Friday, May 25, 2012

Is that a long weekend, or are you just happy to see me?

Warning: This post is not so much about my racing or running.

I had a softball tournament this past weekend.  It was coed, which meant that I had to play with 6 hot-headed boys.  They argued about every single call, complained about the other team, yelled when they only hit a double or triple, and screamed when we lost a game.  In no way have I ever boasted about my skills on the baseball diamond...because honestly, I don't have any!  I've been known to catch some great pop fly's, scoop a couple grounders, hit some sweet shots, and run the bases quite well.  But I've also been known to miss fly balls, let balls roll between my legs, strike-out in slow-pitch, and never even get to touch the bases!  So, I'm pretty sure when someone asks me to play on their coed team, it's not because they've heard I've got mad skills!

Anywho, this past weekend my team played 6 total games and actually won the tournament, much to my surprise.  I struck out in the first game and the 5th game!  Sure did!  I just wanted to let the guys on the team know that they couldn't really count on me to do much the whole weekend.  I was more focused on making jokes and having fun.  The girls on the team I play with every Tuesday night so we have a great time being sarcastic and obnoxious (something the GF totally frowns upon).

National Bob Day
Tomorrow is National Bob Day, so call up your friends named Bob and wish them a happy day!  My boss is a Bob, so we treated him like crap today, so hopefully he'll appreciate tomorrow more!

Smoke Filled Sky
The Gila Wilderness is on fire her in New Mexico and it's casting a smokey sky that's drifting into Albuquerque!  When I woke up this morning it smelled like our house was on fire.  And there's a thick brownish-grey smoke circling the city.  They say to stay indoors until Sunday, but we've got a big outdoorsy weekend planned!  I just might get a smokers cough just in time for my race!

Long Hair
I've made a bet with my BFT that I could grow my hair out for longer than she could grow hers out.  Whoever cut their hair first had to move to Albuquerque...easy for me since I live here, but she never really told me what I had to do if I lost.  Anywho, it's pretty long for me already, so I'm not sure how long I'm gonna last.  My main problem is that I can't do anything with it when it gets to a certain length.  I guess I need to come up with some interesting hairdos.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Oh, my! Is it a wildfire or a controlled burn sort of thing? Stay safe!!!