Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blogger Gift Exchange

One of the bloggers that I stalk follow, Run with Jill, is having her annual Holiday Blogger Exchange.  All that is required is that you tell her you wanna be in the exchange, she gives you a name, and you send them a gift!  Actually, you check out the blogger's site for a while and see if you can figure something out that they'd want for the Holidays and you send it to them, hopefully before the holidays!  It remains a secret until you actually receive the gift, and then you can praise them with thank-you's and how-did-you-know's!

It's no secret that I love getting gifts for any occasion...even no occasion at all.  Why do you think I came up with the 12 Days of Birthmas!  Because it's Christmas, when I receive a gift, I try not to open it up until Christmas Day, so with all the excitement that came with getting my Blogger gift in the mail the other day, I put it under the Christmas Tree to await patiently for the 25th to roll around.  I was even going to wait to blog about it until afterwards, so I could praise XLMIC-Taking it On that it was exactly what I'd wanted and thank you so much and I can't wait to use it!

Well, I just couldn't wait any longer!  I had to rip open the present and dig in right away!  Here's a look at what I got!
OH, WAIT!  Did I mention that the dogs were the ones that were so excited to see my pissed off face excitement about what I got?  Yeah, they were actually the ones that opened my Blogger gift!
How does Nuun taste?
Why squirt when you can unscrew?
One of our dogs, Neko, thinks she can eat whatever she wants around the house.  She's had raw chicken legs and breasts, bags of chips, a full bag of individual kit kats, leftover Olive Garden, and other numerous things that we assumed were out of her reach!  She's like some bionic dog when it comes to getting things off the counter.  Once she's gotten it down, then our other dog, Jersey, helps her devour it.  Neko's the sneaky looking one on the right:

I think she's even hiding something in her left paw!

We're not quite sure why she keeps acting up, because we punish her every time, and she knows that she's been a bad girl, but how do you punish someone that looks like this:

I love you mommy!  I'm just a little baby!
 So, I'd like to thank my dogs for not making me wait another 5 days to see what I got from my Secret Santa Blogger.  I'd also like to thank Marjorie at Taking it On for my wonderful wonderful gift!  I love it and was thankful they didn't chew through the entire bottle, or else I'd be out on some great GU flavors!  I'm also excited to try this Lance Armstrong endorsed waffle!  So, again, thank you so much!  I'd also like to throw in a quick thank you to Jill for organizing such a giving event, my dogs would be eating other things lost without you!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Oh, man! That stinks! But your pups are SUPER cute! I am glad you liked it :)

  2. WOW! That XL is quite the little shopper, great gifts Chicken!! Glad you enjoyed them, despite the puppies taking all the fun out of opening them for you!

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Looking forward to seeing what adventures are on your horizon in 2012!!!!