Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven is an all time great movie. One, it has some really great acting and two, it's in Vegas! And who doesn't love Vegas? It's probably one of my most favorite places to be...ever! Although I almost always come back empty handed, I enjoy ever single minute I'm there. Unfortunately, I've enjoyed myself too much a few times that other people I'm with aren't having such a great time. My poor but lovely GF almost divorced me one of the last times we were there because I'd had 6 too many vodka martinis and thought it'd be funny to pass out on her 3 hotels away from the one we were staying in! Lucky for me she loves me as much as she does, but I've spent many moons making it up to her. She's probably fuming just reading this right now!

Anyway, when I'm in Vegas I just feel free! My inspiration today is about feeling free...feeling free to make your own running decisions. Do I go faster? Longer? Shorter? At race pace? Lift weights? Cross train? Take the day off? Whatever the decision, it's yours and yours alone to make. You may be given a plan or a schedule to stick to, but ultimately it's your decision. You are FREE to make that decision...only you can decide. There's few things in life that you are FREE to make your own decision, so you should jump on this opportunity.

Unfortunately for me, today I felt like my head was about to explode, so my decision was to take the day off...and if I'm lucky, I might get back to running by Tuesday at the earliest. That's right...I didn't think it'd be a great idea to try and run when I can barely breathe just sitting here. I'm pretty sure I swalled a cheese grater last night and now it's stuck in my froat. And my nose is doing that thing where each side clogs up at different times and sometimes plugs up my ears at the same time! It festers while I sleep, so tomorrow I'll probably wake up and my head will feel like it's the size of my master bedroom, which only means I won't be able to get out of my room and will have to stay home from work. Why is it that any time I stay home from work I'm sick? Anyway, I'm on rest and I've decided I should wait to run again until I can breathe.

So, wish me well, so I can get back to my journey!!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

10 Pins and More

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I'm getting sick. I woke up with an even scratchier froat then yesterday. But the rest of me still feels okay, for now! So I took advantage of it and decided to run here around the neighborhood. I took Jersey with me, bundled up warm, and set out around the block. It actually felt pretty good, aside from the phlegm buildup, the tiny bit of wind, and the random dog that started chasing Jersey down the street! My froat is still itchy, but I don't feel like it's conquering me, yet!

Do you like bowling? I LOVE it! I'm not very good at it, but I've once bowled a 140 in one game! I was born a bowler (literally, I was practically born AT the bowling alley) and both my parents were amazing bowlers, so you'd think it'd be in my blood, but no, I was not blessed with the "good bowler genes". If I practiced hard enough I could be good, but I just don't have strong enough arms to get that ball to do miraculous stuff! I have yet to test it, but I'm also pretty sure my niece could kick my but in Wii bowling too (she's 4)! Well, bowling is like running to me. It might not be in my genes to run, but if I practice at it, I can be good. If I train properly, I can beat my past 2 half times and feel like this training program actually paid off. Again, it's not about your time, it's about finishing, but my training is getting me into shape to finish. We all gotta start somewhere. If I would've waited another couple months to start this journey, I'd probably be at 4 minutes of running a day.

So keep on truckin'! Don't give up and one day you will be running around the neighborhood too!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nine Lives

It's inevitable. If the GF gets sick, then I get sick. Guess what folks? She's sick! And I'm feeling a bit itchy in the back of the throat. The masters all say it's okay to take a break from running while your body needs to heal and rid of the sickness, but what if I don't want to? This morning at work I was so tired and I could feel that tiny scratchiness in the back of my froat (throat with a frog in it). I was weighing the options of going out to lunch or going to the gym for lunch. If I went to the gym, I could go straight home to my sick GF after work, but if I went to eat, then I'd have to go to the gym after work and delay my presence at home, risking being even more tired than I already was. So...I went to the gym! And once I got on the treadmill, I felt better while I was running than I had all morning! Some of you are thinking "She's insane!" I understand why you'd think that, so I'm gonna help you change that mindset.

