Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lists: Prep, Run, Play

The last two weeks have been nothing but preparation for my summer classes.  It's kind of tough being a new instructor because you don't have "past semesters" to draw upon.
 - First off, I wanna make sure I know the material that I have to teach my students.  It would obviously be a little silly if I didn't know what I was talking about, or how to pretend to know what I'm talking about! 
 - Second, I need to make sure I have all the materials ready for my lectures.  This includes powerpoints, exercises, homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. 
 - And lastly, I wanna make sure I have the class laid out perfectly, so I know I can cover all the material in the time that I have (for the summer it's about 22 class periods). 
So, these are all the things running through my head every second of every day, along with other things like: running, my real job duties, softball, baseball, the GF, food, tv, and life.  Please note that "every second of every day" also means when I'm sleeping...last night I dreamt about creating in class assignments...Fun huh?

My San Diego race training is in its final stages of really being in no beginning stages.  I guess I've been working towards this race ever since I ran in Phoenix in January.  I've been sick twice since then, but have run numerous races at numerous distances: a few 10K's, a 15K, a 10-miler, and a halfer.  My long runs on non-race weekends were progessing very well before my 10-miler....but as of late, they've been pretty lackluster (read: horrible).  I have narrowed it down to working hard during the week to help with this "final stage".  I'm going to try and put in lots of mileage during the weekdays this week and next week, in hopes that my last 2 long runs won't feel too pushed and too hard (read: horrible).  Here's how I break it down:
 - 17 more training days
 - 2 of those are long runs (last long run trying not to overdo it, since race is week away)
 - 5 of those are rest, or easy days (easy before long runs and race, easy after long
 - 2 of those are speedwork days
 - 8 of those are hard training days (working on increasing overall speed and mileage)
Hopefully I can stay motivated and healthy!

And these guys are back in town tonight!  I'm half excited and half bummed about this.  Here's how I break it down:
 - They have a 12 game homestand
 - 2 of those I'll miss because I'm teaching
 - 1 I'll miss because I have rec softball
 - 3 I'll miss due to a softball tourney this weekend (possibly make portions of those games)
 - 3 I'll miss due to Memorial Day weekend plans (possibly travelling out of town)
 - 3 I should be able to go to with no problems (except I have to leave early tonight to work on

I hope you've enjoyed my lists!

What's on your To Do list these days?


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