Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Child Life

Although yesterday was a pretty craptastic day, I think today was very productive.  Well, let me first tell you that by the time I finally got home last night, the GF had already crossed off number 4 on my Weekly To Do List!  Now I just gotta work on the rest!

I've already worked out twice today!  This morning I went for a run with the GF...she'snot a big fan of running with me because I make her push it pretty hard, but she did great this morning!  Negative split!!  Then we met at lunch and went to the gym.  She did 45 minutes on the elliptical, while I tried to run.  I got about a mile into my run when my hammy started acting up, so I moved over to the stairmaster for 20 minutes.  My third workout will come tonight at my softball game, if the rain doesn't have other plans!

The world lost some great people yesterday, but luckily most of us still have more great people in our lives.  One of those is my BFJ!  It's not just because she's my bestie, or because she is so nice to me and everyone she meets, it's because she's got the BIGGEST heart in the world!  If she ever donates her heart, she'll be helping at least a dozen people!  Anywho, my brother just sent me a video that will explain why she's the coolest person ever.  Her day job is to literally play with kids all day...but she doesn't just play with them, I think she cures them.  There couldn't be a better person to have this job than her!  Love you J!

I hope you enjoyed that!  Have a great evening!


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