If you think running is the most dreadful thing in the world and you'd rather do anything but run, I suggest you do just that...don't waste your time on the treadmill or out on the trails, go bike riding, or swimming, or whatever makes you happy. If you don't like running because you are out of shape and it hurts then you just have an endurance problem. You need to gradually lose the weight and pick up the intensity. It's not gonna come overnight, nor is it gonna come in a month. But I can guarantee that if you push yourself everyday for a month, you'll be alot further along than where you were on day 1. It's not supposed to be easy, it's supposed to be challenging. That's why it's so rewarding after you finish your run, because you made it!

I've mentioned before that I'm running this race with a co-worker, and by "with" I mean she is also in the race. I definitely don't mean we will be running alongside each other during the race because she is faster than I am. The first half-marathon I ever ran was with her and we ran together for the first 9 miles. She talked to me the whole way and I could barely utter a word. At mile 9, I finally told her to GO! I was holding her back and I could quite possibly slow down even more, so I told her to GO! She finished the race 10 minutes before I did. I'm just trying to show that there will always be someone faster and with more endurance than you. Don't worry about them, worry about yourself, push yourself, run for yourself. The rewards will come and you'll be glad you stuck with it!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crazy Eight's

Well, I'm pretty sure we're going to lunch with the office today, so I decided to go to the gym before work and run. The run went fantastic. I felt really good today, like I could've gone another mile, but if I did I would've been late to work. And then it happened! One of the most courageous things I've ever done! I actually showered at the gym! Crazy, I know, but for the first time in my gym-attending history, I actually showered at the gym. Now, because I'm quite modest and a "first-timer" I'm a little intimidated by all the other veteran shower-takers. For instance, 3 different women around me stripped down to nakedness, wrapped a towel, and headed to the showers. Afterwards, they dried off, walked back, and dropped the towel while they redressed in the locker room. Way too many naked people around me, which is why I've always limited my time in the locker room anyway! For me, I took off my socks and shoes, and along with my bag and towels (still fully dressed) I headed to the showers. Behind closed doors I showered and redressed! And that was that...I'd taken my first shower at the gym!

Today's inspiration is about doing something different in your routine that'll propel you to the next level. That maybe a little change in your ways is good for you. My GF gets really frustrated when she begins to workout because she puts so much hardwork and effort into her workouts and at the end of 2 weeks she feels like she's gotten nowhere and lost zero pounds. It can be frustrating for her, and for me, because we both know how hard she works. Maybe we aren't making the right changes. Maybe we need to add in swimming again or other cross-training. But I guess the lesson is that you need to commit to this change in your plan and stick with it. It'll provide different results than you've been receiving. At this point in my life, just working out is the change that I needed! Everyone's change will be different because we're all on different paths.

So, find that change in you, make it, and be a better person.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

7 colors of the rainbow!

So, apparently you're not supposed to work out everyday, so today is my day of rest (God's too). I actually left my workout bag at home, so I wouldn't go running at lunch! I guess that's a good thing if I'm actually disappointed that I can't go for my run. My muscles may actually start to like me again if I give them the day off.

What's sad is that my GF is sicky-poo and one of my dogs is limping pretty bad. I feel bad that I can't be home to take care of Candy because I know how much she hates being sick. I hate that Neko is hurt, but I don't feel so bad because she was the silly pup that jumped out the car window 2 weeks ago. We aren't sure if that's why she's hurt, since it's been two weeks, but still, my poor baby is hurt...Both my babies are hurting. And here I am at work, and I've got class later tonight, so I won't be home to them until around 9pm. Sorry babes!

I officially registered for the race yesterday! It feels so good to have attainable goals in your life. The race is a big one because on the afternoon of June 26th I'll be halfway to drunk AFTER running 13.1 miles! Graduation is another big goal because on May 15th I'll be receiving my Masters degree after two grueling years of classes. A milestone (which is a bit different than a goal) that is drawing near in August is my 5 year anniversary with my GF! It's not a goal when you realize you're gonna be involved with something/someone for the rest of your's a milestone!

So, rest up today, because tomorrow we're right back in it!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Six Pack

So, today wasn't so bad. I did some speed work on the treadmill with an incline and my feet actually moved pretty fast. Tomorrow might feel better when I don't run so fast! I'm pretty sure my new shoes are way too big for me, but they're so pretty and I can't return them, so I'm just gonna keep wearing them. They don't feel big when I run, but I remember! They're really comfy though and don't feel as heavy as yesterday!

