Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pre-Race Prep

Flew into Phoenix this morning!  The hotel actually had a room available for us at 8:30am!  Pretty impressive, although our bathroom light didn't turn on, our toilet wouldn't stop running, the fridge/micro wasn't producing any cold, and the towels were dirty!  The small price you pay to stay near the race course!  And I literally mean, small price!

Went to the Expo and spent our usual 2 plus hours there walking up and down each aisle.  I picked up my race packet and the t-shirts for this race are white...really??  White?  Oh well, I'm sure I'll still wear it!  Then I bought a new red long sleeve race shirt.  Then I did it!  That's right, I signed up for both the San Diego halfer and the Denver halfer!  Because I did that I received yet another t-shirt for the San Diego race, and a water bottle for the Denver race.  Then we got two more cool water bottles at some booth.  Numerous other small random things and then it was time for lunch.

We headed to the Hard Rock Cafe just down the street from the Expo and while we ate, we watched the US Olympic Marathon Trials!  It was really exciting and motivating to see these athletes race to get the opportunity to represent the USA at the Olympics.  The only unfortunate thing was right before the marathons finished, the bar had to change the channels to the football game!  So, we headed back the the hotel to watch one of the best football games ever!  The 49ers won it in the end, and what a fight it was!  The Broncos are currently losing in supreme fashion, so we're watching the Miss America contestants strut in their bikinis!

We took a quick trip up the street to Food City and I bought some microwaveable meals for my pre-race dinner!  Pretty exciting huh!  It's what you do when you have no car and the nearest Olive Garden is 20 minutes away!  I've set out all my race clothes and gotten everything ready, so hopefully I'll have a smooth morning!  I always get nervous and my stomach does backflips until the 2nd mile, so if everything else goes smooth, then dry heaving is all I have to worry about!

Normally, I'd say something like "Just finishing is good enough for me!"  But that's bull!  I really wanna beat my time from last year.  I feel good this year, so I'm thinking I can kill the time from last year.  If I run the race I did in Vegas, then I'll beat it by 10 minutes.  Otherwise, I'm just gonna stay relaxed and run my race.  Because of the no car situation, I won't have the luck of seeing the GF anywhere between mile 2 and 13, but little does she know, I'll be thinking of her the whole way anyway!  She's pretty motivating and I can't believe she lets me drag her to all these races.

So, goodnight my fellow supporters!  Wish me luck tomorrow because I'll need it.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Go Chicken!



  1. Go Chicken!! Good luck tomorrow, have a absolute blast!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! You will do great!

  3. You are going to have a great race :) All this talk of all the great stuff on t.v. today is making me almost wish we had t.v.... almost!

    Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  4. I hope you're race went well. Can't wait to hear all about it!