Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keen What? Quinoa!

Another successful run today!
I can't seem to wake up early except for school, so I'm
stuck running on the Mill.  Luckily, I enjoy the Mill!

I've been watching the USA women's and men's basketball teams
while running on the Mill.  Makes the time pass quickly
and I look like an idiot as I'm cheering for them!

After the gym I made another yummy yummy salad!

It has baby spinach (my new fave), quinoa with brown rice, artichoke
hearts, grapes, and a splash of balsamic vinagrette!
It was AMAZING!  So good, I may have it again tomorrow!

My accounting class last night was a whole bunch of fun!
Lots of laughter!  Not much teaching, but lots of laughter!

And I'm slightly addicted to Monster Energy drinks.
Not good for me, but pretty darn tasty!

One more day of the week!!!
And my back hurts really bad :-(


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