Tuesday, June 5, 2012

San Diego Pre-Race

Now for the Pre-Race!  Click here for the Pre-Pre Race Update.

Saturday morning we woke up with plans: Run, Expo, Movies, Rest, Dinner, Sleep!  Oh how things didn't go the way we planned!

Like I mentioned in the Pre-Pre we went running again on Saturday morning.  This run was a bit shorter, but through some similar parts of Balboa Park...over the bridge, past the fountain, by some museums and ponds, and by 20 port-o-potties that were already set up for the race start the next morning!  There were a lot more people out enjoying the scenery too.  After the run we headed back to shower up.

Instead of heading straight to the Race Expo at the San Diego Convention Center, we had some friends pick us up for breakfast, since they too had to go to the Expo.  We could just grab a quick bite to eat and knowck out the Expo before our 1pm movie time.  Check watches, it's 10:45am (not quite enough time for the Expo adventures, but we're going with it).  We get picked up and made the bad idea of heading downtown to see which breakfast restaurants we could find.  After an hour went by of driving up and down and back and forth on every street, we finally settled on a place called Brian's 24 and sat down and ordered by noon!  I called the theater to see if we could move our Fandango's back to the 4pm show!  Breakfast was amazing...I had this chorizo and egg burrito and it was the size of my bicep!  It was heartbreaking having to leave half of it behind because I had nowhere to keep it!

Expo time!!!  After breakfast we drove around for almost another hour until our San Diego native figured out how to get to the convention center.  Finally we're at the Expo and we have big plans to spend lots of money!  We grab our packets (light blue shirts for SD, yay!) and head into the madness.  By this time our friends' child had fallen asleep so they couldn't enjoy the excitement of a Rock'n'Roll Expo, but we indulged as usual!  We both planned on buying new shoes, but they didn't have the ones I wanted, so only the GF got a pair.  Then we bought the GF a new SpiBelt to hold her phone and GU chomps while she runs.  Then we bought a box of GU for me!  Then we signed the GF up for the Vegas Half in December (I'm already signed up)!  Then we visited a few more booths, checked our watches, and it was 3:15pm.  We needed to get to the movies!

Before we left town, I promised the GF that we'd go see SnowWhite and the Huntsman because it was opening weekend, so I bought the tickets to surprise her.  Luckily, the manager was able to honor our tickets for the later showing!  We walked the few blocks to the theater and enjoyed a great movie.  The ending seemed to be left open, like they want to make a sequel, but overall it was pretty good.  Your typical Snow White film, with a few twists and turns along the way.

Once the movie got out it was 6:00pm and we were supposed to meet up with our friends again for dinner.  They weren't too keen about driving down our direction because of all the traffic and people, so we just said we'd see them in the morning at the race and we headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory!  When we got there it was almost a 2 hour wait, and being that I was hoping to be in bed in 2 hours, we opted for take-out!  We both got spaghetti and hopped a bus back to the hotel.  We ate our food, laid out our race clothes, packed our bags a little, and hit the sack to get a good nights rest before the race!

Race Day coming next!  Enjoy some more pictures!
Pond at Balboa Park.
Front of some museum at Balboa Park.
Fun Game: Find the Airplane?  My stellar picture taking skills
can't seem to capture the low flying plane before or after the palm tree!
Mr. Turtle laying in the sun at SeaWorld!

The GF holding a Starfish at SeaWorld!

This guy kept screaming at the GF to throw him some food!
He would wave at her too!

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  1. Suspense! Sounds like an overall decent way to spend the day before a race.