I had a minor injury yesterday. Some random part of my lower thigh/quad right above my knee felt like it was strained. Now I pushed myself hard yesterday, but I didn't think I went overboard. It kept creeping up on me the rest of the day, but I overcame it and it was gone today, so my first sports injury on this journey was a small one. Wait till I trip on my face!

I have a quiz in one of my classes tomorrow and I am not ready for it. I have my study guide all typed up and I've been going over it and over it and over it, but nothing is sinking in. I'm not looking forward to this at all. I don't know what to expect and I feel like nothing more can stay in my head. I only want a B on it (I'm not greedy), but this information is dull, boring, and I'm not a big fan of my professor. All I can think about is that this is my last semester. I just need to put up with this for 10 more class sessions! I can do it...Graduation is my motivation!

Albuquerque weather is really pissing me off these days. Today is so nice out when you're looking out the window, but as soon as you step out there the wind will get you! I hate wind and the cold breeze that comes with it. If only that stupid groundhog wouldn't have seen his stupid shadow we'd be done with this stupid winter! I need sun! While running on the treadmill these last 6 days, I have taken notice of my pale white legs....I need my dark back!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 5

Let's be honest, nobody thought I'd make it to Day 5, but here I am! If I can just make it to Day 21, then this should become a habit right? Went to the gym with the office today. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but I was originally asked to run this race by Julie, one of my co-workers, so I've sort of stolen the thunder by doing it in honor of my Granny. She knows this, but I think she's okay with it because if I'm motivated, then she'll be motivated. She's also got some other friends running the race too, so I didn't really overshadow her. Although, they will not have cool shirts like me!

My new running shoes might be too big, but they also felt like concrete bricks on my run today! I felt like my turnover was like running through molasses! 2M took 2 years to get here! But I did get to watch Olympic curling. Canada is kicking major butt and USA sucks the big one! Not in hockey though, which has been a huge topic of conversation here at the office today.

Who's your hero? Who's that one person, famous or not, who you really look up to and believe in their story? Like the girl who hurt her knee on the softball field and her players carried her around the bases...heroes! Or the kid who got cut from his high school basketball team, only to be one of the worlds greatest NBA players...hero! Or the grandmother who used to wake you up in the middle of the night to teach you how NOT to pee in the hero! Think of these people (cause you can have more than one) this week and try to motivate yourself to hopefully be somebody else's hero someday.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 4

Good evening everyone! Or good morning, based on when you read this. It's been one heck of a weekend. Today was my long run...3 miles...but a long run at that. I've only done 2 miles the last three days, so it makes sense that I add a mile and call it my long run. It was NO FUN! I went about 16 minutes and thought I was gonna roll right off the back of the treadmill! I had to slow it down to walk twice after that, but then about the last 5 minutes I really kicked it in high gear and finished with an ok time for 3 miles. But, since it's not about the time, I'm not gonna post it...I'll write it down somewhere else just for keeping track of my progress! Since I have yet to get a treadmill at my house (although we're looking), I have to create interesting ways and new schedules to get to the gym. Since we've moved, it's a lot farther to drive now (almost inconvenient), so it encompasses more time when you are planning your schedule.

I bought new running shoes today. I'm hoping they're really fast shoes! We always joke at my office that the shoes or the clothes are what make you fast, so I've got to be really careful what I wear! We can't have anything holding me back. If I've done my job and trained properly for this race, then I'm hoping to buy a new pair of running shoes in a few months...ones that I can get into proper shape to run the race in! It always amazes me when I see people at the starting line wearing brand new shoes! Don't they know they're about to go 13.1 miles in them? Anyone heard of blisters? Might as well not wear any shoes at all!

My friend had a birthday today, but last night we celebrated it with her and she made me take a shot of vodka...just straight vodka...who does that? Not me, which is why I only got half a mouthful, almost spit it out, and spent the rest of the night trying to swallow it back. I'm telling you this because I don't recommend waking up early the next morning to go on your long run. Either wait to run til the afternoon, or don't stay out drinking half mouthfuls of vodka before your long runs! I guess I learned my lesson: Stick to beer, it's got lots of carbs!

