Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rodger Dodger

So the Dodgers are becoming one of my favorite teams.  Pretty good timing too, since the Red Sox seem to be experiencing something nobody can explain!  The Dodgers won last night and I'm ever so delighted!  Here's why:  I'm a huge Albuquerque Isotopes fan, so watching Dodger games these days is like watching the Isotopes play.  All of my favorite players were called up this year and even though the Topes season has been over for a month, we've been able to watch our guys in the big leagues.  Unfortunately for us (but luckily for them), half of them will stay in the majors next year and we may never see them again.  Otherwise, we'll make new favorites next year!  Only 2 more games to see them play because unfortunately they didn't make the playoffs this year.

I really hate being sick.  First off, I sneeze, and cough, and sniffle for about a week and a half.  Second, I can't really work out because of the breathing problems.  And third, I always get the GF sick and I feel so bad.  I'm trying to rid myself of this cold, but it's hard.  I'm so tired and feel like it doesn't want to leave my body.  I also don't have much energy.  So, I lack motivation at work and I'd rather sleep than workout over lunch (I'll let you know how that turns out).

Maybe it's time for a small change...we'll see!


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