Friday, January 27, 2012

Four More Things Friday!

1. I mentioned in my earlier blog, yes this is my second blog of the day, I mentioned that I would rather take a nap than do my 3 easy miles...well...I made it to the gym and ran 3 miles on the Mill and I watched House instead of CSI.  They talk a lot faster on House, so it was a lot more challenging to read the captions as I was running and listening to my iPod.  I'm a multi-tasker!
Anywho, the run felt great and fast.  I'm not trying to build my speed this week, so I took it easy and I don't punch it in for the last .2 or anything, but the time just flew by today.  I'm SOOOO glad I went to the gym instead of laying down on the office couch!

2. A lady I work with has ants in her pants a problem with ants.  They're the baby ants that crawl across your kitchen floor and by the sink and are the most annoying ants in the world.  I already knew she had this problem from when we house-sat for her months ago.  Anyway, apparently this morning she put her purse on her kitchen counter and the ants crawled in.  Then at work, she put her purse on my desk and the ants crawled out!  So all day I've been having ants crawling all over my stuff.  It's very irritating because I hate ants.  Taking It On just mentioned in one of her last posts how much she f*cking hates ants and says they warrant the f-word!  And I totally agree!

3. Most of you already know this, but I have a mild case of OCD! 
 As I was dressing at the gym I noticed that when I put my socks and shoes on, I go sock-shoe-sock-shoe.  This may seem normal to most of you, and some of you are thinking how you might do it, and still some of you are thinking that sock-sock-shoe-shoe is better, but most of you are thinking "She's crazy!"  But I've always been a firm believer that if a fire breaks out while I'm putting on my shoes, at least I can hop through the gravel with one shoe on!  Another thing I'm very weird about is the toilet paper roll.  The roll must be over the top instead of under the bottom!  If someone else replaces the tp roll, I will fix it if it's not over the top!  Again I should be institutionalized weird, I know!

4. When I got back to the office this afternoon, I was pulling out things to have for lunch.  I had a turkey sandwich that the GF made me, a golden delicious apple, some grapes, and a tomato.  I love eating tomatoes with salt.  I used to love tomatoes, then I hated tomatoes, now I love them again...with salt.  Once I finished my tomato, I still wanted to have salt.  I'm addicted to salt.  Probably not good for cholesterol or sodium levels or probably a lot of other health things, but I've always loved salt.  Quick moment to apologize to my seester and bro for their daughter turning out like me!  Anyway, I decided to pour some salt on my apple slice and HOLY TASTE BUDS!!!  It was amazing!  It might be my new thing now!
What's one of your weird eating habits?

What's one of your weird every day habits?


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