Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Comment

All through May and June I had some heavy foot traffic coming through here!  What that really means is that I logged about 20+ viewers for each blog I posted.  Maybe even one or two comments came from those viewers.  Nobody really signed up to become a follower, but I was getting more people over to my site to read what I had to say.  Then I take a 2 week break and those viewers are taking their feet elsewhere.  Maybe I'm not writing very interesting stuff anymore.  Maybe they forgot all about me while I wasn't writing during my 2 week hiatus!  Whatever the problem is, I'm beginning to think I need to find a better way to "get out there"!  The obvious thing to do is to give something away for free, or host a virtual event in someone's honor, or even become the funniest person in the world so everyone starts talking about me.

Well, I have nothing to give away cause my blog hasn't generated much foot traffic to cause companies to start giving me free stuff to give away (see paragraph 1).  And if nobody comes to my site in the first place then nobody is going to find out about my virtual run anyway.  And, let's face it, I'm actually already pretty damn funny, which is why it's so baffling that nobody's coming around to read.  So, I'm done trying to "get out there"...and it only took me about 100 words to decide that!  If it happens it happens!  So, from now on, this is my Dear Diary that my 16 followers can read if they want, but my 9 other "forced followers" will get entries automatically sent to their emails every day...You're welcome!

You lucky people get to read my lists within lists.  You get to listen to me whine about not having followers or comments.  You get to laugh at the funny sh*t I say.  You also get to listen to me ramble on about random things.  You also get to read as I give dumb advice and talk about stuff that I know nothing about!  So, to you folks...THANKS and COME AGAIN!


I just said that since this is also a blog about running!



  1. I was traveling a ton for work last month... I'll be back to commenting soon! :)