Sunday, January 1, 2012

Making vs. Keeping Promises

It's a good thing my New Year's Resolution wasn't to keep my promises, because I know I've promised you all a lot the past couple weeks, and here I am blogging for the 2nd or 3rd time in weeks and I've yet to talk about my year in review or my year to come.  I'm sorry.  It's been a very long past 2 weeks.  Not only was I sick for 9 days before Christmas (remember that?), but I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick again...ain't that the devil trying to tell me something?  Unfortunately, I have Baseball Camp starting in a day and a half, and the Phoenix RnR halfer in 2 weeks!  No time to be sick, so I've stocked up on meds and I'm hoping to kill this thing immediately!

We are in lovely Sarasota, Florida for a week!  That's right, from 56 degree weather in Albuquerque, to 75 degrees in Florida...I cannot wait to run tomorrow!  Outside, in the sun!  The only problem with this whole week is that I tend to indulge too much because I'm around some really good friends that I just like to sit around and talk and catch up and drink with!  Maybe I'll watch myself a bit more this year...yeah, probably not!

My Year In Review isn't spectacular, but I have a few highlights I'd like to mention.  In January, I ran the Phoenix RnR halfer and it sucked, so this year I'm hoping to beat my time.  I also saw Wicked for the first time live, and it was AMAZING!  In February, the GF celebrated her 28th birthday!  Nothing huge in March, April (BFJ's birthday), or May.  June obviously marked the anniversary of my birth!  A day that should be celebrated by all!  July held an amazing trip to Vegas, that was practically paid for because of my award winning performance at the Craps tables!  And I can't forget a 4 year milestone for my Bro.  August was Sugarland and the GF and my 6 year anniversary.  Gosh, I love her!  September we welcomed football and getting back into running again.  October was more running and training.  November brought a new part time job and more running and training.  December was a great halfer in Vegas and a whole lot of crazy stuff to get ready for this new year that I know is going to be amazing!

As for the new when we were a bit scared that 2000 was the end of the world?  Anywho, this year is gonna be a big year.  I've got so many goals in mind and I just hope I can come close to achieving them.  That's what goals are all about...shooting high and doing the best you can.  Giving yourself a benchmark for the future...that's what it's all about.  Celebrating what you've achieved and pushing harder next time.  Here's what I'm aiming for this year:

1.  Running 1,000 miles
2.  Running 4 halfers
3.  Having a 30 day running streak of at least 1 mile a day
4.  Meet at least 2 of the bloggers that I follow...other than my Bro
5.  Become a better blogger
6.  Increase my average speed to one day run a sub 2hr halfer (2 years time)

Number 7 is left open to show that my list of goals can be added to...

Lastly, I am beginning a 30 day challenge today thanks to Amanda at Run to the Finish.

That's right, I'm keeping a food journal for the next 30 days.  It hasn't started out too good today because I've been travelling all day and now I'm on vacation and if you remember from above, I like to indulge on this trip!  We'll have to remember to compare this week to next week!

Are you doing the food challenge?

How do you decide what your new year's goals will be?


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