Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Halfer Recap Part 2: The Aftermath

In my previous post, I mentioned how crazy fast I was in the race!  Even the people I had tracking me while I ran said they were scared when they got my 5K time!  Fast out the gates!  Understand that the womens half marathon winner only beat me by 1 hour!  That's how fast I am!

Anyway, after my fist pump at the finish line, I winded through the finisher's chute grabbing my medal, some water, some gatorade, and a fruit cup.  I met a lady who I sort of paced with during the race.  We thanked each other for keeping the pace for each other.  Funny how things work out like that.  I remember seeing her near mile 7 and thinking she was someone else (someone I really dislike too), but luckily it wasn't.  Anyway, her name is Michelle and she's from the Bay Area.  Really nice lady!  I also met the Mayor of Tempe!  He ran the half course backwards before it actually started (in 2:04:00), then ran it again with everyone (something like 2:16 or 2:19), pretty crazy! But I introduced myself...he was nice!  Then I took my finishers photo...2 thumbs up!

I worked my way to find the GF!  Before I could even look for her amongst the crowd surrounding the "O", she came barreling out of the pack with a huge smile on her face screaming 2:18! 2:18! You ran it in 2:18!  She almost knocked me over when she hugged me.  Tear in my eye!  After changing clothes we headed to the free beer tent!  Michelob Ultra, I love you.  The past few races have been serving MGD 64, which is horrible...I think I'd rather drink my own throw up...so you could only imagine my excitement when I saw the Mich Ultra tents!  As I drank 2 beers, we sat and watched a really cute old dude in an aviators hat and goggles dance around.  I then went back to the tent and got 2 more beers as we sat and waited for the B-52's to take the stage.  An hour later they finally came on, and after about 4 songs, we started getting hungry, so we headed to the light rail to ride back to the hotel.  Please note that since my 3rd pee trip BEFORE the race, I still hadn't gone pee AFTER the race (even after a water, a gatorade, and 4 beers)!

After we showered up and I eventually peed (not in the shower), we walked over to the Four Peaks Brewery that was just down the street.  It was packed!  So many runners were in there and had not even showered yet...it was gross, but fun!  We found 2 seats up at the bar right away, only to be encroached by some dude sitting next to me...well, sitting on my lap really!  We ordered some food and beverages and watched the beginning of a NY Giants takeover.  We walked back to the hotel stopping off at the store again to get some candy bars.  Once we got back to the hotel we laid around and finally fell asleep and flew out the next day.  Airport observation: there were about 200 people in their race tech shirts or other race clothing and about a handful were wearing their medals!  Show offs!

I'm gonna say it was a very successful trip.  I can't wait to run another one!  I ran 3 miles at the gym this afternoon and my body felt great!  Oh, and now I have 957.1 miles to go!


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  1. Congrats on the speedy finish! Not sure I can agree with the Mich Ultra though. I might just be a spoiled northwesterner though.