Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Great Week Off Work

It's been quite a week so far!  Our office has been closed since last Thursday and I have managed to work everyday since!  So much for a Christmas vacation!  Just kidding!  Actually, I will be heading to Sarasota, FL on the 1st for a week of fun in the sun and playing some baseball!  It's one of my favorite times of the year (except my birthday of course)!

Let me catch up to speed.  If you remember on Christmas Eve, I finally ran after being sick for 9 days.  Well, I'm on a running streak.  Today was day 5 of running and I still feel really good.  We're housesitting and I've been trying to run on the trail near the house all week, but have yet to do it.  Not only is it cold, but I am a pussy have been busy at work, remember!  Anywho, we have been working out at a different gym the last couple of days...yes I said WE, me AND the GF.  She's getting back into it.  Right now we're working on strengthening her knee back up, but we got get her ready for San Diego or a future race...she WILL run a halfer in 2012!

Speaking of the GF, she made an awesome turkey dinner for Christmas.  It was her first turkey so she was a bit nervous, but it came out amazing...and we've been eating it everyday since! 
Look at that spread!
That morning we exchanged many many many gifts and the GF got me my first ever Garmin Forerunner watch.  Now that I'm trying to pretend to be this serious runner, I felt this was the next big step!  I can't wait to use it in Florida!
So, when my bro and his family came over to visit on Christmas day, we all sat around for a few hours just hangin out and opening presents for the kids.  My nephew found a new way to get to the backyard!
Well, I saw the dogs use it, so I just figured...
You never really know what this cute kid is gonna do!  He was running around all afternoon without his pants on and feeding the dogs potato chips!  Would any of this sound strange if I said he was 17 years old?  Just kidding...he's 2, although I'm sure some high school student is blogging about his crazy weekend!

Yesterday afternoon we had to take some heavy boxes to the post office so they could be mailed to Sarasota.  When we arrived, the GF was carrying a big box with another small box on top, and I was carrying a very large box myself.  My job was to get the door with my elbow, prop it open with my foot, and let her pass through.  Well, lucky for us a woman was walking in right in front of us and BLAM!  Door shut in my face!  Luckily there were two doors, so she could redeem herself, since you could tell I was right behind her carrying a humungous box with the GF right behind me carrying two equally heavy boxes.  She opens the door and BLAM!  Door shut in my face again!  BITCH!  I really couldn't believe that just happened.  So, we get in and set our boxes down and I get into line to ask the postal man a quick question.  Well, that lady was over to the side looking a holiday cards, so I stepped to the front of the line and she steps in front of me and says, "I think I was behind that guy."  And I said, "Bitch, up yours, I'm next!" "Oh, I thought you were looking at cards!"  And she stayed in front of me!  I'm not confrontational and there was nobody else in the place, so I just let her go in front of me, but the GF was about ready to give this lady a piece of her mind.  The GF always has my back!
Look how heavy this box is!
Last night we had Christmas with the BFJ!  It was her mother's birthday, so we went over to her house for dinner and games and cocktails (her dad makes really good margarita's)!  Anywho, she gave me some really thoughtful gifts.  One thing she made me was this Race Bibs board so I can hang all my bibs up in one place and display them on the wall!  We're gonna have to get together to make a medals board now...cause I've got lots of those too!  Maybe like a picture of Pinnochio with his nose sticking way out and all the medals can hang from his nose!  Although, then many people might think I'm lying about running all those races!  I'll think of something!

I'll leave you with one last thought, which happens to be the other gift my BFJ gave me!
Enough Said!

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