Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

Hello everyone! Oh my goodness, I'm finally here in Seattle and the big race is tomorrow! Did you hear that? TOMORROW!! That's right, the moment has finally arrived. My grandmother is looking down on me now asking me why I drank so much beer last night. She's also sending me some love for the big day. I can't believe that all this time of training (and complaining) the moment is upon us. The GF is WAYYYYYY nervous though. She's excited, but WAYYYY nervous. I keep telling her that she's too competitive to stop running, and will all the built up adrenaline and excitement, and then the energy given off from all the other runners, and this being her first half ever, she'll sail right through the race and when it's over she'll be on such a high! I've also told her that around mile 9, she might wanna quit, but that should pass once she gets to mile 10!!

But it's upon us! I will blog tomorrow afternoon at sometime to update you on the whole ordeal. Hopefully on Sunday, or at some point during the rest of my vacation I will recap this whole Battle for Seattle! I want to thank you all for your support throughout this whole experience and I ask you for one more day of your good thoughts and prayers. I might need that extra push (at mile 9) to finish strong! The weather is dreary today, and it's been raining all morning, so we're gonna make the best of the day and hope that we are gien some nice cool running weather: not too warm, not too cold.

Sunday begins my GraduCation! We are off to Forks, Washington. For all you Twilight fans, that's apparently where the series is based, so the GF is pretty stoked. As for me, I just like to see her happy, so we are spending the night in Bella's hometown, just days shy of the release of the 3rd film. The GF is sooooo excited to go and I'm hoping to get some good pictures so she'll have great memories! Then we're off down the coast, stopping for pictures and food, sleeping in the car or random motels, and driving...lots of driving! I promise to write as much as possible. It'll hopefully become a good way to document our travels. I'll have to change the name of my blog of course after the race tomorrow, but it'll be the same rantings I always have!

Today, take a quick moment to wish us luck! Love you all!


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