Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Eyes Are Spoiled

I have been getting "spoiler alerted" for the past 5 days!  I hate that the Olympics are 7 hours ahead of us and NBC is waiting around to show the events, because I can't even turn on my computer without finding out who won the latest fencing match, or how many dunks LeBron James had!  On one hand, it totally ruins the experience of getting to watch the event and actually being surprised by the outcome, but on the other hand, it really frees up my evening!

I went to the doctor today!

My back has been killing me lately.  I can't sleep and it's really hard to sit down all day.  I surprisingly can still run, so that's a plus, but as soon as I'm done, my back gets all tight and then I regret even moving!  So, he gave me something to sleep better at night in hopes that it'll loosen up these spasms and problem solved.  I'll keep you posted!

3 more actual class days!!!  Woohoo...summer term is almost over!  Then it's on to vacation!  I still feel like I have so much to do though...maybe I need to make lists within my lists.  I'll make one huge gigantic To Do List, but within each thing to do, I'll make a small list of things to do to get that thing done!  Sounds fun!

Have a random day!


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