Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Story and A Test

Bullets!  Bullets everywhere!
  • I've planned a big vacation finally!  We're going to Puerto Vallarta!  Yay!
  • I cracked my front tooth playing softball this weekend.
  • I'm still getting birthday presents and it's been 4 days since my actual birthday!
  • I finally get to go to an Isotopes game after missing them for 8 days!!
  • I'm going for my first run tomorrow since my race.
  • I still love teaching!
  • It's hot as hell today, and I really wish I were outside instead of here at work.
Random Story

On the first day of my 7th grade science class, the teacher greeted the whole class with a bunch of jokes.  Everyone knew he was a funny and wacky guy, but we were all still bummed that school was starting and a bit nervous for what was coming in this science class.  We had all laughed at his jokes and started to feel a bit more comfortable in class.  Then he pulled out these 2 really large books and set them on his desk.  He asked for 2 volunteers to read the books over the next week and prepare a presentation for the class because they were based on some larger subjects we'd be discussing over the next couple months.  Nobody moved.  We all looked at him like he was the craziest person ever and was spouting nonsense through his silly mouth!  But, because I'm an honor student (read: big nerd), I raised my hand to volunteer, as did another larger nerd in the class.  He brought us up to the front of the class and handed us each a book.  Right away I was hoping he was kidding because the books were so heavy.  We carried them back to our seats looking ahead to the unfortunate task that lay ahead of us.  He asked me to turn to a certain page, and asked the other kid to turn to a certain page, and there it was...a shiny hundred dollar bill!  One for each of us!  We didn't have to read after all, but we got rewarded for volunteering!  Luckiest kid in the 7th grade!

Test Question

Last Wednesday, both of my classes had their first test of the semester.  Not too shabby outcome for both classes, but a few people could add a couple more study hours to their schedules!  Here's a question from the test...Good Luck!

Home Depot sold a set of chainsaws to Lowe’s. The list price was $3,800. Home Depot offered a chain discount of 8/3/1. The net price of the chainsaws is:
A. $3,537.12
B. $3,537.21
C. $3,391.12
D. $3,357.21

Have a great day!


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