Friday, June 29, 2012

My Week In Review

As if you cared to know about my life, but here it is anyway.  I know I'll get around 15 readers, but I just can't seem to draw out any comments!  Maybe I need to give something away!

I confessed to you all that it was The End of an Era.  I am removing my labret piercing eventually (probably within a month).  I also was giving quizzes in both of my classes...still have some students who just don't care.  Ho hum!  I did get to see my Seester, so that was a wonderful surprise!

I went to the noon Isotopes game and after an hour in the 100 degree heat I was completely sweat-soaked through all my layers of clothes.  I had to use the dryer at the office because being that wet was making me uncomfortable!  I played my 17th softball game in 2 weeks.  We sucked!  And I threw out my arm.

I'm extremely tired, but it's another busy day with classes and work.  I'm officially behind a full class lesson because I had to further explain some homework problems which took all night, so now I need to revamp my schedule.  Work is starting to get crazy again because it's the end of the month.  Important lesson learned was to never NEVER buy enchiladas from Golden Pride...just stick to burritos!

I have lunch with a really great friend who's prego and is the cutest thing ever.  Good times.  My boss steals my energy drink so the last half of the day was pretty tough to get through.  I get talked into playing my 18th softball game and even though our team lost, we had fun.  It's just unfortunate that even though our game was at 8:30pm it was still 95 degrees outside!  We watched So You Think You Can Dance last night and MIA'S BACK!!!

Here I sit today, I'm about to go the gym for the first time since the San Diego RnR (about a month ago) and I'm pretty excited!  I might run a couple miles and hopefully remember what I've been missing the last month.  I've got 12 weeks before Denver, so I've still got plenty of training time!  Game night is tonight, which is always a garaunteed good time with a crazy amount of laughter involved!  And tomorrow we stand proud to be gay and then I get to hang with my niece and nephew!

What are your plans for the weekend?  Gay Pride Parade, watching the kids, movies maybe, cleaning the backyard, and preparing for class.

Ever taken a long hiatus from running?  Going back after a month is gonna be hard, but I'm excited to get back to it...hopefully my hammy is ready too (and my calf).


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  1. You're still busy, busy, busy! I think the break from running was good for you and you'll jump back into it just fine after a few days! Bring on July!! :)