Monday, July 26, 2010

A Whole New World

Well, new name, new attitude, new world! Actually, I'm in the process of discovering a new name, I haven't changed my attitude much, and it's still my world, you're just part of it! Thank you for being here! Please send me ideas on a new blog name. I prefer random! Or even something not so random that can seem random all the same!

I've got jury duty! Actually I've had it for the last week and a half and I finally got called into a courtroom today, just for it to be declared a mistrial about 20 minutes into the Voir Dire. Poop! Oh well, maybe tomorrow or the next day. It's given me a lot of reading time (which I mentioned before I think), but the people that are also on the Court-clock are some very interesting people. Some old lady wears the same outfit every day, some girl ripped up a puzzle in process so she could start it all over on her own, some guy was smacking his lips as he ate a burrito IN THE QUIET ROOM, and some weird girl smuggled knitting needles into the courthouse...I stayed far away from her!

I still owe you all a recap of my whole Battle for Seattle process, but I'm just not finding the motivation today, so maybe this week I'll actually get around to that. All I can say now is that all the support I had from my readers was amazing. My cousin emailed me all the time with tips and ideas for running and staying healthy. My aunt would email me little motivational words. My mother had to listen to me complain at home enough, but supported me all the way. My bro and sis seemed to be living vicariously through me because I know they wanted to be there to cheer us on (they practically were though, through the miracle of text and live streaming video)! All my friends wished us good luck and stayed by their phones in anticipation of the outcome. And my GF has endured months and months of training, discussion of her on this blog, the intensity of her first half-marathon (and mile 9), and she's already planning on the next race...she truly is my rock(star). Anywho, you are all the reason I'm writing this and I continue to find new ways to talk about myself, so at some point in your day you can forget about your problems and listen to mine! So, thanks again!

Weather sucks! Another reason to only visit the Pacific Northwest. Sorry Oregon, I love you, but I don't think I could live with you! Gotta get to work, but knowing me, I'll get to it tomorrow!!


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