Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Well, Melissa Etheridge was amazing as usual!  The casino was very generous to us too!  We won about $45 each before the concert, went even further up after the concert, gave half of it away, then broke even again before we left.  Goodtimes!  The dealers at the craps table were pretty fun too!  Mullet count was 12, and we weren't even searching them out!  I was supposed to tell you if my nervousness subsided and it did!  No need to worry!

Saturday had lunch with my neice.  She's probably the cutest kid in the world!  She's also the smartest 6 year old I've ever met! 

I finally got some jeans that fit me...remember one of my recent posts...I have to start buying clothes that fit me!  The GF picked them out and I absolutely love them!  She's pretty excited that I actually liked ones she picked!  She getting good at noticing what my butt looks good in!

I had 3 softball games yesterday and the GF punch to the shoulder did NOT help my throwing abilities.  It took my bat a while to warm up too, but I did progress from a strikeout in the first game to some good hits by the third game.  Good times on the softball field yet again.  Much needed practice for this coming weekend tourney in the LC.  Apparently the shenanigan's are gonna be epic.  There's nothing like a bunch of drunk and sleep deprived girls hanging out for a long weekend of softball and fun!

Broncos lost by 26 points, but the Chiefs won their first game!  Lots of comebacks in football yesterday...the Lions, the 49ers, even the Bengals!  As for baseball, the D-backs are 2 games behind the Brewers...they gotta win or it's over.  Luckily for us all, the Tigers won yesterday...they've also got to keep winning.

Overall, it was a great weekend that got marred only by having to return to work this morning.  Another week of madness here, but another week of words with you! 

Check out my new butt jeans!


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