Wednesday, January 18, 2012

World's Best Teacher!

I'm in a no-race-to-train-for mood. 
The next one I'm thinking about doing is in late April, becaues I haven't found one in early March I'd like to do.  Actually, I've found a few I'd like to do, but we'd have to travel for them and we don't have the money to do that.  So, I'll be doing lots of local 5K's and 10K's until April rolls around.  So, I'm in a mood.  I will just do what I want to do for the next couple of weeks...maybe 3 or 4 days a week of running...we'll see.

I'm an instructor now! 
That's right...they let me teach people stuff...real stuff, like Business Math!  Scary thought to some of you, but it's actually my dream to become a teacher at a college, so one class this semester is my "foot in the door"!  And it's going great!  I've had 3 classes so far!  I've taught them one full chapter all on my own and they believed every word I said to them.  I've also gone over the syllabus and class schedule 3 stuff!

I just don't understand the students sometimes though.  For example(s), I am giving away free points in class!  That's right...FREE POINTS!  It's not a test or an actual homework assignment, just little things that can earn them free points.  Like emailing me "hello"! That's all they need to say...hello!  Seems easy?  Wrong...about 5 people missed out on these easy points.  They have to turn in to me a questionnaire about themselves (which they can fill out during class while I'm talking)...easy?  Wrong...about 5 people missed out on these easy points.  Like I seriously hand them the sheet and say "Fill this out right now" and they still don't do it!

I used to grab every possible point I could get in my classes.  I utilized the teacher for everything...every single question I had, I asked it.  Every problem I wasn't sure about, I asked about it.  Every assignment I turned in on time.  I showed up for every test and study group and review session.  I wasn't shy when it came to getting good grades.  The GF is the exact same way.  She'll go to the teachers office hours every week if she has to, just to make sure she understands what she's doing.  AND it's a good way for the teacher to know how hard you're working in case you ever need to change a B+ to an A.

We'll see how the rest of the semester goes.  I've already got some favorite know, the ones who always offer up answers in class WITHOUT being called on!  The ones who actually read the chapter before I go over it in class!  I've got 3 months to go of this, so I'm sure I'll get some great stories!  I've been told that it takes 3 semesters before you get things down solidly!  I can't wait til all I'm doing is teaching.  Poor Bob's not gonna know what to do...Oh well!

Were you a school nerd?  I totally was a chronic student.  I loved going to class and organizing all my materials.

Were you a teacher's pet?  Teachers loved me because I always talked and asked the questions that others were thinking.



  1. April is chock full of great races it seems. I wish I could do them all!

    The stories I hear about students these days from professor friends are always amazing. I definitely think the work ethic has diminished over the years!

  2. I think the fact that you went for all those points shows why you are teaching the class...

    I was the same way though. I still have a paper from my senior year of high school that I'm proud of. I got every point possible and I think it was well written. My husband makes fun of me for it. Yeah, and who got better grades...

    That would be me.

  3. Teaching sounds perfect for you--awesome. I too would be glommig those points. I paid for my college education and was determined to get the most out of it. It pains me to see kids squander their opportunities.