Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3rd Times The Charm!

I am back from vacation!  Mexico was amazing, but now we're spoiled and can probably never go on another vacation that's not all-inclusive!  The weather was great, which also means I came back with an awesome tan!  I drank and ate A LOT!  It truly was a great and relaxing vacation!

Now I'm back in the grind of work.  Classes start next week and I'm already busy getting ready for that too.  The poor GF started classes two days ago and is all stressed out, but I'm sure she'll find her groove soon!  She has tons of reading to do for all her classes, so things are gonna be pretty quiet around the house this semester!

I hurt my back a week and a half before we left so I didn't run for 11 days, but the day before we left I ran 8 miles...actually didn't feel too bad!  But now that we're back, we got to get back to training since Denver is only a month away (from today).  I was planning on running today at lunch, but I tweaked my back again this morning...not as bad as before, but definitely stiff and sore (that's what she said)!  So, we'll see how well it goes today.

I got my hair braided on vacation and the Mexican ladies made me look like Coolio!
It was not very attractive, so I took it out about an hour later!  When we got back home I had my cousin do it and although I didn't look like Coolio, my hair was just too soft for her and too stubborn to stay up.  So the next day I had my cousin's mom do it for the 3rd time and finally it cooperated...well, the best it was gonna get!  The front looked amazing, but the back came out very quickly, so I had to mousse it and matte it down for 3 days, just so I could keep it in for a while!  Now I'm back to my afro...can't decide what to do next.

Off to do my job now!  Miss you all like crazy...lots of catching up to do in so many ways!!


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  1. Glad you had a good vacation! Take care of your back and make your GF give you a massage.

    -Laura is Undeterrable