So, I'm working on the t-shirt idea this week...hopefully we can order them soon!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 3

So, I'm trying to make this working out thing work. Yesterday I forgot about a meeting right after the lunch hour so I had to run to the gym and back really quick. And today it seemed like time was flying so quickly that everything was rushed and we had to somehow fit a quick half hour in at the gym. But, I made it and I did 2 miles both days and although yesterdays run seemed excruciatingly painful towards the end, today was smooth sailing. I think my sore joints and muscles are starting to realize I'm not kidding around.

Today's motivation was about being a special runner despite your place in the race. Everything you do is just as important as the runners leading the pack and the ones picking up the rear. I wish everyone understood this and agreed with this. All I ever hear is "those people are faster than me" or "I don't wanna be last". But I think being last is still better than not doing anything at all! I like when my Granny is in my ear saying to get out there and do this because it puts other people in my ear my cute is she when she asks how my workouts are going! And she's on board for a t-shirt just like mine.

I'm hoping this experience and journey will help to motivate others too...which I think it's beginning to do...I'll explain as time progresses.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 2...

Wow! Woke up this morning and my quads were pretty tight and my upper shoulder area/lower neck area are pretty sore. That's what I get for not working out for 2 months! Went to the doctor today and he said I was in pretty good health, so this running thing shouldn't be a problem at all! I'm also gonna pay for the race soon too. So, now I have no excuses to not do this race!

My little inspiration for the day is about falling down and pulling yourself back up. Like, literally falling down! Like, tripping over a tiny tiny pebble and crashing and burning to the ground, possibly skinning your knees or hands or even your face. You've done it, I've done it, we've all done it! My brother once ran into a trash dumpster! It's is really funny! And that's why we get up again, because we have the ability to laugh at ourselves. We walk away with the memory of that special spot and if we're lucky we've given the onlookers a quick laugh and story for them to share at their office! But, we get back up and keep running, either because our run isn't over, to get away from the onlookers, or because it's in the past now.

So, when you fall...and you will...get back up, wipe off the blood, and laugh about it. It's gonna be a great story once you get home!!


"When adversity strikes, it may be what is needed to be successful."
-Inspirational message in football locker room

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 1...

It's a new day! I've committed myself to this journey and now I have you all to hold me accountable. I can't promise that I'll catalogue every day of this journey, but I can promise that I'll make it to that finish line! Besides, with the strength of Granny behind me, her determination and will inside me, and her love surrounding me, the finish line is just the beginning to so many things. Thanks for allowing me to share this journey with you. I love you Granny!

Now, Day 1 has come! I haven't been the most active since I returned from Baseball Camp on January fact, I haven't been to the gym since...until today. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I ran 2 miles and did some leg work and some sit-ups. I didn't want to over-do it on my first day back in the grind. The treadmills at the gym are amazing because they have the tv's built right into them, so I could watch the news, Guliana & Bill, Nascar, or Olympic Curling! I went with Nascar since there were only 30 laps left...and for my GF, Carl Edwards got 2nd!

I'm probably gonna regret this all tomorrow when I can't seem to lift my body out of bed, but Granny's little voice is gonna pop in my head and remind me why I'm doing all this!

I'm gonna get t-shirts made! Thanks to my brother, I've got a new slogan "The Battle For Seattle", so I'll start there. If you'd like a shirt, I bet I can find a good deal once I've created the design!!

Go Me!

"There is only one big thing - desire. And before it, when it is big, all is little."
-Willa Cather

...Runner's World!

Good morning friends and family! Today is a good day! Well, besides being a bit tired, having a quiz to study for, and being at work, it is a great day. That's right, and I hope you are all starting out today as great as I am (although I know a few of you who are still sleeping)!

I have officially decided to run a Half-Marathon again! Don't be jealous, but I'm gonna get back into runner's shape and take on the 13.1 this summer! What's my motivation you ask? Well, I'll tell you...

As most of you know, my Granny passed away last month and we were very close. You also probably know that I'll someday get a tattoo to remember her by. But, because she was such an amazing woman, I am using her as my motivation to train and prepare and finish this next Half-Marathon feat! My Granny's name is Satoye Ruth Yamada Hashimoto. She was born in Seattle, Washington and her given name, Satoye, means 'Gift from Seattle'. So, I will be running the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half-Marathon in honor of my Granny! I hope you will all support me in this endeavor. And by support, I mean to read my past blog about me being lazy and help me get up off the couch and into the gym, onto a treadmill, and eating (a bit) better!

