Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthmas to ME!

Good Afternoon friends and family! If you don't remember, I am currently celebrating my Birthmas! That is the 12 Days of Birthmas! So, for the 12 days leading up to my birthday, I should get a present from you every day! It doesn't have to be large or expensive, but it's gotta be something good. The GF has been doing a great job so far. I didn't get a tree this year, but maybe next! We also celebrated one of the pups birthday's on Saturday. She got a whole baggy full of tennis balls. She was really excited. The GF scattered them around the room and made her bring every one of them back to her. Jersey's really smart, so she got the hang of it real quick. Now we just have slipping hazards all around the house! Last night Riley, one of the cats, was playing with a tennis ball and looked to be having lots of fun. They're not just for dogs anymore!

So, we did a 9 miler this weekend! It was more successful than my large undertaking last weekend. But it proved to me that the GF is a beast! She just doesn't quit! Again, so proud. As for me, I'm staying pretty steady and I know I'll finish the race, so I'm just hoping that the sea level running will be beneficial to me and my training!! We've got about 2 more full weeks of real good training and the last few days will be for travel, registration, sleep, and small runs. Then it's go time! All this training will lead up to about 2 and a half hours of running and then it's over! On to the next race! Actually, it'll be on to vacation, but after that it'll be on to another race!

Scorching heat this weekend. Of course, I love the heat so I was outside picking weeds and scooping dog poop in a tank top and shorts. The GF was laying out at 9am and it must've already been 98%. I couldn't even stand on the cement because it was already so hot. The dogs didn't even have the energy to bring me a toy to throw, so they just laid in the shade. But then by 8pm, there was wind and lightning and rain in other parts of the city...strange...but more strange that the temp still remained in the 90's!

It's 50 cent hot dog night at the ballpark tonight and I'll probably have none of those! When they are mass produced, they are grossly produced at the same time! Disgusting cold hot dogs with hard buns...sound appetizing? Wrong! But how about a delicious turkey sub from Dion's? Now that's what I'm talking about! Besides, it'll help more in my dieting endeavors than the cold dog would!!

Stay cool!


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