Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time Lapse

Well, it's been a long time since I've graced you with my wisdom, so I'm back today to shed a little light on what's become a dreary day her in the 505! Although earlier it was raining from the bluest of blue skies and it was still 95 degrees out, the clouds have moved in and seem to be taking over the afternoon heat. Now it's about 90 out, it's raining somewhere, and about 15,000 Toby Keith fans are worried they might get poured on while watching him rock his guitar tonight. I'm betting it'll rain on the early grass saving fans, it'll rain for the first two opening acts, and then it'll stop raining by 9:30pm when Toby Keith finally takes the stage. If it doesn't stop raining by then, Toby Keith may have a hissy fit and not play at all...we (well, not me but the GF) have seen it happen before!

Life couldn't be any better than it is right now! I'm happy...very happy! Hope you find something (and someone) to make you happy too!

Today I got to drive 3 different Jaguars in the span of an hour and I wasn't even test driving them! I think I look pretty cool in them. I went to the gym this afternoon and it was good to be back. I got to see a few naked ladies in the locker room too. One lady was bare bare bare and was bent over applying tissue to her cuts on her legs from shaving...quite a sight! Another lady was naked walking toward the exit door and I was afraid I was in her nightmare, but she just grabbed some towels and walked back toward the showers. When people tell you to picture people naked while you're giving a speech and it'll relax you...I hope these are not the people you are imagining!

I'm not gonna wear purple, but I like Grape soda.


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