Friday, August 3, 2012

Muscle Orspasms!

I can honestly say right now that I will not be completing everything on my weekly To Do List.  Oh well!  First of all, I hurt my back, and then yesterday I had a freak attack of muscle spasms in my shoulder and up my neck, which hurt like hell (I even missed work) and I could barely move all day.  So much for a speed workout or arm workout...pretty much ANY workout for that matter!  And because I went to the doctor for my back, I got pain meds which causes me to get drowsy, so I clearly am not reading anything before bedtime!  And it's hard to get work done when you're at home sleeping all day.  Let's just hope I finish the important stuff before vacation...that's my new To Do List...Finish Everything!

So, I haven't run since my long run on Saturday.  I'm gonna try a small run tomorrow morning with the GF just to see how my back and shoulder feel.  I've got that "wrong side of the bed" stiffness right now, so maybe it'll ease up over night.  I've also got a softball tourney this weekend, but luckily for the GF, I just found out we have subs, so I'll be able to take it easy all weekend AND I won't ruin her vacation!  I haven't really been motivated to run lately and have been extremely exhausted, so I'm hoping with the pain meds helping me sleep and the week off of running, that I'll be back to new again and will want to get back out there.

I will also be participating in XLMIC Taking It On's Ellimpics!  It's the Olympics of rehab machines!  I'm pretty excited about this because it's gonna take me off the ol' Mill and help me switch it up for a week on other gym machines.  The GF is going to participate too.  I think we're gonna do the Elliptical 10K and 5K.  The GF is going to attempt an Elliptical Half Marathon and I'm going to attempt the Stair Master 5 Mile.  Then I think I'm gonna put together some sort of multi-athlon of 2 to 3 miles on about 2 to 3 machines (elliptical, stair, bike, row, etc.)  It's gonna be great fun!

This weekend is also the 3rd Annual Sweat Your Thorns Off 5K!  You can read about it here!  So, it looks like I'll have to incorporate a 5K into my weekend runs somehow!  These virtual races are always so much fun because everyone has such interesting stories of how and where they ran...and it encourages people to get out and move!  For his winter edition, we took the dogs and they actually got a shoutout on his blog!  This edition might be a bit off balance with a bad back and all, but I'll try my best!

Everyone have an amazing weekend!  And please be safe!


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