Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Goodbye

Hi, it's becoming sort of a habit to only write every week or so when I KNOW I've got loads more to say! I'll try to get better.

We went camping last weekend, might go camping this weekend, and maybe even next weekend! We had so much fun. I think it was because we finally DID it instead of just TALK about it. We got lots of sun (the GF got most of it!), we went fishing (didn't catch anything), we went hiking (took my niece who we carried half a mile back on our shoulders), we ate lots of food, some s'mores, had large campfires, watched the stars, saw some deer, and just had a very relaxed and fun weekend.

I'm trying to get back to the gym regularly now. I think I've definitely had enough time off from the race, probably about a month too long. Gotta get the mileage back up if I'm thinking of doing anymore races anytime soon. I'd also like to try and lift some weights so I can build up some other muscle that'll help me get across the finish line when my feet begin to fail me!

Do you like hot dogs on a cold day? Try it!


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