Monday, June 14, 2010

Catching Up...

Hello! Hello! Hello! Well, I've been away for a while. I don't normally write my blog in the mornings. I usually wait til after lunch and then I write these masterful pieces that will go down in history as the greatest story ever told. But lately I've been too preoccupied and have forgotten to express my inner thoughts with you. I hardly ever turn the computer on during the weekend anymore and I've come to accept that, but last week it seemed like I was just plain forgetting about it during the afternoon hours at work (because I also don't turn the computer on at home on the weeknights). So, here I am, it's morning time, and I'm trying to make it all up to you. Last week the GF was sick one day, I was actually working another day, and it just plain skipped my mind. I'll try to be better about it the next week and a half though since I'll be leaving town and who knows when I'll be able to blog then.

The past 11 days have been part of my Birthmas! Tomorrow is the big day! Although I'm sure I'll celebrate the whole month, tomorrow is officially my 32 birthday! Yay! I'm not doing anything crazy this year like I normally do, because I'm waiting to let go on our vacation. I am still accepting presents though, which the GF has so gratefully been doing for every day of Birthmas. My favorite so far is the new buttons she sewed on all my they actually stay up! A close close second is the new nightlite she bought for me to put in the hallway so it's not so dark. Everyone knows I'm afraid of the dark, but I guess the hall light is too bright, but the new nightlite is just perfect!!

So, the big race is in 2 weeks! Can you believe it's almost here? All this hard work will hopefully help me cross that finish line...and the GF too. We did a 10 miler this weekend and although we were both pretty successful, I think the GF outdid herself before she was fully over her sickness and was miserable the rest of the day yesterday. Poor thing. But she's recovered and her head no longer lingers over the toilet bowl. She should hopefully be on the top of her game in 2 weeks time! As for me, my feet hurt and my sports bra keeps scratching off my skin, but I'm good to go. I just gotta keep the pace and stay steady and be hopeful that running at sea level will be as nice as everyone keeps saying. I think back to all those times I've been to Seattle and not once did I ever exercise while I was there...what a waste!! We'll probably do a short run when we get there, so hopefully that'll tell us how it's going to be!

Today, forget the hate and feel the love!


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