I've got just over 4 months to train. I'm not going for any specific time, although my 2 other Half finish times will loom over my head the whole 4 months. I just want my Granny to be able to "watch" me cross that finish line and know that I did this for her...I think she'd like that.

So, I'm changing the name of my Blog...not sure to what yet, so I'd appreciate some suggestions. But my new Blog name will represent my journey these next few months. I hope to keep you up to date on my progress, including my tough days, and I'd appreciate any feedback throughout this experience!

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

...Running Wild!

Who here likes to run? I love it...I don't do it much these days...but I love it! I've run lots of races, some 5K's, some 10K's, and even 2 Half-Marathons. Never really been interested in the full Marathon or Tri-athlons or anything. Wouldn't mind a bike and run, but I don't swim, so that'll stay off the bucket list for sure!! Anywho, maybe it's the weather, but I just can't seem to get myself off the couch. I'm thinking of possibly doing another Half this summer, but that would mean I've got to begin my training NOW! And by 'now' I mean last month!

Really, though, I enjoy running. It relaxes me and I feel so good after I'm done. I'm normally not this lazy when it comes to working out, and I've gained a few pounds from just eating everything, but it's never been to lose the's been to get moving, to increase my endurance, and to not feel like such a big bag of lazy!

But I sure do enjoy not running. It relaxes me and I feel so good just sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer! I'm normally this lazy, so running should do a body good!

Anywho, I'm thinking of investing in a treadmill, then I can run at home. I don't have to drive across town to get to the gym and back. I can fall off and nobody will see me and laugh. And I can teach the dogs (who am I kidding...just one dog) to run with me! Maybe this is my answer to training for the next Half. I'll look into it!

So, if you see me on the couch, either sit with me and indulge, or tell me to stop being so lazy and train!


Monday, February 15, 2010

...President's Day!

Today is President's Day, but from the looks of it you wouldn't know it! Why? Because I'm at work! That's right, along with the lucky other few of you, I am at work. Some of you who have classes on Monday's are probably in class today too (college, not public schools). So, what the heck does this holiday mean? Is it to honor ALL our President's or just Washington and Lincoln? Who? It obviously doesn't have a major impact on my boss, or we might have this day off. I'm pretty sure the only reason we got Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off was because me and one other in the office are half black. So much for honoring whatever it was that Washington did to make our country recognize today as His Day! No history lesson here, but maybe next year if I actually knew what it was that caused us to recognize President's Day, maybe I can fight harder to have this holiday off. I should have half the month off anyway for Black History Month!

So, to all those schmucks at work or school today...maybe next year!


Friday, February 12, 2010

...Valentine's Day!

Is this holiday made up or not? Who knows and who cares? Either you celebrate it or you don't regardless of whether you're with someone or not. Does it really have to be a bigger deal than that? Everything about Valentine's Day has become so cliche, the stuffed bears with stuffed hearts that say "I Love You", the cheesy heart pendant necklaces, the box of chocolates, the bouquet of flowers, the long drawn out cards with poems, and everything else that comes to your mind when you think of this holiday. Don't get me wrong, I love buying this stuff for my GF, but I hate getting it for her on this day. All those gifts would mean so much more when they are not expecting it. Plus, they'll start to think that any day could be Valentine's Day!

So, if you wanna get your sweet love something this Valentine's Day, give them a big fat kiss! If they love you enough, the chocolates, flowers, and jewelry shouldn't matter to them!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...A tiring weekend!

This past weekend was extremely tiring. One thing after another happened causing me and the GF to not get very much sleep. Then we had long days, so no time to nap either. On the up and up though, the Saints won the Superbowl, Jersey seems to be back to normal, my Granny is resting peacefully, the house no longer smells of cat poop, my best friend made it here and back home safely, Connor had a big big weekend of socializing, Kailin left some crazy pics on my phone, Jamie's tv is resting safely in my 3rd bedroom, I've been drinking a pitcher of beer every night, and I'm 9 hours away from being done with my group presentation!

So, although it was a long weekend, so many great things to be thankful for!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

...Just one of those days!

