Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweaty Beast

The random rain storms have come in handy lately.  For instance, last week I had class on Wednesday night and was gonna miss the baseball game, BUT it rained on the South side of town, raining out the game creating a doubleheader on Thursday that I could go to!  This past Tuesday night I had a softball game, but it rained and flooded the field, so our game was canceled, then I could do dinner with the GF!  Tonight I have a game that could possibly be rained out as well!  Crossing my fingers!

Had my high mileage mid-week run today!  I have a sweating problem.  No headbands have ever worked for me.  I've tried all the types they swear will hold in the sweat or wick it away or whatever they claim, and nothing has ever worked.  I've worn bandanas, dorky thick headbands, thin girly type elastic ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, and nothing has ever worked.  I still get sweat in my eyes, dripping down my face, it's pretty much like I'm not wearing anything at all!

So, you can imagine what it's like on the I'm running, I keep a towel in front of me to be able to wipe my sweat away.  Only problem is, if I run for more than 2 miles, I am constantly wiping my face.  So, when I finished my 5 miles today, I had completely wiped away the skin on both sides of my face right next to my temples.  I do this once a week and it hurts like hell!  The next day I just wipe away the scabbing area, then the next it doesn't hurt so bad.  Then I take a day or two off and have my long run and the whole things starts over again!

I'm really not sure what to do.  So, I'm just gonna keep trying new headbands, and maybe I'll find one that'll keep me from wiping away my face!


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