Monday, August 23, 2010

Playing House

Don't you all love Tivo? Or DVR? Whichever you have, I hope you have one. We actually have 2, one for downstairs and one for our bedroom. The one downstairs captures everything we watch on a nightly basis, like Lie to Me or Glee or Grey's or Castle. These are the shows that the GF and I watch together and are very committed to every season. They pile up quickly, so some shows get shuffled to the bedroom. Also recorded in the bedroom are shows that only the GF watches because her side of the bed is closer to the tv than mine, and our current tv is a bit too fuzzy for me to watch for long periods of time. This being the case, there are recorded shows on that particular DVR that haven't been watched since early February this year. To make a short story of those shows is House. We love this show, but missed all last season. Luckily, about 12 episodes were ready for the watching this weekend when I finally decided it was time (actually, the new season starts soon so I needed to catch up).

A few episodes in, there was one where this girl is a blogger...much like me! Actually, she's nothing like me, or should I say I'm nothing like her. She actually has other bloggers that live and breathe her blog and make comments everyday and they worship this blog that she writes. She writes about everything in her life (except poop), and her bloggers are very committed to her words. Mine...not so much! The only people that read my blog read it because it automatically gets plopped into their email inbox. And as much as I thank you all for reading ALL the time, I sometimes wish that my blog would BLOW UP on the I could become the GLEE blogger (much like the American Idol blogger who'll probably lose their job soon cause American Idol is sucky lately). But, wouldn't that be great! I could become known in households all over the world as "the GLEE blogger" or "that blogger online" or "blogger ~Chix". Then I'd have another purpose. My other idea was to follow my 5 year old niece to school everyday and blog her every move (and quite possibly everything the kids say!), but I have a job and that sort of limits my time away from the office.

I'm gonna run some more races, but I know you're all tired of hearing about my training efforts (although I'll tell you any funny stories that come up), so I need ideas that'll make me famous! Otherwise, you all get to be blessed with more locker room stories, mile 9 horrors, GF gaffes, and quips from inside my brain.

It's raining from the sun.


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