Today is just one of those days! You know, the days where you just don't wanna do anything. Today is one of those. I really don't care to be doing anything today, especially sit here at work, and especially go to class in a couple hours. I really don't wanna sit through class for 2 and a half hours, and I really don't wanna meet my group after class, and I really don't wanna listen in class and take notes and pretend that I care. Not today...cause I really don't care. It's just one of those days. I'm not depressed or unhappy, I would just rather be at home, with my lady, watching tv, drinking a beer, thinking about absolutely nothing! Sounds nice, huh!

Today could have been a snow day. My house apparently got dumped on and I got NOTHING at work or school, so neither one was cancelled today. The only good thing that has happened today was I saw my seester. Maybe I'll drink a couple red bulls before class so I'll be all wound up for class and enjoy it more! Yeah, that's a good plan!

But really, I don't wanna do anything anymore, which is ultimately why I'm writing my blog right now, because I'm trying to waste time at the office. I really need to get stuff done here, but whatever. I'll do it tomorrow! It's already 4...maybe Bob will leave now so I can watch tv on my computer. Lazy, I know!

So, that's all you get time you're having "one of those days" try to get the day off and stay in!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...Powerpoint presentations!

I love to create powerpoint presentations! The best thing about them is making them flash and shine and really represent the message you are trying to get across. I get caught up in the animations. You can really make words and pictures do anything you want them to. This program is amazing. I'm pretty sure I spend more time tweaking and perfecting a powerpoint presentation than I do actually remembering what I'm gonna say. The timing has to be perfect on every slide or the presentation won't flow like it should. Trust me, I've seen many a presentation that is so so dull because the powerpoint slides have too much information on them and don't capture you and make you wanna watch it.

Nobody likes preparing presentations, nor do they like listening to boring information being read to you off the overhead slides. That's why you've got to stimulate the audience's brains! Make them want more. Make them want to listen to see how the words go with the animations! Make them remember your presentation the most at the end of the day. Make them think that even though your presentation was on thimbles or outer space or geology, it was the most interesting thing they've heard in a long time.

But can do too much! That's right, you can add too much animation and shine, that you lose focus of what you're presenting and you can get a bad grade. Make sure to balance the fun with the facts. With all that said, I've got a presentation in a week and I look forward to making our powerpoint slides grab your attention.

So, next time you have a powerpoint presentation, call me up and I'll razzle dazzle you!


Monday, February 1, 2010


Weekends are supposed to be for relaxing from the long week of working. So, why is it we use weekends to do all the things we couldn't do during the week, so we are so tired Monday morning because we didn't really relax much? Oh well! Weekends are really made so you can do whatever you want to do...and a bit of what you need to do. For instance, my weekends are usually made up of lots of studying and doing homework. I try to get some of it done while the GF is still sleeping so I don't ruin our day together, but really I have so much stuff to study that I end up taking up some hours in the middle of both Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise, we played video games, we ate lots of different kinds of food, we did a little house decor, we watched a lot of tv, and lots of little things mixed in there!

It was truly a great weekend. On Monday mornings, my co-workers always ask how my weekend was and it takes me a second to remember exactly what I did and if it was any good. This weekend was especially made up for a really crappy Friday afternoon! My GF really knows how to take care of me! I take care of her too. Anyway, I'm already looking forward to next'll start on a kind of low note, but the rest of the weekend is just for making me feel good again. My BF is coming into town (sad that the BFGF isn't coming, but it's Spring, and Spring means never seeing my BFGF), her mother is making us posole, the dogs are getting cleaned, we're going to a show, we're celebrating our new home, and we're having a Superbowl party! Can't get any better than this! I also have study time worked into the mix and some shopping, but the good outweighs the bad!! I also get to see my niece and nephew again this coming weekend! Good times!

Speaking of the's gonna be a great game. Maybe it'll be a shootout like the Pro Bowl last night! I guess when you put (almost) all the greatest players on one field, the score is bound to go crazy. I still don't like that it was the weekend before the Superbowl AND in Miami, but whatever...I'm just glad I made it to Hawaii to see it there before they cancel it forever. I pray that it really was just one year off and they resign in Hawaii!! More incentive to take a long vacation in February!!

So, if you've had a long week at work and it's only Monday, think ahead to the happiness that is known as "The Weekend", and you'll be happy in an instant!