 weeks...I've begun the preparation (notes, charts, syllabi, powerpoints, exercises, etc., etc., etc.), but I feel like I need more time!  Next week should be great though because the Topes are gone and I can focus on classwork!

Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo!  Since I'm not drinking beer, my beverage of choice is a margarita!  Sounds so yummy, I just might celebrate Cuatro De Mayo as well, and we can't leave out Seis De Mayo!

Celebrate safely!


Be Safe: Douche Bags are Lurking Everywhere!

Had a nice run with one of these guys the other day!  Roadrunners are lucky, so I felt pretty good when he started running next to me.  Then I got sick, so maybe something else lucky is about to happen!

The GF had an unlucky experience the other day while on her run.  Some douche bags swerved off the road towards her, the passenger stuck his body halfway out the window and screamed at her, "Get out of the f**king road b*tch!"  That's rude, horrible, scary, unthinkable, and mean.  I feel so bad that I wasn't there with her and I'm really sorry she had to go through this pretty scary event.  Luckily there were other cars out on the roads, so the truck never came back, but it's still horrible.  At least she's safe!

There's a frog in my throat.  It's worse when I'm sleeping because it's like I can't swallow, then when I'm awake I wanna cough and it's itchy and scratchy.  Pain in my ass throat is what it is!  If I can just get past the itchy throat, then my race this weekend should be fine.

Run for the Zoo is Sunday morning and I'm deciding RIGHT THIS MINUTE that I'm running the half marathon!!  How's that for making decisions!  So there you have switching races tomorrow.  Here are my goals:

1. Pay attention to my body...if it starts to hurt - walk, if I start to cough - walk, if I'm running out of energy - walk and GU.  Drink water at every aid station (maybe take water belt)

2. Try to run until I can't anymore...this just means to get in the much needed long run of about 8 to 10 miles, but don't try to push it if I'm not feeling it.

3. Don't pay attention to time/ much as I say this, I know I'm gonna be very conscious of my pace and time.  So, I'm just gonna keep telling myself this as I make time goals in #4.

4. Hit 10K mark in 1:04:00 AND finish below 2:36:00.  I'm not gonna be upset if I don't hit those goals dependent upon how I'm feeling throughout the race, but it's okay to have goals!

5. Stay positive...I find near mile 9 that I always ask myself, "why'd you get yourself into this?", so this time I'm gonna smile and remember it's a training run for my ultimate PR on June 3rd!

I think those will suffice!

Have a great weekend!  Good luck if you're racing or training!  And be safe!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let My Body Decide

Apparently my body is just going to make this Race decision on its own.  I'm getting sick.  The GF is also sick and so her body is making her Race decision also.  I still have 2 days to see if I can stifle this cold a bit, so we'll see what happens and how I feel over the next couple days.  Besides, my mom is finally gonna get the chance to see me run and I'd much rather her see me go the distance.  Only time will tell.

The BFJ is shaving her head on Saturday for St. Baldrick's Day!  It's a great organization that raises money to help cure childhood cancer.  I did this way back when, and BFJ does it every year or two to help with the fundraising efforts!  You should check out the just might wanna shave your head too!

The BFT needs a job...we seriously can't have her sticking around in a town, working for a team that just might be the only team in her conference!  This is no good, so everybody help us find her a job...and quickly!  She's proficient in anything that pays!!  She's lovable, funny, smart, straight forward, and pretty bad ass!  We miss you BFT...come home!

The summer semester is 2 weeks away and I've got so much to do to prepare!  I'm in that excited/nervous stage again.  It's somewhat similar to the feeling I get when I'm waking up the morning of a I'm gonna throw up all over everything and that I'm not gonna finish.  Ok, so maybe it's not that bad for teaching, but more of a "will I even teach them anything" or "will they catch on that I don't know what I'm talking about".  Only time will tell.

What makes you excited/nervous (wedding day, childbirth, races, etc.)? Races always make me queasy, and now teaching.  I have yet to experience wedding or birth.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A View Of My Inner Self

Here's what you missed:

I spent Friday and Saturday with these two amazing kiddos!

We went to the zoo and saw a peacock up and close,

And a Happy Camel (notice what's shaved into the side of his belly)!

We got our butts kicked by my 6 year old niece playing Wii bowling, but everytime my nephew (2 years old) would see my brother's Mii character on the screen, he'd point and say, "Daddy! Daddy!"  It was pretty friggin cute...but what was the most amazing thing ever was he called me Auntie Chicken for the first time!  I almost cried!  I sure do love those kids!

Sunday, the GF and I did some much needed housework, mainly by applying pressure to the couch cushions!

Monday and Tuesday (along with half of Friday) were crazy crazy busy busy days at work.  I say it all twice for further emphasis on how crazy and busy it really was.  Let's just say that everything I have been planning to get done the last two days has not gotten done, because I've had to do so much other crap!

Monday morning I had a really dumb run...I shouldn't even count it as a run, because I'm pretty sure the dog ran on the treadmill longer than I did.  But yesterday's run was beautiful.  Another great weather jaunt around the office neighborhood!  My inner voices have been struggling lately.

Sunday's conversation in my head...
Inner Self: Why am I signed up for a half marathon next Sunday?  I have run 3 times since the half last weekend, and I don't think it's very smart.
Other Inner Self:  Switch to the 10K then.
Inner Self: Ok

Monday's conversation in my head...
Other Inner Self:  Are you gonna switch to the 10K?
Inner Self:  I like bleu cheese...what did you say?
Other Inner Self:  Your run was really crappy this morning, maybe the half is a bit more than we should strive for this next weekend.
Inner Self: Sprinkled over a salad would be yummy!

Tuesday's conversation in my head...
Inner Self: What a great run...I can't wait for this half marathon.
Other Inner Self: So you're not gonna switch?
Inner Self: What's for lunch?

Today's conversation in my head...
Inner Self: Maybe don't focus on time or racing, but get in a long run.  Besides, you might feel better than you did two weeks ago AND you might see the GF running her race!
Other Inner Self: Great idea, but you still have until Saturday to decide which race to run!

As you can see, I'm always hungry, and I'm still not sure which race I'm doing on Sunday.  I know I can run 6 miles, so should I run the 10K to race, or should I run the half to train and get in a long run of 8 to 10 miles then do a walk/run thing for the rest?  Oh, decisions decisions!

Well, it's back to the grind.  Lunch first though...the office is going out to lunch for a belated Administrative Professionals Day Celebration!

Is your inner self trying to persuade you to do anything?