Saturday, December 17, 2011

Martha Stewart Night

I didn't think it was fair to go out tonight without allowing you all a view into what's about to happen...It's Ugly Sweater Party night.  After visiting a few stores and not finding anything worthy of representing my ugly sweater, I decided to make it instead.  After about 2 bags of supplies, 25 glue sticks, lots of time and vision, I give you this:

Front - stockings hold miniatures!

Back - Doesn't the top left snowflake look like the Grinch?
It was a lot of fun making this sweater.  The reindeer head on the front sticks out dramatically and the antlers are free to swing around!  The bulbs on the front are just added to hang there.  On the back, the presents under the tree are actual little boxes.  It's quite the sight to be seen.  It's definitely more towards the Cute and kinda Ugly Sweater, but it's got a lot going on! 

I'll let you know how the party goes and hopefully have more pics for you!


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