Friday, January 13, 2012

Baseball Camp Recap

Sarasota, Florida is beautiful this time of year.  It's beautiful in other times too, but I rarely get to visit "those other times".  We stay at the lovely Hotel Indigo and play Baseball at Pirate City in Bradenton.  We have 2 teams of Campers and 7 Professionals who are the coaches and most of them actually play with us!  We play 10 total 7-inning Baseball games, drink lots of beer, eats loads of food, and have the best time ever.

This year the weather started out cold and windy, but by the 2nd day of Camp it was in the low 70's...perfect Baseball weather.  Not only do I pretty much organize the whole Camp, I also catch for whatever team I'm on!  We wear whatever major league team uniform we want and get out there and play hardball!

I had a so-so week.  I hit the ball out of the infield maybe twice.  I jammed my hand real bad at the beginning of the week and right as it was healing up, I strained my left thumb tagging a guy out at home!  I don't think thumbs were made to bend the opposite direction.  So, my hitting was way off this year.  My fielding, though, is a different story!  I made some great pop-up catches behind the plate, I made some great plays AT the plate, and I even made some good plays in the field...I think I even turned a double-play!

The guys I play with are real good friends.  My boss plays of course...and he had a tremendous year in the outfield and with the bat!  We had a few new guys who fit in quite well and I'm pretty sure they enjoyed themselves too...hopefully they'll be back next year!

I started this food journal 30-day challenge on Jan.1 and I stuck to it pretty good the whole time I was in Florida, although it contained many many food and beverage entries.  Things changed the day I got home because I certainly don't eat as much or drink as much when I don't have all these free meals offered!  As much as I like to drink, it really doesn't do much for me!  I'm still having issues with dairy products too.

As for my training schedule, it was like night and day from last year's training while at Camp.  This year I actually kept it in the back of my head that I had a race a week after Camp ended and I made sure to get some runs in while in Florida...even if I played two games that day, I still tried to get in at least 3 miles.  I needed to keep my knees healthy, since last year they crapped out on me.  I ran 6 miles the other day and they knees felt great.  I also think I was healthier and in better physical shape going into Camp this year.  I felt a lot better and seemed to be thinking clearer.

Overall, Baseball Camp went fantastic this year!  I hope we can find a few more guys and keep it going next year.  I'll definitely need to practice my hitting!


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