Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacuum Salesman

I would rather sit around and not do any work, but yesterday I got a crapload of stuff done for the week! 

So, I got duped into watching a 2-hour demo on a vacuum cleaner yesterday!  I should have been more weary from the beginning (when I signed up for a "no obligation" raffle) and should have trusted my instincts that NOTHING IS EVER FREE!!  Then I should have realized there was something up when I win a weekly prize the first week as did 2 more of the 4 other people that signed up!  THEN, I should have smelled something funky when they HAD to deliver it to my home AND I had to be there.  And lastly, I should have told the girl up front that I wasn't going to buy anything, nor was I going to fork over any of my friends or family phone numbers, and I maybe could've saved my Sunday morning, but really all that happened was I gave the GF some quality alone time to watch a movie!

But to make up for my lost time, I have volunteered all of my followers' names and addresses to this vacuum company!  Just kidding!  The worst part about this whole thing is that I really do like these types of vacuums...The best part is that she almost vacuumed my entire front room!

Anywho, Exam Day for both classes and I'm wondering how terrible they're gonna do after I practically GAVE them the answers!!

I just found out there's a possibility of me teaching up to 4 classes in the Fall...yeah, 4, I know!

Well, have a great day!

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  1. DUDE! the vacuum scammers are such a drag! We had them come by on freaking New Year's Eve...or maybe it was the night before. But wow...what an ordeal. It took forEVER and they said it would just take 20 minutes. And then we were burglarized a couple of days later...I am convinced they were casing our joint! Glad you escaped intact and with a nearly fully vacuumed front room :)