Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm Exhausted!

I'm exhausted.

House party this entire weekend!  Lots of people over and lots of fun to be had!  It's a really great opportunity to continue my birthday celebration!  It's an overnight softball tourney (well, 2 actually) and if it's anything like last year's tourney, I'm gonna have a blast.  I might not be able to walk on Monday, but it's gonna be fun fun fun. Unfortunately,

I'm exhausted.  I just wanna sleep!

I'm stuck behind a brick wall at work (metaphorically speaking).  It's like I have to get to the other side, or I should be on the other side of the wall already, but I have to break down each brick one by one just to even see how thick the wall is and try to determine how long it's gonna take me to get over it.  I just have so much to do...still!  But,

I'm exhausted.  I just wanna sleep!  I think one day I may never get out of bed!

So, here I am in New Mexico, and the whole state is on fire. Nothing here in the Metro area of Albuquerque, but the Gila National Forest, all of Ruidoso, Corrales bosque, are all on fire and it's pretty smoky around here. It's sad to hear that hundreds of homes are being lost up in Ruidoso. But what's really sad, is that while it's 100 degrees here, a major thunderstorm hits Duluth, Minnesota and totally floods the place. Click here for an article about the Lake Superior Zoo getting flooded. They lost 11 barnyard animals and 2 birds. Both of their seals and the polar bear also got out of their enclosures and were swimming around the major streets! This is some crazy stuff! The elements are not being gentle these days! And,

I'm exhausted.  I just wanna sleep!  I think one day I may never get out of bed!  And then I realize there's more important things happening around the world, and I get up, put on a happy face, and here I am!  Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!



  1. Colorado is all on fire also. Sucks. My eyes hurt and water like crazy!! Happy Birthday though, that's a good thing :). Hope you get some sleep!!