Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go Meat!

Good afternoon!  Since I haven't talked to you all since the 2nd of January, I've got lots of catching up to do.  I'll do a Baseball Camp Recap, a Teaching Recap, and soon to be a RnR Phoenix Halfer Recap.  But for now I'd like to say how much I've missed you.  I haven't even had time to read all the blogs I follow...that's a lot of reading.

I'm busy catching up with EVERYTHING!  My desk has piles of crap on it as usual.  My mind is racing all day and all night, which means I don't sleep very well, or for long periods of time.  I've been able to get in a couple workouts before the big race and my joints seem to be working well this go-round.  I think I can lug out 10 miles before I realize I don't wanna be running anymore!  I'm also gonna sign up for 2 more races while I'm in Phoenix!

As of right now, my countdown is at 976.2 miles to go!  This is gonna be one interesting year!  Oh, and I thought I broke my thumb last week at Camp.  Actually it bent all the way backwards and was swollen to the size of a Hillsbury Farm Bratwurst and now it's really blue and green.  It's just strained, obviously, but it hurts like a bitch and being that I'm a pussy little baby, I really want this pain to go away.  I'm still icing it because of the swelling, but I really just wanna be back to normal.  It's my bracelet wearing hand too and my brother just got me this Fraggle Rock bracelet and I can't even fit it over my hand!  Blasphemy!

The weather in Albuquerque sucks!  Let's just say I'm still bitter about leaving 76 degree weather and coming to this 49 degree crap.  Otherwise I'm in an amazing mood!

Glad to be back!


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  1. Ok, you can't just say you bent your thumb all the way back without explaining... Details please...

    Hope it feels better soon though :)