Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whatever you do today, STAY HOME!

I don't know what's in the air today, but I've seen about 4 car accidents today!  The GF reported a semi had turned over on its side, there was a car on a tow truck about to be hauled away, there was a car smashed in and another car on it's side, and yet another crash on the highway with the windshield borken in and the guy being loaded into the ambulance!  Everybody stay home and stay safe!  Maybe it's the good weather...nobody would ever think that it snowed here yesterday.  I really regret running indoors today!

Speaking of running, I did 5 miles today and felt I could've gone another couple miles!  Of course that might have been a different story if I had been outside running in the high temps of 48 degrees.  Well, maybe I wouldn't have wanted to run's still a bit too cold for me!  Wuss!  This Saturday is the 2nd Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K!
I will be doing this race on Saturday sometime and I'll let you all know how it goes.  I could possibly win some prizes too...wouldn't that be great!  Although, I have yet to win anything from another blogger, so we'll see! 

As of time of publication, I was informed of yet another accident on the highway...seriously people, stay home, drink a glass of wine, and watch some tv!

Are you doing the FYTO5K?



  1. I'm doing the race! My first virtual race.

    1. Have fun w/ the virtual 5k. I have 18 miles on my schedule, so in some way I am kind of doing it, right?

    2. Laura, I look forward to virtually running alongside you!
      MissZippy, have fun with that 18 miler! We'll pretend the 5K comes first, while you're still sane!!