Friday, June 4, 2010

Cheese Balls

Don't you just love cheese balls? Some people don't appreciate a good cheese ball. I'm talking about the big jug of cheese balls you can buy at Costco and the whole office always has their hand in the jug! You pretend like it's gross that everyone's eating out of the same jug, but then you have one and fall in love! They're so so so good. I can have 32 individual balls a day to keep my calories low. Wouldn't wanna over do it!!

It's day 107 today!! I can't believe it's been that many days. I went back and read some old blog posts and they're pretty crazy! I can't believe you all put yourselves through that everyday, thank you! I know they're so so random, but it helps when I know some of you still read them! Especially after 107 days! We went to the gym at lunch today and had a good run. I think I'm slowly getting faster...just on the treadmill though. My speed on the treadmill translates about 2 minutes slower per mile on the streets. So, I figure, if I can get faster inside, then I can get faster outside...I just wish the pavement was as soft and bouncy as the treadmill. The same thing happens to the GF. She's getting faster too, but the transition to pavement slows her up quite a bit.

I need a pick me up...not like drugs or anything, but like a two-day nap. I wanna lock myself away from EVERYTHING and just sleep...for 2 days straight. I'm thinking that when I wake up, I'll first have to pee, then I'll have to readjust to the world. 2 days full of "things" would have happened while I slept and I know I'd just have to catch back up with the stuff I didn't get done while I was sleeping. Catching up will take time, so I won't get much sleep, and then it all becomes a giant circle. Maybe I need to go back to school so I have something to do with all this extra free time when I would be napping! I'm confused!


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