Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stay Classy San Diego!

I'm just not feeling it!  I'm starting to get more excited about vacationing in San Diego, than I am about running in San Diego.  Don't get me wrong, I still love running and I love half marathons and I even love running half marathons, but this isn't my race.  I can confirm that fact for you right now.  My training is sucky, so therefore I'm not going to get myself into a position where I'll feel bad about the outcome of this race.  So, I've focused my energy toward the overall trip!

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego,
which of course in German means a whale's vagina"
-Ron Burgundy
We're headed to SeaWorld on Friday afternoon!  I don't think I've been to SeaWorld for over 20 years...I'm thinking it's probably changed a bit since then.  It's not all about Shamu anymore!  It's about Manta Rays, and Manatees, and rides, and water, and fun in the sun I hope!

Then we're going to the Padres game on Friday night!  Free tickets, so we couldn't pass this up.  They're playing the Diamondbacks too...both teams are in the same division as the Dodgers, so we'll probably boo both sides and because it's June 1st, I finally get to drink a beer!  Woohoo!  I guess I gotta give something up now for June.  I'll think about it for the next day!

Saturday we're going to the Expo and hopefully do some blogger stalking!  Maybe I'll happen upon a blogger meet-up and they'll all realize how crazy funny I am and tell all their friends and I'll have more than 16 followers when I return from the trip!  We're totally doing the Expo up this weekend shoes, new gear, new GU!  Can't wait!

I think a friend is making us pasta on Saturday night, and Sunday is the race.  I look forward to recapping this for you!  I think it's gonna be a fun morning!  Stay tuned fans!


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  1. I'm jealous! Say hi to my favorite city while you're there. :)