Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Running Can Be Fun!

Blue skies today, but I'll bet you it turns gray when it's time for my softball game! Typical Albuquerque weather! Just when you think it's gonna be nice out, it rains and ruins everything! Or just makes it really humid.

I've gotta start studying for my first section of the CPA Exam...so as much as I've enjoyed my time off from studying and keeping my nose in the books, I have to pull them all back out again to begin the CPA Exam process. And it's not gonna be fun...oh no! Especially for the GF who just got my attention back...now I gotta spend no less than 6 hours each week going over Financial Accounting and Reporting information so I can take this test hopefully in late October or early November. And then I gotta repeat the process for 3 more sections of the Exam. Fun? You decide!!

We're gonna start hitting the gym again, now that we've had a decent break from the race. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna run another half in December in Vegas, which I'm sure I've mentioned before, but I'm gonna drag all my friends into this time, so get to the gym NOW!! I'm not kidding...anybody can do it, just ask the GF! She went from couch to half in 4 months. If you can only run for 5 minutes now, just get on my training program an in 4 months you could be doing a half, or even a 5K or 10K! That's more than your 5 minutes 4 months ago!! Just do it! What's stopping you? You could also lose about 10 to 20 pounds in the process (or more)! Sounds great doesn't it? You can do it, and I can help! Everybody's doing it!! You really don't even have to run a race in 4 months, but getting in shape can be fun! I promise! It's just that with a race to look forward to, you have something sort of pushing you and getting you motivated and inspired!! Let's do it!

Do you like bleu cheese? I love it, it's good! It stinks, but tastes so yummy!


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