Friday, September 30, 2011

A Great Left Hook

She's probably gonna kill me for telling you this, but the GF has a great left hook!  Last night she had a really bad dream and came flying over to my side of the bed and punched me in the shoulder!  She felt really bad, but I'm thinking it might help my throwing arm!  I'll let you know after my softball games on Sunday!  Anywho, she said she really knocked the guy out in her dream, so "up yours bad dream guy!"  What's ironic is that I had just punched a window out in my dream because some guy pissed me off because he was being mean to the GF...maybe he walked into her dream and she finished him off!

We're going to a big Lesbian Festival tonight!  Actually it's the Melissa Etheridge concert, but same thing, right?  I'm so so so excited!  She's got great music and is so inspirational, but it's also at the casino, so maybe we'll make a little money in the process!  Maybe I'll wear a mullet!  Maybe I'll wear a flannel shirt!  Maybe I'll tuck in my flannel shirt!  Haha...I love lesbians!

Rumor has it Terry Francona, the manager of the Red Sox is getting fired.  A move directly related to the epic collapse of America's team!  I'm not sure that's a smart move, but some team is gonna be very luckily if they pick him up!  That's all I'm gonna say about that.  Playoffs start tonight...Go up the Yanks!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  See you Monday!


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