Monday, September 27, 2010


Everybody seems to be going through changes! Whether they're good or bad, I hope it's worth it. Even I am going through changes...not major changes, but tiny ones here and there. For instance, I'm changing my whole personal life schedule over the next 2 months so I can study for 2 sections of the CPA exam during every extra free moment of my time. I am hitting the gym every day again to regain my mileage and endurance for my upcoming races. And I'm sure there's other little things too.

But really, I'm not big on change. I am a creature of habit. I like the things I like and I don't see why I need to change things up. Like my daily routine, I'm pretty predictable. Getting ready in the morning, getting to work, working out, going home after work, going to's all part of my daily routine. When I go out to eat, I usually order the same thing everytime at that particular restaurant, like wings at Coaches, shrimp in lobster sauce at PF Changs, crab linguine at Red Lobster, and chicken alfredo at Olive Garden. If I ever try something new, I end up wishing I had just ordered my usual. Sounds boring huh?

Luckily I have great conversation skills! I may be eating the same dish or going through the same motions, but I can guarantee you won't know what I'm gonna say! How exciting! Like right now...I bet you didn't know I was gonna tell you that my flip-flops make my foot ride on the inside. Or that I just rubbed body butter on my elbows. Or I called Canada this morning and I'm just waiting for Canada to call me back. Fun, huh!! Good times! Well, I hope this encourages you all to make some changes in your life, or maybe make no changes...whatever!

Don't drink and drive, cause where will you put your beer while you're texting?


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