Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'll Check You For Ticks!

Actually I won't!  Last night the GF was cutting clumps of dirt out from between one of the dogs paw pads and found that she was covered with ticks.  Not completely covered, but they were everywhere.  I didn't pull any out, but I sat and watched!  Poor doggies!

So, the new season of tv has begun and we have about 4 shows recording every night.  Every free moment we have right now goes to watching one of those shows.  Some new shows are pretty darn funny or intense.  Others that we were excited for are just sort of so-so, one of those being Charlie's Angels.  Now, I know it's a remake with 3 really hot chicks, but they've had some tough "acting" moments, like fake crying and trouble with delivery (very non-believable).  Hopefully they'll get it down or the show might be canceled, which happens to a lot of shows I start watching.  I have yet to see the premieres of all the new shows so far, but when I do, I'll give my recommendations!

Balloon Fiesta starts this weekend.  I love seeing the balloons in the sky every morning, but I'm not sure the dogs are used to them yet.  Every time one flies/soars/drifts over the house the dogs go nuts.  They don't like the flame being pumped into the balloon...too loud I guess!  It'll be a nice alarm system all next week!

Dodgers lost a for sure win last night!  Pretty amazing come back, but sucky loss for my boys!  Last game is tonight!  Go Dodgers!  Go Sox!  And unfortunately, Go Stupid Poopie Yankees...I will always and forever hate you, but I really need you to win tonight!  There, I said it, but I'll never say it again!  (Unless of course the Sox back themselves into a corner again!)


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