Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Much 'To Do' About Salad

Look at this salad!!

Yummy huh!!  This is what I had for lunch!

It's a mixture of everything we have in our office kitchen,
there's baby spinach, artichoke hearts, grapes, string cheese, and cashews
all blended nicely with a fat free balsamic vinagrette
and some Olive Garden italian dressing!

I'm trying to get back on that motivation train, you know, the one
where I run everyday and eat healthy and have all this energy.
Things have not been going very well lately...I haven't even had the energy to blog!

But I gotta start somewhere, so here I am blogging, and I had a healthy lunch.
Instead of working out at lunch, I picked all the weeds at the office,
but I have softball tonight, so there's my workout for the day!

I'm getting back into the "To Do List" habit:

1. Blog every day this week, the weekend too!

2. Run at least 2 miles each day, the weekend too!

3. Organize piles and make work to do list by Thursday afternoon.

4. Send out all Baseball letters by Thursday afternoon.

5. Finish all remaining PPT's by Sunday night.

6. Take GF to movies this weekend.

7. Finish Fall 2012 Schedules by Sunday night.

That's a lot of work for me, but I guess I gotta follow through now
since everyone will be holding me accountable
(especially on number 6!)

I'm centering everything to change things up a bit!!

Enjoy your evening!


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