Monday, July 19, 2010

3 Weeks Out

Good afternoon everyone! I'm sorry I've been such a lazy bum lately, but I'm still trying to catch up with everything since we've been back. But let's be honest, I didn't do anything today!! Regardless, I still need to come on and update you all and wrap up my Battle for Seattle. I need a new name for my blog and some new ideas along with it. Please feel free to shoot over any ideas you may have and want to contribute. Otherwise you all just get to listen to me talk about myself...which isn't always such a bad thing! If you can't talk about yourself, then you shouldn't be talking about others, and you know how much I like to talk about other people.

Well, last week was a sad week for me and the GF. One of our good friends passed away in one of the worst tragedies ever. She was taken from everyone in the worst way possible and we'll never be the same, but luckily we can say that we knew her and loved her and our lives were better just by knowing her. It was evident at her funeral on Friday that many others loved her as well and she'll never be forgotten!

I had a softball tourney on Saturday and it definitely shows that I have not exercised since I crossed that finish line 3 weeks ago! I pulled a hammy and every other muscle in my body is sore. We actually won the tourney, but let me tell you about this team that we beat. Our first game was at 9am, and halfway through that game, this other team shows up and starts taking notes on us about where we hit the ball. So, during our 4pm game against them we assume they know where we hit, but it doesn't help them because we go on to win the game. We meet up with them again in our 10pm game (the championship game) and I notice this one girl in the outfield keeps adjusting her kneepad after every play in the outfield. Then I look closer and realize she has taped a piece of paper to her leg and looks us up before we hit to know where to stand in the outfield!! Crazy! Well, they beat us at 10 which meant that we played them in the "what-if" game at 11pm and they got so cocky and thought they had it in the bag...until we rocked them and won the tourney. They were not so happy after that! Go team!

Well, have a great rest of your Monday, and enjoy your week. I'll be getting back to you real soon! Love you all.


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