Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mid-Year Check-in With My 2012 Goals

It's Friday!!  I can't believe I made it through this crazy week.  I'm writing you early this morning because I still have lots of work to do today and we are leaving the office at 3pm this afternoon to go to the movies!!
It's a coworker's birthday and she decided to go to the movies instead of going to lunch with the office.  I think that's a great idea!  Especially when the boss pays AND we get out of work early!  Also, this said coworker has been stalking Johnny Depp for the past few weeks around town.  He's here in Albuquerque filming The Lone Ranger and he's rented a house near hers and I'm pretty sure she walks the streets all night peeping into windows trying to find him.  Creepy!

I apologize for complaining to everyone about how busy I've been.  I'm sure you've all had these kinds of weeks before.  It's just that I'm normally pretty laid back at work, so when I actually have to "do work" I really don't enjoy it!

Haven't been able to run much this week becuase of my illness!  My nose has been stuffed up everyday this week and it makes breathing on the treadmill very difficult...I tried yesterday and besides the whole breathing thing, my right hamstring is really acting up.  I'm gonna have to be careful in the next few weeks, so I don't upset it before San Diego.  I'm hoping for San Diego to be my BIG race this year...I'm a bit scared though because of my lackluster training, but who knows...I'm training at 5,000 feet above sea level and racing at sea level, so we'll see how that plays out!

An update on my 2012 mileage: 337.3 miles ran, 662.7 to go, which averages out to just under 3 miles per day for the rest of the year. 

An update on my 2012 running streak: Max days in a row is 7...not quite close!  I've also been sick twice this year so it's setting me back.

An update on my 2012 half goal: I've already run 2 of the 4 I set forth as my goal, and I have 3 more already on the calendar, with a possibility of 1 or 2 more.

An update on my 2012 blogging: I think I'm getting better, but I don't quite have any more followers than I did before.  I'll do a BIG giveaway and trick people into following...that always works!  This is also my 300th post!  Maybe once I become really serious, I'll even start blogging on the weekends...cray cray, I know.

An update on my 2012 AWESOMENESS: My birthday is right around the corner, I'm getting more and more gorgeous as the days pass, and my confidence meter just started spewing hot red liquid out the top!!
How are your 2012 Goals coming along?  Great, as you can tell!

What do you have on tap for this weekend?  Movies, running, classwork, and housework.


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  1. Haha, your 2012 awesomeness made me laugh in my cubicle.

    My goals? Some are on track. Some have been run over by a bus, peed on by a dog, and shat on my birds flying over head.